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Posted by PeterVRC | Apr 23, 2013 @ 10:40 PM | 9,848 Views
This is a really great plane! Typical Dynam "Make it cheap, but don't cut any corners" adequacy. But also as per all Dynams, needs a bit of tender loving care to bring it up to its full potential! You can fly them as they come... but can create something much better from the base they gave you!
It is a very typical Dynam kit.... so if you have seen the Meteor, Spitfire, Mustang, Me-109 etc, you will have the basic idea of how it is all done.

Twin 70mm Dynam EDF's (as per used in all their jets) running on 4S.
Firstly.... 5 blade, yuk! Secondly..... high current 4S, yuk!
So out with the fans, in with CS10's on 5S. L2855-2300kv based, which give close to the same as stock power, but tons better sound!
It would be a bit better to go to 6S even, and I might do that in the near future - but the L2855-2300kv CS10 combos are VERY CHEAP to use in jets, and adequate power for this. Motor, fan, ESC = $73 each set.

The construction/design is the typical well thought out manner of Dynam.
The paint is the usual 'very basic' of Dynam..... so that is an area that can use some improving!

There is a lot of battery space, so I headed to dual 4000mAH batteries!! To get longer flights, with a very easy time for the batteries too!
Later on I added a sound system to give it a realistic jet/turbine sound, and that was a very good result!
Posted by PeterVRC | Apr 15, 2013 @ 09:59 AM | 8,370 Views
I actually bought and started assembling this model a LONG time ago....
November 2011 ! And it is still not completed.....

It looks nice, from a bit of a distance, but it is an 'old generation' model, in EPS and enamel paint, and it just didn't compare to the more recent generation of aircraft I had. So I lost interest.
But over the last weeks I have resumed construction, with the aim to complete it and fly it finally!

I had done some things back in late 2011, but some of those 'ideas' were pretty lack lustre to newer ideas on better way to do things now! So a few mods had to be 'reversed' or changed.

Posted by PeterVRC | Apr 14, 2013 @ 05:33 AM | 14,128 Views
A bit out of character for my usual aircraft type that I like - mainly military jets, or warbirds - I had seen a few Cubs around and always liked their docile flight behaviour, so it was an aircraft up near the top of my list to get one version of.

I had three main choices, when I finally decided to get one.
A 1000mm one ($70), this 1400mm one ($126), and a balsa 1800mm one ($130 ARF). I couldn't bring myself to pay $70 for a "small" one, when $50 more gave a much bigger and more detailed version. Whether the Starmax or the Balsa (unknown version) one - but the ARF would need about another $50 spent on it, which is fair enough to have that total cost for its larger size, but it is a bit big for what I want. Thus the PNF Starmax won out.

I had also read up a lot about it, and it had tons of positive stuff commented about it, and no negatives. So add in that I think Starmax make great stuff generally, that also made it the clear winner.

Having it now... even at checking over the parts from the box it was looking a "100/100" plane!! Assembled, then flown.... it is still "100/100". Excellent value for its cost.... everything well designed and implemented! You could just build it and fly it as it comes and it would be fantastic still.
But there are always little things you can do to improve aircraft......