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Posted by porcia83 | Apr 14, 2011 @ 09:21 PM | 18,200 Views
Pretty much a Habu knock-off at half the price. I got this for about $140 delivered RTF but used my own RX and DX. A couple of days getting the paint on and it was ready to go.

Got to the field early Sunday morning figuring I would fly without anyone witnessing my crash. Was concerned about the throw in the elevators. They are actually pitched down somewhat and the part towards the vert stab comes up more than the outer piece. Instructions called for minimal travel (bout 12mm) so that's what I went with. Lined up on the runway and went for it. front wheel was NOT aligned and it veered to the the right but I got it off the blacktop before it hit grass.

Scared .the hell out of me, it's my first jet. Some adjustments were needed of course and I got it pretty well trimmed out. It did want to climb on full throttle so I had to down stick it after I went all out on the trim. Did four laps around the field, man it sure covers a lot of ground quick. Had the stock 2650 14.8 25c in there, so had plenty of time/power. It was grey and overcast, and started getting windy so I wanted to land. It took 4 passes before I finally got it right, and even then it went the full length of our runway and then another 20 feet in grass.

Loved the flight so much I took another one later on. Went with a 4000 mah battery and did about the same time (4-5 minutes). Did some mild aerobatics. 2 flights were enough for that day. Looking forward to more this week-end. Then it's onto the Habu, F-86, and F-20 Tigershark.
Posted by porcia83 | Mar 08, 2011 @ 10:04 PM | 18,175 Views
Got this a couple of months ago and I believe I got the last almost RTF kit from the seller. Good news of course given my lack of building skills. Put some paint on it and threw it together. Purple fuze, bright orange on the bottom of the wing. Top of the wing is yellow with florescent fuchsia stripes and tail as well.

Given the video I've seen of these, it's a screamer. Waiting for my field to open up again so I can maiden this puppy. I've been waiting to get something a bit faster and I think this is it.
Posted by porcia83 | Mar 08, 2011 @ 09:45 PM | 17,657 Views
One of the many...and I mean many planes I've bought over this snow filled winter. Finally got this together. Can't wait to get it into the air.

Got the cockpit upgrade on here as well, my first real attempt at this. Had some fun putting it together. My daughter painted the helmet with her glitter nail polish so it reflects light like crazy.

Stock battery is pretty small, perhaps I'll go to a 1600mah, but not much room here.

Thanks for looking.
Posted by porcia83 | Dec 28, 2010 @ 07:16 PM | 17,482 Views
Here are the pics, better ones to come this weekend. Pretty touchy on the controls so had to add a ton of expo. It was a pretty windy day as well, I'm sure it goes like crazy on a calm day. Overall performed nicely. quick snap rolls and flew nice inverted. I like to fly with wind so it was fun seeing what I could do with this. Given the barn door like profile of this thing it can be pretty interesting. Coming in to land was a dream. Steady as can be with little to no power. Actually had it hovering in place at one point.

I'll try to get some video this weekend.
Posted by porcia83 | Dec 15, 2010 @ 08:54 PM | 17,092 Views
So it's all done and ready to go. Just need to get a decent day without howling winds and close to zero temps. It's killing me to just sit and look at it. I took the curtains off my wall yesterday firing it up.

The floats are GWS slow stick floats cut down, then capped at the rear. Silicone is the gap filler. I cut the holes for the wing support way to big and tried to fill the gap with gorilla glue. Suffice it to say it's held on tight.

Hope to get pics of it in the air, and video too.
Posted by porcia83 | Dec 03, 2010 @ 11:03 PM | 16,992 Views
So I finally got both of my Twin Stars built. My friend Stefan (Komet 44) professionaly built the grey one and helped me maiden it this past weekend. It's got a couple of brushless motors from hobbypartz and my leftover T-28 ESCs. This thing rocks...a true STOL plane. I bought the Parkzone Extra 300 wheels and bracket and fit that into the fuze with some tinkering. Tail wheel is from the 300 as well. Love the way this thing flies. Less floaty then I expected punches right through the wind with a 3300 and 5000 battery installed.

The Twinstar 11 was built by another member of my club. As soon as I got it I stripped the stickers and my son and I started tinkering with the paint. We also added the float kit. At present all that's left to do is put the pontoons on the wings. I have GWS floats that I cut down and will be using those. I though the looked pretty cool, and share the same design as the front piece of float kit. I'll probably use a solid piece of wood for support and to attach to the wing. This plane is not light and I think a couple of small dowels would not do it. I plan on flying this on snow and water.

I'll update once it's completely done. Can't wait to maiden it.