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Posted by drfish | Jul 20, 2009 @ 02:03 PM | 4,864 Views
Even the rx was damaged. No idea what happened, can only think that I totally dumb thumbed after recovering from a spin. Left a nice hole in the ground too.

Even the wing-tips (both) are crushed under the covering, they must have both flexed forward a bit and contacted the ground.. hard.

Absolutely nothing forward of the canopy rear edge is unharmed, most of it is only being held together by what is left of the covering. I am pretty sure when I remove the covering I will have mostly balsa dust. Good thing I had a bag with me today to carry her back home in.

Even the wings must have flexed forward enough that both wingtips are smashed.. possibly repairable, but I dont think I am going to attempt, as the ribs are a bit damaged as well
- pic added
Posted by drfish | Jul 18, 2009 @ 12:41 AM | 5,008 Views
So a few weeks ago I finally finisehd putting together my Stevens Aero Edge 540. Gear for maiden was

Scorpion 3020-12
Suppo 50A ESC
Xoar 11x5 prop
4S A123-2300 (DeWalt cells)

First flight went well - unlimited vertical available. Light aerobatics about 7 minutes before I called it quits.

Second flight went fairly well, until the right side of the elevator decided it did not want to continue along with the plane! After I regained my self control I was able to land with no more significant damage.

I rebuilt the elevator by sheeting both top and bottom - it is NOT going to break again! Remaiden went pretty well - getting solid 10 minutes out of each 4s battery.

Flew a few more times over the following week, then busted the prop earlier this week. After reading some posts about MUCH bigger props on this motor, I decided to try a bigger prop, just to see how it went..

so I put on an APC 13x6.5..

WHAT a difference! Night and Day - somehow the plane felt more stable, more controlable. still easily unlimited vertical, though I think now that unlimted vert comes on at about 2/3 throttle. Cruising is around 1/2, maby less. Just seems to fly throught the air nicer.

I had cut back my timer for these flights, fearing I would burn more battery wtih the larger prop, but each flight ended up about 9 min due to missed landings, and still batteries only took back about 17-1800 mah. Drained to drop off they will take back 2200+

I did have to also beef up the rigth gear mount - it had...Continue Reading
Posted by drfish | Nov 23, 2008 @ 11:26 PM | 5,454 Views
I have rebuilt my Scratch Built O2. Originaly completed and maidened in June of '07, a few months ago she met the ground a little too hard when my son attempted a very low (!!!) high speed knife edge pass...

I think she looks good! This is airbrush under Doculam - not perfect yet, but I am getting there
Posted by drfish | Aug 23, 2008 @ 01:00 AM | 6,042 Views
Ok, so anyone who knows me knows I am not a real fan of foam planes, but it seems we all need to have one or two... and, I have been dying to try something with a design I had seen.

The Ferret is a flat-plate tractor powered flying wing design by one of the pilots at my local field (JasonJones here on the groups). I decided I wanted to try to put one together to fly on 2s A123-1100 cells.

Mine is powered by an ARC 20-34-130, a 4600kv inrunner, with the 2s A123, CC Thunderbird 18 spinning an APC 4.75x4.75 prop.

Control is provided by a Spektrum AR6000 and 2 Futaba S3108 9g servos.

All Up Weight is 305 gr (10 3/4 oz)

Flys well - I initially had this plane set up with a 7x4.25 prop, and it flew well, but was drawing way way WAY too much current - I estimate it hit near 30 amp spikes as my flying time was about 4 min and that was NOT at WOT!

After changing to the 4.75x4.75, my initial launch was a disaster - the big 7 inch prop had practically lifted the plane out of my hand, and I dont think I was ready for needing to give a little toss.. so it spiraled into the ground, bending the motor shaft.

Luckily I had a spare motor (I have a spare shaft too, but didnt have the time to pull the motor apart right now) so I swapped the motor, and have since taken back out and with a slight toss she flys well. This plane wasnt really built for thrust (the 7" gave unlimited veritcal.. well as unlimited as I could hold a rudderless plane in!) but more for a little bit of speed.

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Posted by drfish | Apr 07, 2008 @ 12:25 AM | 6,534 Views
In an effort to get my son to fly with me a bit more, we built him a plane to his specs - his uncle gave me some of the parts, I built the plane, and contributed a few parts myself.

When I was looking for Depron Foamy plans to suit, he saw the 3D Batix Foame IIx and said that was exactly what he wanted...

The plans were actually quite good, the build went pretty smoothly. It has been maidened, and flew well, but my son wants a little more speed. We maidened with a GWS 11x4.7 SF, so I have put a 1060HD on there for him to try next, for a bit more speed.

The motor is a rewound Tower Pro 2410-12 - as it is one of the items contributed by my brother, I am not 100% sure on the wind, I know he wound it for a little lower KV for bigger props. It flew ok on the 11x47, and was drawing between 10-12a. The 1060 draws less, so we will have to see how it flys.
Posted by drfish | Mar 09, 2008 @ 01:22 AM | 6,119 Views
Now after 6 flights with the newly corrected CG, I can say that the OC is a successfull plane! Ok, I couldnt claim that until tonight, when I finally got to run 3 batteries through it without strong winds. In the calm of the setting sun, I was able to really fly the OC and see what it could do.

It tracks very nicely, smooth. With the new CG and about 2deg up-thrust, I no longer have the throttle/pitch coupling, and all is MUCH better.

I cant quite get it to knife edge, not sure if that is not enough rudder travel, or perhaps the HS-55 I have on the rudder is not strong enough. It also seems to have a bit of a pitch to the canopy when attempting KE, so the cant of my rudder may not be right. Will have to play with that a bit.

