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Posted by RogueTitan | Apr 04, 2012 @ 04:58 PM | 32,316 Views
Well this has probably been done to death
but I thought I would put my spin on how to build a power source
from components I purchased from Radio Shack and a few things
I picked up from Wal Mart.
I am a firm believer that pictures are worth a thousand words so I will
try to keep my sentences short and pictures in abundance, so here goes.

I purchased A few items from Wal Mart:
push on/off dimmer found in the hardware/ home improvement section,
Alligator clips found in Automotive and speaker wire in electronics.
the alligator clips and speaker wire is for the leads going to the bow.

these are the components I purchased from Radio Shack that is required
to build the power supply:
1. 8"x6"x3" project box
1. 12.6VAC 3A transformer
2. male solderless banana plugs 1 red 1 black
1. female dual post banana plug input
1. neon lamp

here is a picture of how i placed the components on the lid of the
project box and where i placed the power cord going in the tub of the box
after routing the power cord thru the tub make sure to tie a knot in the cord
about 8" from the end to ensure that it is not pulled out.

Here is a image if the top

I tried to make this wiring diagram is simple as possible to understand
because some of the diagrams I have seen you need a masters degree in Electrical Engineering to be able to figure out.
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Posted by RogueTitan | Mar 09, 2011 @ 09:19 AM | 32,715 Views
I went and done it now I just hope I dont chop my legs of after I get it air worthy

I bought my self a Value Hobby E450 CCPM 3D Helicopter Kit Metal Version (Align T-Rex 450 Compatible) in kit form.

I got it at a really good deal 63 dollars shipped to my door.

I ordered a motor from Target Hobby which was 17 bucks shipped

I ordered this Gyro from

I will list other parts as I decide which to buy and I will update with more pictures when I get started on building My T-Rex....Continue Reading
Posted by RogueTitan | Feb 24, 2011 @ 03:24 AM | 34,801 Views
Well I have added to my hanger of unfinished builds with this behemoth. Hopefully I can get this build back up and running B4 my good buddy Larry Ross comes down to Georgia and lights a fire under my butt
I know there are several folks that was watching this build and I apologize for the delay.
I am in the process of getting back up and running. my excuse is I have gotten hooked on learning to fly helis, Not much of an excuse but the only one that I could come up with at such short notice...Continue Reading
Posted by RogueTitan | Jul 31, 2010 @ 04:55 PM | 33,951 Views
on our vacation to Destin we stopped at the Air force museum near Fort Walton Beach, FL and took lots of pics of these Awesome war birds that have been the instruments that help to defend our God given rights and our constitutional freedoms of this greatly blessed land of opportunity many of us live in.
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Posted by RogueTitan | Jan 30, 2010 @ 07:32 PM | 39,761 Views
Now that I almost have this first Corsair warbird almost built I thought it would be a good time to start a build log. Just want to give a special thanks to Erik TV Casualty for sharing his work so that I can build this old war bird My goal is to eventually get the pictures worked out to where they will demonstrate each step of the building process with some instructions to go by to make the buils as easy as possible for the first time builder. this will be a work in progress so bare with me and check back often.
also watch this video it will illustrate what you can do to insure your parts are going to match up perfectly once you begin to butt up the seperate fuse parts.

The Building process starts by first downloading the PDF’s and assembling the tiled pages.

You can get more accurate templates by assembling each part separately than to assemble all the tiled pages,
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Posted by RogueTitan | Jan 15, 2010 @ 03:11 AM | 35,001 Views
I just wanted to comment on TV Casualtys F4U Corsair Workshop
Man I am really amazed by the talent we have participating in this work shop I am especially impressed with Freddy His first and second ever build and he already had his in the air kind of blows me away how fast he was able to put his projects together but I don't want to take anything away from the other builders I think everyone has contributed a lot of excellent examples of their building techniques. Pruner has some very innovative building methods that I have adopted a great deal and added as my own and Man Erik can lay down some really nice paint work! Erik did a really good job on the Vac formed canopys and R2800 for me and is a guru at sketchup! I also want to put a plug in for Erik about his Vac foemed Canopys and R2800 dummy motors he does sell these canopys for the V2 Corasir which is the 50" wingspan corsair but they will work for the 47" WS version also which is the original version BTW you can contact him by clicking on his avatar and sending him a PM or you canalso contact him through his website at Erik has these parts very reasonably priced I bought 3 of the canopys and dummy motors and he only charged $25.00 shipped to my door so that is a fantastic deal IMO
Erik has a lot of great examples of other Warbirds he has built and a lot of good information about using Google Sketchup at his site.
I also have to comment on how well Mr Big and Slow Buzz builds are coming...Continue Reading
Posted by RogueTitan | Oct 15, 2009 @ 01:46 PM | 35,127 Views
I am an old school draftsman in the pipe fitting industry which we used to be called gophers because we would go for measurements to make sure they were in accordance with the master plan my specialty was drawing Isometrics for the fitters to go by with accurate measurements so everything fitted up right once a part was built however I am also a master Welder and Fitter
and did spend a short span of my career working for Lockheed in Atlanta. and My uncle used to be an engineer for Lockheed when they were still in Chattanooga so that is probably where a lot of my fascination with planes come from
well I am rambling on now as I often do LOL
Posted by RogueTitan | Sep 10, 2009 @ 08:07 PM | 36,330 Views
Well, I have officially joined the ranks of foamy RC air craft scratch builders with my first build just getting started and seems to be off to a fairly good start thus far. the air craft I chose for my first build is a Park Jet F14 tomcat designed by Steve Shumate AKA Jetset44. The build log is Here although I highly recommend reading and following the build guide that Steve published which all plans, guides and links to the build logs at RC groups can be found at
I will be adding a few of my own tricks that I found helpful for building this awesome little air craft.
at a glance it can look intimidating but with all the well laid out plans and guides Steve has developed this plane can be built by practically anyone with a desire, a little patience, the ability to finish what they begin and a good supply of hobby knives a few small clamps, sharpies and Gorilla Glue