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Posted by Blaze0021 | Oct 09, 2017 @ 12:42 PM | 7,585 Views
This is a 3S Demo Flight of my Durafly ME-163 Komet 950mm PNF. This is my first experience with a Durafly model from Hobbyking.

Durafly ME-163 Komet 950mm PNF Demo Flight (5 min 17 sec)

A few caveats when purchasing this model Ė First, I was surprised to find that this model arrived with the lack of an instruction manual... you would think that any manufacturer would supply this. I ended up researching the model on the Hobbyking website and found a PDF download to use. I also found that the hardware box did not include items like fuel tubing to secure the control rod clevises. I stopped by the local hobby shop to find fuel tubing that would fit and was able to find Dubro Shrink Tubing that fits over the clevises. I was also unaware that the model came with an XT-type ESC to lipo battery connection (my fault.. I should have researched this further), as I use lipo batts with either EC3ís or Deans connectors. Luckily, I had an unused Eflite 40-Amp ESC in my spare parts bin that I was able to swap out (it would have been easier to use an XT to EC3 or Deans Adapter, but I didnít have any at the time of the assembly). Finally, the overall build process (such as gluing the main wing halves and vertical stabilizer to the fuselage) made me question the future service-ability of components like the servos. For how great this model flies, I would have gladly paid more for a better design in serviceability (a few screws and no glue).

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