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Posted by sandet01 | Jan 31, 2020 @ 06:31 PM | 2,773 Views
A variant flight logger and battery use meter for OpenTX 2.2.4 and the Taranis X9D family.
-shamelessly modeled on the work by Vulturetec (see link below)

And down the rabbit hole I went....

I fly primarily glow and/or gas planes. Been doing so since 1966 (!) Several years ago I switched from traditional NiCd batteries, to LiFe in the planes. Normally, the vastly increased capacity meant that for an average day of flying, I never had to worry about whether I had enough battery left. In the last couple of years, though, there have been instances of wondering. First was a bigger gas plane, where I might have put in way more capacity than I really needed. The other was on resuming activity as a regular club flight instructor, where I put a lot of time/flights on a plane in the course of a day. Verifying the amount of recharge has been routine, but a pretty haphazardly used way to judge how much time/how many flights I should expect. I'm just not a diligent record keeper, and remembering time/flights from a day or more ago, to do the math, just wasn't happening. So there were a couple of times where I noted "Geez, you really pushed the battery capacity on that last training session...".

Enter the Taranis and OpenTX.
First order was to set a timer to be manually resetting. Timer 1 is a normal countdown, for the expected amount of fuel. Timer 2 counts up, and does not reset between sessions. Easy.

It seemed reasonable that if: Ignition was...Continue Reading