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Posted by Only one more | May 01, 2018 @ 07:46 PM | 3,099 Views
I contacted Richmond RC 3 times now to see if I was supposed to get prop spinners for this plane, So far after 3 trys and several weeks later, NO RESPONSE, Hmm, I guess they are quick to take your money, But DO NOT Respond to questions, So at this point I would Not want anyone to give them any business of any sort. Will be my last time dealing with them. The prop spinners did not come with my plane, BUT, They are listed in the Spare parts for this plane, So If they are Spare parts, Where are the ones I was supposed to get with the model I bought.
Posted by Only one more | May 01, 2018 @ 05:25 PM | 3,903 Views
I recently received this Do 335 from Richmond RC in B.C Canada. I thought this was a super cool looking plane, And I like planes that are different, That no one else at my field has, There is no other plane like this in the "Parkflyer" size. It is a balsa type frame with polycote covering. 48 inch wingspan, 37 inch length, Requires Two 150 watt motors, (Front pull,rear push), At least two 20amp ESC's, and six 9 gram micro servos. Although the price was good at $74.99, Shipping to my residence was $ 46.99, for a total of $ 121.98 . I thought still not bad for a covered balsa ARF plane in this size. Upon arrival, I must admit that is was packed Very Nice, The outer box was thick cardboard, with a piece of plywood at the bottom, the inner box with the plane had "airbags" protecting everything inside. I thought WOW, This is really gonna be a great plane. WELL, That is where it ends. Upon taking the fuse out of the box and looking it over, I got extremely upset, There were glue marks and fingerprint marks All over this, And the polycote covering had all kinds of sags and bubbles in it, This Fuse looked like a 12 year old kid did it. ( being made in Vietnam, Yep, A 12 year old probably did make this). So Ok , I cowboy up, take care of the glue marks, ( The glue they use is rather strange, It is a tan color, and very brittle, It reminds me of the glue used for laminate countertops.) I know how to remove that kind of glue, because I used to make countertops, But still, A strange glue to use on a balsa aircraft.The canopy fell off in my hand, and was distorted in several areas, So I painted it black from inside with black paint from Duratrax RC car paint, try to hide the distortion. (sorry, this is sad). At this point, Would I want any else to get this plane? NOOOO, Unless you want to deal with the Bad Quality Control!