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Posted by guaglione87 | Aug 09, 2015 @ 02:15 PM | 18,209 Views
My first build log here on RCG.

I'm working on an Armattan mini hexacopter. As a preface, I started flying the Morphite a couple months ago, and learned a few lessons - the main thing being: a light rig is a fast rig. Seriously - the lighter the rig, the faster, the better they handle and the better that they take crashes. The more mass you have in a crash, the more parts you will be picking up. I promise you this.

In vertical climb tests, the mighty 180mm morphite can out-climb a 250 running 2204 2300kv motors with 5x45 bull nose props. And did I mention I get apprx. 9 minutes flight time on a 7 dollar 1000mah 3s?

So all that being said, I am setting out to build a very light mini hex.

I will cover the electronics I am using as I go along.

The frame comes nicely packaged in a labeled box: I got this as just the kit only, for review.

All components are a nice matte finish carbon, good quality, clean cuts and edges. The bottom plate with the arms (one piece) is thick, real thick (4mm) and the top plate (1mm). It will be very very difficult to break this frame I recon. The quality of the standoffs is incredible. The cheaper ones strip, while the threads on these standoffs will not.

What is nice about the design is that there is an array of cutouts that can be used to bolt stuff in various positions. It is also the smallest design to accommodate for 4" props. MTM is apprx 230mm.

Frame alone, you are looking at 125 grams:

The mobius plate is 5 grams. I got a prerelease frame, so the rubber balls to attach were not included. Some are on the way. The adjustable pitch camera plate is around 9 grams.

With the camera plate and FC hardware (included) you are looking at 138 grams:

I wont be using the camera plate, because I like the CC1563 camera - it gives a nice wide FOV, and only weighs 3 grams. So I will be 3D printing a camera holder.

Will update with more soon!