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My Maiden FPV Flight with this Converted Glider ;-)

The project is complete....
The Test Flights completed...
The Mechanical Trim is good...
Time to have some Fun Flights now via FPV ;-)
This my very first Googles-Down FPV Flight of this Converted Chuck Glider ;-)

Stay tuned for more.....

$4 Chuck Glider RC Conversion - Session 5 FPV Flight 1 (5 min 39 sec)

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The Pilot's Lounge - Episode #7 - Product Updates, Projects, Reviews, Tutorials, & DustOffs!

The Pilot's Lounge is where we share information and news.
First, I want to thank all of you that have used our Affiliate Links to order products.
This is a huge help and enables us to work on projects we would have to delay until our budget would permit.
In this episode we have some info on What's In The Pipe! Product Updates, Projects, Reviews, Tutorials, & DustOffs ;-)
About half of our Patreon Content is Freely Viewable! Check it out!
I see some of you are viewing our Free Media on Patreon! Good for you!
If you like what we do you can help by becoming a Patron!
Stay tuned for future Episodes with important information and news.

**Note: I have just received some Servos that I think will work in the Volantex Super Cub to turn it into a Plane with Flaperons.
If that is successful we will post a Tutorial and Test Flights of this MOD to the Volantex Super Cub.
I can't wait to get that Plane back in the Air ;-)

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Happy Flying!

The Pilot's Lounge - Episode #7 - Product Updates, Projects, Reviews, Tutorials, & DustOffs! (16 min 36 sec)

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RC Tip #16 - Hobby King Focke Wulf FW190 Kit Plane Landing Gear Fix

This is a great flying plane, however, the Landing Gear have some issues.
First the wire is either to soft or to small of a gage of wire.
When landing on bumpy ground the Landing Gear will bend back from it's vertical position.
The wheels also will turn in or out with minimal force.
In this video we will fix those issues.

Links to this plane and components are listed above.

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Happy Flying!

RC Tip #16 - Hobby King Focke Wulf FW190 Kit Plane Landing Gear Fix (3 min 19 sec)

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Flying Seniors - Geeze Louise

This week, I flew a couple model planes – sucessfully. A 2m glider called the Pulsar. And a 1.5m cub-like model called the Tundra. (Been flying nothing but drones since 2010.)

Where a month or so back, I decided I was too old to fly planes - after crashing the never flown before Tundra – right there in front of the Geneva RC Club membership - with family in attendance. I put on a game face, as I carried the wreckage off the field. Hearing one old timer remark that it looked like it was flying nose heavy. Old timer? Really? I’ve got to be one of the older guys at the field – Geeze.

Thinking back over that embarassing bit, especially the “old timers” remark – and accessing the plane’s behavior while I was trying to land – it just wouldn’t glide – yeah – it could well have been a bit nose heavy – meaning - I didn’t finesse that while figuring out where to mount the battery (battery placement is how we control COG (Center Of Gravity).

So – I finally finessed it – and yeah – the battery wants to be 2” further back from where it was – to balance in the middle of the COG. In that Tundra.

And that Tundra, the one with the batt 2” further back – it flies like a sweet heart.

But Geeze - I use to finesse the COGs in my planes – AND - the old ones that I setup back in the day – all still fly well. But .....Continue Reading
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I have had internal solder tabs break on me in the past, I simply splice soldered a new bridge of wire across the tabs to fix it. You can see the broken tab across the blue wire here:

I used some electrical tape to prevent any shorted circuits while soldering:

Fresh bridge of tinned braided wire:

...Continue Reading
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I'm still here @ KazumaDrewsin on facebook and youtube.

this is a little show on my skills as of now. the pic is of an old spacewalker i got flying again by putting an old radian board in it and an FPV cam. it's a little heavy but flys,..... weird. it can only climb while turning but holds a steading forward, just if I try any up or down input it act super tail heavy.
oh, how would you set flaps out of a 4 channel plane using ailerons?

fun fly (5 min 11 sec)

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Now there are many stackers on the market for drones, Emax, HGL, Hobbywing... Tons of such news.
You may already tired some! But our stacker may arouse your nerve again.
It is BL-S 40A 6S 4IN1 F4+OSD+VTX+Dual BEC, please see its special as below:

• 6 in 1 Main Board
• Flight controller (OMNIBUSF4/LUXF4 Firmware)
• STM32F405 MCU
• MPU6000 accelerometer ro (connected via SPI)
• On-board Betaflight OSD
• On-board Buzzer
• Integrated 5V/3A, 3.3V/ 1A BEC
• Dedicated Spektrum/ Sbus receiver input
• On-board high-capacity 16mb black box
• 3 UART pads
• Addressable LED pad
• VTX built-in
• Frequency band: 5.2G
• Channels: 48 (4 band cannel for different racing 25mv,100mv,400mv,600mv)
• Antenna port : MMCX connector+SMA connector
• 4 in 1 ESC
• Continuous current 40A and 50A burst per motor
• Supply voltage 2-6S Lipo
• Silabs EFM8BB21F16G 50mhz MCU
• BLHeli_S firmware
• Top quality MOSFET

If it hits your nerve, contact us! Many thanks in advance!
Email :
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Here we go!weekly big sale! 21th - 27th Aug(US time)!
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MJX BUGS 5W - How far it will goes? RANGE TEST (7 min 54 sec)

MJX BUGS 5W keeps surpise me every time I fly it: how far it will goes? In this video I have performed a range test to understand how reliable is this drone.

For just 122€, I think MJX BUGS 5W this is the best drone with gps, brushless motors, compass and a very good 1080p camera.

You can use the 30% off coupon WD10203 and get it for only 122€ here:
The coupon is also valid for other versions with more batteries.

