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Posted by wrightme | Jan 30, 2008 @ 10:34 AM | 14,230 Views
I am just not SURE what to fill it with yet.
Posted by wrightme | Aug 12, 2007 @ 12:00 PM | 15,063 Views
I finally did it. The few short flights with my EasyGlider Electric and with an ExceedRC Cub (and countless RFG3.5 hours) gave me the courage to ROG/LOG with my SuperStar EP. I have no photos or video to show, since I forgot to ask my son to take any.

It was Saturday 11AUG2007 at about 8AM. After a short flight check, I got it taxiing (quite a chore!), gave it full throttle (to get the tail up), and let it fly. My first turn after the downwind leg was a bit tight, so I began using very light elevator to hold altitude in the turns. Both Elevator and Rudder are short throw on the outer hole of the control horn, and the suggested hole of the servo arm. The Ailerons were comfortable at the stock settings.

There was a light breeze, and a few "bobbles" due to gusts during straight and level flight. It seemed to hold altitude and airspeed well, and may need a slight bit of down elevator trim. Flights appeared to be relatively level, and I did not adjust trims beyond the visual lineups I made during assembly. I did replace the stock front wheels with some that were 2 1/16" diameter "LYT" Wheels.

I also have a steerable Dubro tailwheel to install once I figure out how to get the mounting correct for proper steerage.
Posted by wrightme | Jul 02, 2007 @ 06:00 PM | 14,621 Views
Today marked the "maiden" of my Easy Glider Electric. I use the term "maiden" loosely since I only used a receiver pack to do some throwing for practice. In a light breeze of maybe 2-4 knots, I was easily able to get about 100-120 foot flights. I mostly watched for trim problems and made sure that control inputs produced the desired result. I have a 6 channel rx installed, with the left aileron plugged in ch6 for flaperon mixing on my Hitec Optic 6. I set it so that I can use the right lever (on the side of the tx) for flap/spoiler. Down lever gives flaps, up lever gives spoilers

Why not use the motor you ask? Because in researching this plane, it showed that the RR version came with the X-16 brushed controller from Multiplex. On the MPX website, the specs for the X-16 ESC shows 6-16 cell, 7.2-19.2Volts, which could easily handle the voltage from my 3 cell LiPo packs from my helis. The X-16 that is mounted in the EGE lists 7-8 cell, or 2 cell LiPo only. Now I need new 2S LiPos.

I ordered a Jeti JES-012 from HL to replace the stock ESC, which fried after a sudden landing in grass with prop spinning. It seems up to the task, and helped with some glitching I had been experiencing. So far, the BEC portion of the JES-012 provides adequate current for the stock servos and the Futaba R148DF RX (subjectively).

I received some 2S 1650 LiPos from CSRC after researching for power/weight ratio against cost. 2S1650-10 at...Continue Reading