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Posted by p901P901 | Feb 22, 2016 @ 02:46 AM | 5,036 Views
I had some Turbax parts and wanted to build a fairly strong 120mm fan. After searching for a large motor I found some that were reasonable and one that was way overkill. Since I am honing my machining skills and wanted to make something so I went with the overkill motor. The motor I chose was the TP Power 5850 (750 KV) rated at 6.5k watts with a max of 12k watts with a dimension of 58 x 95mm.
I would need a motor tube to make this work so I started making one. Torque maybe to much for the housing so there will be the original stator supports plus some on the aft portion on the motor tube.
12 cell batteries will be used, so wattage should be around 5k. The motor should handle this alone without using a heat sink.
I hope this works well for my 20 lb plane.