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Posted by PeterVRC | Nov 16, 2014 @ 08:12 AM | 9,876 Views
Ever since I had the Skyzone goggles I had seen they have a 'serious problem' with their Button layout.
With three buttons per each top end, for various control functions, they are quite raised 'domes' and thus very easy to press. You might think that is good.... but it is actually BAD!!
This is because you have to reach up to feel where they are, when you are using the goggles - or more importantly, there are times you grab up the top and you do not even want to touch them... but DO !! eg To adjust them on your eyes (eye-cups). Or even when you put them on, or take them down.

All of the buttons, except just the BAND button, are 'instant acting'. Click them and they do their task right away! Which means a number of possible cases of "I didn't really want that!" occurring. The two most disastrous being the CHANNEL button - changing a channel and you lose your FPV video link(!!), or the Internal Camera button toggling the view to be the goggles front camera instead of the FPV video feed!
I had actually changed Channel by mistake once when I was flying the PT-17 FPV and it was about 200 metres or so away!! I could only see a speck of it, but luckily my memory of where it was (seen in FPV mode) meant I could locate it in the air rapidly by LOS, plus then was VERY LUCKY that what I chose to do made it climb and enable me to lock onto WHAT it was doing very well. In 95% of cases losing FPV video would have been fatal and a crash really!

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Posted by PeterVRC | Nov 16, 2014 @ 07:45 AM | 9,737 Views
This is a 3 Axis DIY Head-Tracker as designed by Dennis Frie here:

That thread is pretty straight-forwards... sort of... but it seems that some people still have problems building it and getting it working. All I can say is that I have built two, and both were very easy to make and worked perfectly right away. So if you make them 'properly'...... they work. And they work excellently too!

I have two sets of FPV goggles which both have Head-Trackers in them. But both are 2-Axis 'older' generation Head-Trackers. Just 2 Axis is not that bad, but the DRIFT and ERROR they have is totally unacceptable! It makes them almost unusable, seeing you have to constantly Reset the Head-Tracker's center point as you fly around - seeing they drift astray almost continuously!

This DIY Head-Tracker has 3 Axis support AND it never drifts any amount at all !
This is what you want in a Head-Tracker and thus makes it worthwhile to even have it as a unit you have to attach to the top of 'nice trendy and sleek' FPV goggles! Which ruins their good looks, but function wins over form!!

Posted by PeterVRC | Nov 11, 2014 @ 12:51 AM | 13,980 Views
I decided to get a 'large' Flying Wing for FPV - because so many people say they are great for that!!
I bought the KIT version so I can fit the electronics and motor that I want.

I bought the Turnigy XP 3542-1000kv so that it has a bit more power than stock.
I am also aiming to run 3S and 4S 4400mAH batteries, with just a Prop change to use 3S or 4S.
For 3S I will use a 10x5 Aeronaut folding prop.
For 4S, and aimed for fast zooming around at shorter ranges, I will probably use about a 8x6 APC prop.

I will use an OpenLRS 433MHz RC TX/RX setup, but still just 5.8GHz FPV for a start - this might be able to do 5km approx max. Then I will get 1.2/1.3GHz FPV stuff later, to hopefully go out past 20km.
For long range I will carry a GoPro also - probably with a tilt only gimbal on the nose. Though maybe tilt/roll if I can fit that.

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