Also thanks to the GPS, there are several interesting functions available such as the ORBIT MODE, the FOLLOW ME and the possibility to carry out autonomous missions using a map and POI.

In short, a very interesting gps drone to be considered for future purchases.

Brand: MJX
Model: Bugs 5W
Item name: RC Quadcopter
Color: Black
Wheelbase: 250mm
Motor: 1806 1500KV brushless motor
Camera: 1080P 5G WIFI Camera
Functions: Up/down, turn left/right, forward/backward, sideward flight, headless mode, altitude hold, GPS, Wifi FPV, one key return, one key takeoff/landing, Follow Me
Built-in gyro: 6 Axis gyro
Remote Control: 2.4GHz Mode 2
Channel: 4 channels
Remote control distance: 300m
Max. Speed: 60km/h
Camera Wifi transmission distance: 200-300m
Transmitter power: 4 * AA battery (not included)
Battery for quadcopter: 7.4V 1800mAh Li-po battery
Maximum flying time: About 15mins
Charging time: About 180mins
Weight: 397g
Dimension: 300 * 275 * 95mm
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$4 Chuck Glider RC Conversion - Session 3 Test Flight 2

I'm now performing test flights of this fantastic little converted glider.
In this flight I'm testing the Mechanical Trim Adjustments I've made as well as Dual-Rate and Expo Adjustments for optimum performance ;-)
I'm also testing the installed Micro FPV System to make sure it performs well before putting on the FPV Goggles ;-)
This is Session 3 Test Flight #2

Stay tuned for more.....

$4 Chuck Glider RC Conversion - Session 3 Test Flight 2 - It's Fast ;-) (5 min 23 sec)

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Since I was a little kid I've been fascinated with aviation history. My Grandfather attended the Cleveland Air Races in the 30s and 40s and he really got me hooked on the early era of aviation. As I grew up this 'passion' expanded in to WWI and WWII history. Fortunately aviation was well documented through photography. My previous job allowed me to travel...a lot. Each city I visited I tried to find a historic site or famous aviators grave. I love the challenge of finding these places and recreating the photos. Here are a selection from the last few years.

The RB-51 in Idaho at the former Ed Browning Hangar...(machine gun Browning)
rb by jim harley, on Flickr

The Hhdenburg at Lakehurst New Jersey
hindenberg by jim harley, on Flickr

Spruce Goose at Howard Hugh's airport near LAX
...Continue Reading
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I recently installed a Heli-Max tail rotor gyro in a 2WD Indy car and it made a night and day difference.

So I bought another heli tail rotor gyro, this time it is an Assan brand. And I have installed it in my Raider XL buggy.

The wiring and connectors were a very tight squeeze under the receiver box but I managed to cram them in there!

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Ideafly Poseidon 480 Waterproof Brushless GPS Fishing FPV Quadcopter with DJI NAZA-M-V2 Flight Controller and Monitor RTF

Ideafly Poseidon 480 Waterproof Brushless GPS Fishing FPV Quadcopter (2 min 5 sec)

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Hi everyone! I hope all of my old pals here are doing well! I got a new v930 from banggood and of course the battery was missing and I couldn't fly it until some separate batteries I ordered arrived. I told banggood about the missing battery but they want me to take pictures of my box and barcodes etc. Which seems ridiculous to me but whatever. Seems like too much of a hassle. Anyway I finally got to fly the thing today and it's been quite a while since I flew a helicopter. Also it was on the unstablized mode and I didn't realize it. Long story short, it flew back at me and cut my arm in a couple of places like I saw happened to a few other guys here, so I guess I joined the club. A tiny bit deeper I would have needed stitches lol. Be careful everybody, even us experienced guys get nailed occasionally! 😊 Besides the injury it seems like a pretty cool heli!
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In making my epp plank wing I had inadvertently made a crushable fuselage - shock absorber when I extended the front of the fuselage by putting a smaller diameter rod inside a larger one. When I crashed nose-on the fuselage collapsed and just wrinkled up the epp foam and the motor just popped off, no real damage. Just hot-glued it all back together again.
Wish I had taken photo of fuselage all crunched up. Hopefully it wont happen again. I had just launched my plank but it was responding to a turn so slowly because the tail was loose and bending back and forth.
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Ok , I have been ho-humming over the UMX Whipit DLG for quite some time now .
Well , not exactly jumping on the bandwagon ..
When it first came out , they were not available in The Land of Oz .
So if one wanted one , well you had to pay some horrendous shipping to land one .. ( 80 to 120+ USD )
So while it was a great deal for some , it was not such a great deal for others .
Yes , thats what I have waited for , for a long time . For the Whipit to be a $$ deal I can live with .
$99.99 Ozzi Bananas with free shipping , I can live with that !

Most of the things said about the Whipit were true for me .
The decals have serous air bubbles ...
The screws for holding down the wing , overly tight .
Is the elevator supposed to be glued ? Mine wasn't !
Why does the rudder sort of go left - almost like the plastic rudder grip twists a little to the left (?)

Anyways , fixed the overly tight wing hold down screws ..
Epoxied the elevator ..
Not sure I like the way the rudder is set up ( held by tape )

.. The battery ! ..

I thought I had a battery !
Was from my Eachine 12 , but guess what ?
The plug has the polarity reversed .. ( ?? ) I kid you not ..
I thought I had fried the electronics in the Whipit ..

I pulled the battery apart and re soldered the wires ..
The Whipit lives

Just need some decent weather to go out and Whipit !
I think the rudder will probably come lose on the first landing ( Probably )

My observation from...Continue Reading
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Took the Tundra over at Twilight to see what the lights looked like.
Tundra at twilight (0 min 38 sec)