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Posted by Shaper Dave | May 28, 2016 @ 02:23 PM | 7,281 Views
I have been flying the G2 for the last 3 days in perfect testing weather.
Down to the park by 8am before the thermals really start to pick up and do the shake down trim and handling test.
Having built so many versions of this plane, sorting out the best and worst of camber and reflex settings was a simple matter.

I am now building parts to assemble 2 G2's for Glidermang in New Mexico for evaluation as I have done for my other ships.

This project has been under wraps due to the design being way different than whats been built for current DLG's.
Its not new in the world of gliders by any means but new for us.

I will let Greg do a review of the G2 in Groups but there will be no build log as there is nothing to build just install your gear.

More to come,

Posted by Shaper Dave | May 23, 2016 @ 01:31 PM | 7,154 Views
I have flown the G2 a couple of times briefly and discovered a massive flutter issue due to the torque arm flexing. A rebuild of the aileron drive and adding a pin in the pivot point similar to the Snipe solved all the flutter.

Sunday was actual test day but conditions were very windy and turbulent.
I used only a 1 ounce ballast slug and found penetration to be more than expected in the 15 -20 mph winds.
First impressions were that it was very slippery, climbed well and runs extremely fast and flat. Even brought it home in one piece which was dicey due to the low level turbulence.

Winds are dropping off later in the week and I will get a chance to wring it out in normal conditions.