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Hey... I am pretty new to sailplanes, and I would like to get a taste of all aspects of gliding, does anyone have any recommendations for a decent sized tow plane that won’t cost me a fortune?
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Hey... does anyone know about or selling scale sailplanes that don’t break the bank, but are decently large? I do not want to do any building, and I want to Aerotow it.
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A spot for questions about the new Pitts...
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This is my Maiden Flight Demo & Review video for the new E-flite Delta Ray One RC Trainer Plane.

E-flite Delta Ray One RC Trainer Plane Maiden Flight Demo (6 min 15 sec)

In the video I put this Beginner RC Plane through its paces flying it in all three flight modes. I had to admit that I had a good time flying this E-flite Trainer Plane in some wind on a nice sunny day.

Review Notes:

- The flight times are good
- In easy/SAFE Mode, it can land itself
- It comes already assembled, which is normal for an E-flite UMX RC Plane.
- The plane can be upgraded with SAFE Plus GPS drone technology to add Autoland, Virtual Fence, and Holding Pattern. That is sold separately
- As your skills improve, it will grow with you with its three different flight modes with this UM Trainer Plane.
- It is FPV ready with an OSD when using compatible cameras and headsets, unlike the trainer gold standard, Hobbyzone Champ.
- It is FPV ready with OSD when using compatible cameras and headsets, unlike the trainer gold standard, Hobbyzone Champ.
- The plane is made of very nice quality foam, unlike most Micro RC Planes.
- This E-flite Ultra Micro RC Plane has a box that makes an excellent transport container, so don't throw it away!

- Some of the pros are going to be complicated for a noob to figure out on their own. Reach out to Horizon Hobby technical support if you get stuck.

Overall, this is a very cool Trainer RC Plane and I can't wait to test it outside.
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New video showcasing the FT Seaduck's new paint job done by my father-in-law.

New and Improved FT Seaduck (2 min 40 sec)

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Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

Taranis X-LITE review. This Frsky Taranis X-LITE 2.4GHz ACCST 16CH Radio Control Transmitter review shares unboxing, inspection, functions, features, setup, adapters & accessories for this innovative and dynamic ergonomically designed RC Radio Control Transmitter.

You can get this Frsky Taranis X-LITE 2.4GHz ACCST 16CH Radio Control Transmitter here now:

Frsky Taranis X-LITE review - 2 4ghz ACCST 16CH Radio Control Transmitter (18 min 37 sec)

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It's been a while since I published specials on my page but I have 3 I quite like below:

Emax Hawk5 Bind and Fly $175
SKYSTARS G730L 7inch FPV quadcopter $169
FATSHARK Recon V2 FPV Goggle Glasses 4.3 inch LCD

The Hawk 5 is great value at this price and still a great quad. The 7inch G730L is a heck of a lot of value for a 7" quad having just gone through the expense of building my own. Fatsharks are a little bit of an unknown to me but seem like good specs and a great brand for a budget goggle.

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Got 4 mini titans 2206's i have no use for. Who wants em' ?
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Cockpit sheeting completed, I began soldering the landing gear pieces together. I have to solder washers on the inside of the axels and then make up my push rods. After that the airplane will be ready for a final sanding.
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PHX4 Rocket launches to over 200000' attaining the highest amateur two stage flight. (15 min 55 sec)

Took a while to show up in the lion kingdom's gootube recommendations. 46 miles is pretty huge for a private individual working with a few friends & a truck. In 4 miles, he's at the scientific definition of space which is rapidly becoming 50 miles.

Very conspicuous how the rocket was never photographed & the design was never revealed. The internet guessed various commercially available motor sizes. The only design clue is a long ramp for lifting off. He's well within ICBM territory & either didn't want it used by terrorists or was banned by ITAR. The terrorism danger is going to keep amateurs from sharing plans & getting into space for some time.
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Raven @ the Park !

A) I didn't break the raven , even with a few too fast landings
B) With the larger battery the CG is a little further forward and the elevator is really nice ( Did I move it about 5mm forward )
C) I did need to completely re-tune the Raven , it is almost hands off now ..
D) Lucky for me , the glide tune works a treat on launch ( No launch setting needed )
E) The Raven does like to glide with a bit of speed , not overly liking the slow speed stuff
F) I did try tuning in some flap for a slower glide , but definitely will need some down elevator mixing , otherwise the nose lifts and the Raven stalls out .
G) I need to change switches for the flap , I picked a bad switch .. Not intuitive to get to .

