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Posted by PeterVRC | Jul 03, 2014 @ 06:48 AM | 15,546 Views
Another Glider !! A pretty big one!

When I fly my Fox 2320mm glider around, it is quite relaxing and somewhat fun really - versus the hectic pace of EDF jets, or even warbird prop aircraft. Seeing it is such fun I saw the FlyFly 4000mm DG-808S and decided I wanted a 'proper' thermaling glider, rather than just the Fox sports glider. Having 'just' TWO gliders isn't being too greedy! (??)

The DG-808S is a Composite fuselage, and Balsa Sheeted wings and Tailplane that are covered in some form of Monokote = all of it is a shiny white finish, much like any real glider is. NOT "just" an EPO foam glider, like the Fox is. Not that foam gliders are really anything sub-standard at all, but you are unlikely to get a 4000mm (or even 3000mm) foam glider.

I read up a lot about it, as per I do for all aircraft before committing to buying any, and it seemed it was a very good buy. Such a large glider for its price, though AU$320 delivered seemed a lot to me! But many people are paying AU$400 at least, and out towards AU$1000 for some! So this is a BUDGET way to get a 4000mm glider!


Note the 5/10 Rating now......
I did this because of the very weak fiberglass fuselage, and even worse 2K paint they have on that! The fuselage is plain/raw fiberglass - not Gel Coated fiberglass - which is then spray painted with 2K paint. This paint is very 'rigid' brittle stuff, whilst the fiberglass is NOT! Thus it is quite easy for any flex in the fuselage to cause the 2K paint to...Continue Reading