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After 28 years, my local HobbyTown USA will be closing towards the end of this month (1/30/21). It was a great place with great memories and a really good on-road racetrack. Rumor has it that NorCal Hobbies is interested in it but not sure if they will keep it a HobbyTown...probably not.

Yesterday I went down there to pick up 2 Traxxas Slash OBA kits and they gave me one of their Tamiya vinyl banners/posters! So I hung it in my garage just now and it sure looks great!!! The Tamiya Hornet was my first hobby grade RC so this made it extra special! Thanks for the memories and banner HobbyTown USA!!!

Here are some pics of their on-road racetrack...

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The speed paddles were finally enabled & debugged. Lions thought they would be rarely used, but in fact took to them like Americans take to socialism. They were quite easy to reach. Every downhill ended up getting a speed boost. Every uphill ended up with a speed cut. The run had a more consistent level of intensity & higher intensity than normal, but it wasn't the out of control variability that happens when a lion tries to pace himself. Having ground truth about the speed range would prevent the consequences of going too fast or going too slow to reap any benefit.

Lions previously figured running 6 miles at a constant speed set in the app was enough of an improvement over self pacing, but the ability to make minor adjustments with the flick of a paw could be a game changer. Lions still may end up lazy & go back to constant speed runs though.

Helas, the motors showed serious lack of torque without a payload while climbing the lion kingdom's steepest hill. The next step would be installing better connectors & wires.

Lions continue to ponder how to improve the paw controller. The desire for improvements didn't exist before 3D printing because improvements weren't possible. The steering lever could be smaller & closer to the rear. The steering lever needs knurls. The whole thing will probably stay dual thickness but get thinner. The way to make it thinner is to get rid of the isogrid & all the indented markings that are illegible anyway. It would just be a .8mm thick wall. It wouldn't look great, but it would be the most functional solution. Maybe it could get decals instead.

3D printed isogrids tend to look better than 3D printed flat surfaces. The dual thickness is a buster to model & manufacture, but greatly reduces the size. The mane trend making paw controllers easier to use over the years has been smaller size. It still makes it hard to seat on top of the charger.
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Micro Tundra is back (5 min 21 sec)

It's back ! Flaps work , and there is power ! ( To spare )

1306 4000kv motor swap
10 or 12 amp ESC swap
5030 gemfan prop
Zippy 350 2s battery
158 grams flying weight

I think I like it !

The climb out is amazing and I terminated the climb with a loop out , as otherwise it would have just kept going .. ( Unlimited Vertical ? )
It was spectacular .

My 2nd climb out was disrupted by the wind , as I wanted to do one with flaps deployed , but the wind just pushed the MT over into a loop . So yeah , got to the field just in time for the breeze to pick up . If only I had been 5 minutes earlier .

So , can I say - happy camper ? Motor and ESC swap have given me Power ! , weight has not increased a lot - Now 158 grams .
Flies like stock except for the crazy vertical performance .

I think I can live with the MT now .
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I’m selling this for a friend of mine. It’s a Giant Suqoi, gas, MVVS 180. Asking $150. Message me if interested. Pickup only. Plane is located in Brooklyn, New York
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I’m selling this for a friend of mine. It’s a Saito 100, glow. Asking $150. Message me if interested. Pickup only. Plane is located in Brooklyn, New York
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Looking for a quality tachometer for my RC Aircraft. I have a G.T. Power Rc and am very displeased with it as it wears out batteries quickly, and doesn't seem to be very reliable. Any suggestions?
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T-Motor F20 II 1408 3250Kv Micro Motor 15.2 gm
Matek F411-WSE
Crossfire Nano rx
TBS Unify Pro V3
TrueRC 5.8ghz sidefeet antenna (short)
iFlight GPS 4.7 gm
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Had to get together a number of graphics for the F-15 Eagle and its pilot. Some, like the afterburners were made with PowerPoint. They’re in 1/11 scale.
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I have a Fatshark Trinity Headtracking module and connected it to my Radiomaster TX16s. Here's how:

As I wanted to use CH7 and CH8 for pan and tilt, those will be used as example in this mini tutorial.

To program your desired channels on the Trinity module:
Press the Trinity button when powering the module up and let go of the button directly after powering up. Then listen to the beeps to get to the preferred mode, confirm mode by pressing button, listen to beeps for correct setting, confirm setting by pressing button. See attachment.

On the Radiomaster:
Go to the input page and select the channels you're going to use for pan & tilt. As an input source, iv'e selected TR7 for pan, TR8 for tilt. (TR stands for TRainer port) See attachments.

On your receiver, connect the pan-servo to CH7 and the tilt-servo to CH8.

Connect the Trinity cable to the Radiomaster (3.5mm audio jack on top)
Power cycle all parts.

Press the button on the Trinity module, after one beep the tracker works. Thats all!
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I bought an Tamiya Neo Scorcher which is based on the TT-02B chassis! I'm looking forward to assemble this kit! I will make some pictures of assembling the Tamiya Neo Scorcher TT-02B!

More on my website:
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Got my self balancing two inline wheeler working well and even balancing on a high wire. Don't think that has been done since 1907.

Can A Self Balancing Vehicle Drive on a High Wire? (6 min 30 sec)

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Using 8mm EPP to make a fuselage with a fishing pole rod that will stay in the airframe for structural stiffness.
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Justin Link's superb repaint of the Freewing MiG-29 Fulcrum in East German Air Force regalia...:
Freewing MiG-29 Fulcrum Twin 80mm EDF Jet - East German Air Force repaint by Justin Link (5 min 45 sec)

This repaint/upgrade includes HUNDREDS of sunken rivet detail painstakingly applied by this skilled modeler !

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I still use flip phone, so best contact is to text my phone 734-7161516, maybe Text rcgroup or even can call and leave message. Thank you. I will promise to send you item exactly as I describe it to be or I will be happy to have you ship it back.
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Just wanted to share this fun Traxx I've been toying with! We had that huge snowstorm in the northeast and I couldn't help myself! Traxxas shipped it same day which was amazing, had it in a few days!

Stock gear was good except the stock servo, lasted 3 times. Threw a cheap amazon servo and it's much better. I always like upgrading to brushless as I like the quality if those motors! This hobbywing with 550 3300 kv was perfect for the crawler, it doesn't hit too high of rpm's for the tracks. The Bluetooth feature seemed really cool, and I do like how you can adjust those features. It's mostly useful for adjustments as I am not standing near this crawler like one normally would.

at first I had a cheap camera / vtx that went right into the rx. But it fell off the top of the Truck and the tracks ripped the cord!

Grabbed the Runcam 2, and a 600 mw vtx to link up so I could get solid range around the yard. Even have a little porch with windows on all sides I can sit in and drive from with my Fatsharks.

It's a really fun truck to run in fpv, now I just need another 2 foot dump of snow and I'd be styling.

Anyway here are some photos, need to get a youtube going so I can upload videos
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Testing new prototype of UV-C disinfection robot. The robot is equipped with fpv camera and remote control.
A separate switches on the RC are used to turn on and off UV top and bottom rays. The prototype is currently being tested and improved.

UV-C Disinfection Robot - first tests of the new prototype (2 min 13 sec)

If you would like to see my other projects just visit:
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Gonna take a break from airplane building.....much needed maintenance on the CNC, a new combo vacuum table, and a new build surface.....this could take a surface first

Phase I complete......1/2" maple ply (new) over 3/4 Oak ply (existing) a new cutting mat (not shown)