Did I mention , I didn't break the Raven ...
Seems all that extra cyno is helping .. ( From the previous repairs )

Prime Jet pro
It's done , it's ready ...
I need to do a CG test to see if it glides or GLUDS ! ( Glud being thumping the ground )
The 800mAh 2s battery is literally as far forward as I can get it to match the back yard glide tests . ( FF )
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ARMOR 65 PLUS Review - A brushed TINY WHOOP For Beginners (8 min 7 sec)

Armor 65 plus by Makerfire is an entry level brushed tiny whoop for beginners to start learning to fly in acro mode.
This micro fpv drone Makerfire Armor 65 fpv can be used with 5.8ghz goggles to have first person view and fly this tiny whoop like a crazy bee
If you want to purhcase the lite version with radiocontroller visit Makerfire product page here: - 10% OFF COUPON C66T1J8FVPCY
To start getting confident with acro mode, I've used the following fpv simulator:


and connected via USB, my Flysky FS-I6S, a cheap and good radiocontroller that can be purchased from here:

Goggles I've used are Makerfire EV800D with embedded DVR to record your flight:



Wheelbase: 65mm
Prop: 31mm 0.8 Hole
FC: F3(Betaflight SPRACINGF3)
VTX: 25mW/16CH
Camera: 199C(800TVL 150 )
Motor: 716 brushed(17600KV)
Battery: 3.8V 260mAh 30C
Charger(4.2V/4.35V): 1-WAY 4.2V/4.35V Charger
Weight: 25g(without receiver and battery)
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I've received the Eachine TX806 VTX from Banggood for testing and reviewing.

Eachine TX806 (Leaf) VTX has 9 bands A, b, E, F, r, U, o, L, H, 72 total channels (including illegal channels 4, 7 and 8 on the band E, according to the FCC regulations), 5 power levels 25mW/200mW/400mW/800mW/1000mW (actual power output below) and PitMode, SmartAudio for controlling the VTX settings remotely via Betaflight OSD. Eachine TX806 also has microphone on board for brioadcasting audio together with video feed. TX806 can be mounted in the stack as its two holes are aligned exactly to the stacks opposite corners. VTX has MMCX antenna connector which is superiour to small IPEX connector.

Package contents

TX806 comes with a VTX, MMCX linear dipole antenna, MMCX to RP-SMA or SMA adapter pigtail (can be selected on purchase), cable with 6pin 1.0mm JST-SH plug and a small instructions leaflet.

Instructions leaflet.

...Continue Reading
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Aerobalsa blades and head
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Im confussed. This is my first build and was wondering if this tranmitter and reciver (FlySky FS-i6X Transmitter and FS-X6B 6 Channel 2.4GHz Receiver) were compatible with my titan f460 plus?
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Little tool that implements many of the ideas presented in prior blog post here.

Tool link:

Name: rates_tool.JPG
Views: 1
Size: 179.8 KB

Over-the-top Highlights:
  • Tired of Max deg/s changing every time you change Super Rate? Set it to a fixed value!
  • Ever explore ways of shaping the curve from mid- to full-stick? A simple "Shape" parameter allows you to quickly cycle through all possibilities!
  • As Bardwell has taught us, setting Expo in Open TX is an evil thing that kills precision. But ever wonder about negative Expo? Easily explore the possibilities this adds in shaping the rate curve! Add center-stick precision! Grow the curve faster! Greater independent control of Pitch and Roll!

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Our Remote Controlled X Hydro is a must have for the real hobby enthusiasts.
This Hydro is a one off custom with all the right stuff to perform and out perform your competition.
If your wanting high end quality parts and work this Dual Engine Dual Exhaust is a screamer. It screamed so loud we put two dual silencers on it to quiet it down.
42 inch Custom built X Racing Hydro
Twin Picco .90 Racing Engines
Twin Tuned Pipes with Silencers
Dual Sullivan 12 oz Fuel Tanks
Custom Fabricated turn fin
Custom Throttle Linkage
Servos Included
.250 SQ. Drive Prop Shafts
Chrome Plated Water Cooled Heads
Balanced Octura 1462 Props
Marine grade everything,
Motors have been tested, tuned and broken in and adjusted.
Add your own transmitter and have fun, expected speeds is well over 100 mph