So, V2 of the OC will proably need either slightly longer nose, or maby just push the wing back a hair. Or maby the rudder comes forward an inch or so..

new data - I think I have to recalc the cg - my figures look suspicious - there are some dup values, on parts that should not be the same size.. maby the CG wasnt as bad as I thought?. Maby it is the up thrust that is helping?

Not sure, but it is flying good enough now I can start tweaking!
Posted by drfish | Mar 02, 2008 @ 02:27 AM | 6,685 Views
Ok, so after some help in the forums, it looks like the 'Crush has a serious CG issue! Using the calculator at Aircraft Proving Grounds, it turns out she was balanced actually on or behind the nutral point, which would more than explain the issues at hand!

So, now I am trying to find a way to balance this plane. There is no way to do so with the shotgun-vpx packs I wanted to fly it on, so I will be trying it tomorrow with the 4s brick pack I have, shoved against the forward firewall. This still dosnt get me where I want to be, so I will be putting about an ounce of weight in the cowl as well.

My biggest concern is putting the battery there will severely limit the airflow through the fuse, and the ESC is already doing a bit of baking where it is. Well, that and I only have one battery in that configuration right now!

Will be trying it tomorrow. Have to start thinking about how to redesign this to make it CG right! not sure I want to lengthen the nose anymore, it is already a bit long!
Posted by drfish | Feb 24, 2008 @ 10:48 PM | 6,501 Views
Well, I finally completed my first self-designed scratch build. I had run into a bit of a problem - the elevator was hitting the rudder pull-pull horns! So I had to make a last minute adjustment to the plane and trim the elevator.

Maiden went fairly well, except that I had some radio issues. After a few trim flights it is flying fairly well, but has a strange flight characteristic - throttle is causing an "anti-porpose" - slow down, it climbs, speed up, and it noses down. It is also still a bit twitchy, but I think that is just some trimming/balancing and perhaps minor adjustments to the radio setup.
Posted by drfish | Dec 24, 2007 @ 06:13 AM | 6,518 Views
I have rebuilt my first Skeeter-30. Only surviving part was the wing and rudder, all else is new. Maiden tomorrow.
Posted by drfish | Dec 04, 2007 @ 12:41 AM | 6,908 Views
Ok, So now that the bench and workshop/office are back in shape, it was time to return to my very long running scratch build project. Because of my on again off again, I dont have a true "build log" but here are some shots of where it is now.

Basic low wing aerobatic plane, you will see reminders of several other planes here - lots of style queues from some of my favorite planes.

wingspan is 40", length will be about 38-40 (havent quite settled the cowl length yet). Hoping for an AUW around 25 oz. Intended power changes daily, but will most likely be powered by 4s A123 1100 cells. If I dont have the 123's yet I may just power it with 3s2100 Tanic Packs I have laying around. Will be trying witheither a Himax 2025-5300 and 6.3:1 cobri, or a Hyperion X-22-L and 4.5:1 gearbox from a 3-DeLight. Or, a new motor, if none of those is making me happy..
Posted by drfish | Nov 16, 2007 @ 11:29 PM | 6,434 Views
Ok, not a build log, just some pics of one of the things keeping me from flying and building planes the last few weeks.. my new office/worshop organization and bench!

Bench was built by my wife and I. My computer desk is off to the left of this setup, so I can do "work" then spin around and do "play".. or turn to print out my plans and back to cutting..

Bench has magnetic surface on left for building, Hobbico cutting board for cutting on right. This way I dont have to switch back and forth, I can cut and build at the same time!
Posted by drfish | Aug 11, 2007 @ 07:19 PM | 7,195 Views
Flew one battery each through the O2 and Pink Skeeter-30. msting was on hand to catch some in flight pics
Posted by drfish | Jul 25, 2007 @ 07:27 PM | 7,156 Views
Wattage Cesnna 180 RTF
Given to me by my brother as a birthday present. Was hooked immediately (childhood dream )

Not a great trainer, but it got me hooked.

Slow Stick - EPS400
Everyones got one! First plane I really felt comfortable flying. Bigger and gentler than the Cessna, gave me a lot of fun learning. My son also learned on it. Loads of fun trying to figure out what you can get a basic R/E/T plane to do!

Motor: Stock EPS-400 6.6:1 stock gearbox, GWS 10x6HD
Battery: 8 cell KAN-950

Wattage "Crazy Max"
Present from my mother, chosen by my brother (sucking me in more and more).
Only had a brief few-second flight - I wasnt ready for full on aileron sport plane
Motor: Stock Brushed
Battery: 8 cell KAN-950

Das Phat Blue Crazy Stick
Made with 1/2" BlueCore and the Crazy Max wing, with added dihedral. My first successful Aileron plane.

Motor: Crazy Max stock Brushed GWS 10x6HD
Battery: 8 cell KAN-950

Crazy Blue Yak
Profile Yak built from 1/2" BlueCore shaped from a Gene Bond design, with the Crazy Max wing, now with the dihedral removed. My first low-wing sport plane. Not a bad flyer for a newbie scratch build!

Motor: GWS 2208-18T
Battery: 8 cell KAN-950

GWS Formosa
Now I get serious about sport-aerobatics. Great fun plane. Flew on several motor configurations

Stock...Continue Reading
Posted by drfish | Jul 25, 2007 @ 06:51 PM | 6,614 Views
I am not a fan of blogging, but I thought I would use this as a place to put my planes and such, as I have a few friends and family who like to see what I am up to, and rather than send out a dozen times, I will start putting stuff here, for all to see

I'll start with a history of my hanger...