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Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Feb 08, 2020 @ 05:02 AM | 4,726 Views
I've written an article about shedding weight on the Happymodel Mobula 6 by using a low cost DIY camera mount

It worked better than I'd hoped with more upside than downside (IMO)

More details on install, weight savings, and advantages/disadvantages in the article below:


Takes a little bit of time to get the cable tie cuts right but well worth it.

Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Dec 27, 2019 @ 03:26 AM | 1,598 Views
I recently fare-welled my Tyro 79 as an unwilling gift to some dense bush.

Prior to that though I completed a full upgrade guide and have published here:


I cover off multiple recommendations for many parts including cameras, vtxs, motors, props, electronics, batteries, HD cams, GPS and betaflight.

As a TLDR I'd recommend an immediate camera and propeller upgrade. For the rest you can replace as it fails or where you feel the need but these first two are a must.


P.S, don't forget to turn your DVR if you are flying over a new area

Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Dec 11, 2019 @ 03:35 PM | 3,751 Views
I've spent the last couple of weeks reviewing the new ISDT 608AC charger. It has a modular removable AC-DC power supply and the high quality build and interface that we've come to expect from ISDT across their full line. At $50-60 it is easliy the best value charger out and will suit practically every application out except for the very high currents (8A+) and multiple channels.

Anyway, my full review is here including heaps of pics of the operating screens which I find easier to lear by than the included manual:


Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Nov 26, 2019 @ 04:19 PM | 4,438 Views
Banggood Black Friday Specials are now live. There are 150 plus RC specials but only 100 or so of these are FPV related. Some of these coupons are presently hidden but if you check back regularly they will be added as they go live on the website. Special prices are live from 27-30 November (Chicago time)

Link to spreadsheet here:


Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Nov 10, 2019 @ 03:13 AM | 1,979 Views
Banggood now have their 11.11 specials live for just 2 days in limited quanities. 60+ FPV quadcopters, parts and accesories at pretty solid pricing here:


some of my favourite specials are:

Diatone GTR 349: $112, Eachine Novice-i RTF kit: $123, Tyro79: $69, Emax Hawk Pro 5: $171, iFlight Nazgul5: $147, Fatshark Attitude V5 OLED: $248, heaps more in the spreadsheet linked

Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Nov 06, 2019 @ 08:37 PM | 2,536 Views

The Eachine Novice I is a brushless 2s capable ducted micro FPV quadcopter that includes a basic transmitter, FPV goggles and batteries making it a genuine Ready To Fly (RTF) kit option for $145-$165 retail. It is available exclusively from Banggood. The lightweight ducted frame makes it safe to fly inside and around people but it still has enough power to fly outdoors. Since it can run on 1 battery (1s) or 2 batteries (2s) you can fly it slow or fast. It will compete directly with the Emax Tinyhawk RTF which is 1s capable only and is $156 with only 1 battery. I've reviewed the Emax Tinyhawk here if you wish to compare.

The first part of my novice-i review is up where I look more closely at the specs, the build and recommend custom PIDs and filters here:


For the TLDR version my summary is below but of course a lot more detail in the review itself:
  • The quadcopter itself is a great choice for beginners as it is very durable, and suitable for flying indoor or out. Furthermore the specs will suit the experienced pilot as well.
  • The transmitter is basic with toy-style gimbals but is proportional and will get you going. It also uses the popular FRSKY protocol meaning it will be easy to upgrade the controller in future if you want.
  • The FPV goggles will get you going but screen size is relatively small and don't have DVR. Again, these use a standard protocol so are easily up gradable in
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Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Sep 18, 2019 @ 05:06 PM | 2,839 Views
I've recently completed my review of the happymodel larva-x and have also covered off
  • Setup
  • Custom PID tune
  • Custom filters
  • Durability tests
  • Comparison of onboard DVR to goggle DVR

It's a great little quad but there are some durability question marks around the motors in particular and as you can see in my review, Happymodel are already working on a response. That aside it's a great value, fast, nimble and very quiet ultra light micro 'toothphick' that is well suited to park flying and other environments.

Full review is here:



Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Sep 10, 2019 @ 06:12 AM | 2,440 Views
Here is my review of the Skyzone OLED FPV goggle which I think will make a real mess of Fatshark's dominance of the market at the premium end:


Here is my summary and recommendations snipped from the article:

As you can see from my testing these are very comfortable goggles with a great built in receiver and good menu system and most importantly, outstanding screens. Since your goggles are arguably the greatest sensory connection you have with you drone, these fantastic goggles make a big difference in enjoyment of the FPV experience. Not only that but I can also say that the extra clarity, contrast and resolution makes for a greater ability to see and hopefully avoid obstacles.

Like many other goggles on the market though the included accessories are disappointing; you will immediately need to invest in better antennas and a battery. See further below for my recommendations there.

Should you buy these? If your budgets allows I would say yes. Being around $400, they sit in between the new "budget" range of binocular goggles at around $240-$300 and the premium goggles at $500+. If you cannot afford more than the budget range I'd recommend the Fatshark Attitude V5 which are still great goggles as I reviewed here. For what it's worth the SKY03O have now replaced the fatsharks as my regular goggles...

Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Sep 09, 2019 @ 07:26 AM | 2,454 Views
Here it is, the full list of Banggood's quadcopter specials, all 72 of them. Most of these are at historical lows so get in while they still have quota

Banggood 13th Anniversary Quadcopter Specials


Some of my favourites include:
Diatone ER349 @ $119;
Aomway Commander V1s @ $199;
Happymodel Larva-X @ $83;
Iflight nazgul5 @ $143

Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Sep 02, 2019 @ 06:14 PM | 2,842 Views
I've recently completed my review of the fatshark attitude v5 including the obvious comparisons between the now competitive $240 - $300 FPV market. These have replace my Aomway Commander V1s as my regular goggles and here is why:
  • They have bright and clear OLED screen which allow me to see more detail
  • They have the removable module that allows you to upgrade to rapidfire etc. if desired.
  • They have very good antennas included as stock
  • They have the legendary Fatshark support
They do of course have their downsides including fatshark's stubborn refusal to integrate more of their "modular" design but I (personally) feel these are outweighed by their benefits.

See my full review here:


Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Aug 22, 2019 @ 04:44 PM | 2,986 Views
If you have bought the Fatshark attitude V5 or are using the new 18650 battery pack and want a proper balance lead to balance charge, here is how you go about doing it:


Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jul 30, 2019 @ 04:15 PM | 3,255 Views
See below on my full upgrade guide for the Happymodel Mobula7 / Eachine Traschan. None of the mods listed cost more than about $5 and most are free.

Areas I cover are:
  • Frame upgrades
  • Reception improvement
  • Bettery and connector upgrades
  • Propeller uprades
  • Tuning/filters/betaflight

Here you go: https://www.quadifyrc.com/tips-and-tricks/mobula-7-upgrades-the-complete-and-final-list

This has taken the Mobula7 about as far as I want to go and have better performance, battery life, range and durability than when I started. A lot of this is opinion based but none of the upgrades I've recommended are more than about $5 so take as you will.

Happy flying!
Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jul 20, 2019 @ 05:06 AM | 4,046 Views
Recently I've built a 5" Freestyle quadcopter based on the best value components - not the cheapest but the best price/performance ratio (i.e. bang for buck). For me the price came to around $150 using typical coupons and discounts

This quad has since been built, setup, flown, adjusted and then flown a lot more. I'm now in a position to pass judgement over all of the components and will then cover as the quad in total. For each I'll look at the positives and negatives and then go into a little more discussion with my recommendations which you can see at the link below:


Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jul 11, 2019 @ 05:55 AM | 3,799 Views
Banggood have just released their best coupons for the summer prime sale and are available for 24 hours only. Roughly till end of 12 July depending on your timezone.


They include:
-New Emax Tinyhawk S for $85
-Eachine Tyro99 for $65
-Eachine/Diatone ER369 for $129
-Eachine Wizard 220HV and Jumper TX for $200
-Eachine Wizard 140HV for $89
-Flysky Nirvana Tx for $129
-Eachine Tyro99 for $79

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Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jun 29, 2019 @ 05:01 AM | 11,818 Views
I've finished my tune for the Mob7 which has used a lot of Mark Spatz's (UAVTech) awesome work on betaflight.

Here is the article that has screenshots of all the new settings, CLI text and even a full Diff.


If it's good enough to make me look passable as a pilot it can't be too bad - here's the flight DVR

[QuadifyRC.com] Mobula7 Final PIDs - giving it some beans (3 min 35 sec)

Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jun 20, 2019 @ 09:26 PM | 4,771 Views
I've finished a fairly comprehensive long term review of the 2019 Aomway Commander V1s and the inevitable comparision to the V1 which I've owned for 2 years. I've also summed up the key competitors to this goggle and their advantages/disadvantages.

Hope you enjoy:


Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jun 06, 2019 @ 09:26 PM | 2,845 Views
Current specials at the moment:

  • Happymodel Sailfly-x for $80-82
  • 3s 300mah batteries for $8 each
  • New emax tinyhawk-s for $89
  • New Runcam 5 for $92
  • Emax Eco 2306 1700kv or 2400kv $11 each
  • FRSKY XM+ $12
  • FRSKY QX7 $99

Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jun 03, 2019 @ 06:46 PM | 3,377 Views
Full review can be found here:


Here is my summary and recommendation taken from the article:

The Sailfly-X is a very low cost "toothpick-class" micro brushless quadcopter from Happymodel, the same company that released the popular Snapper7 and Mobula7 micro quadcopters. It is well equipped with propellers, flight battery and even a spare canopy. It is ultralight meaning it can achieve high performance even with small batteries.

The quad is very well balanced component-wise and offers excellent control and power on 2s and outstanding power on 3s. The light weight comes about from the simplified components namely the main board which includes flight controller, 4xescs and a receiver plus an all-in-one vtx-camera. Being lightweight it has excellent durability from my testing so far. A further advantage of the low weight and high thrust is the exceptional flight time - a low cost 2s 300mah battery offered strong performance for 4-5 minutes of flying time.

This is a very easy quad to recommend - it offers breathtaking performance given the size, is extremely durable and offers exceptional flight time. This is even before we consider the price which around $88 at full retail which is remarkable and worth buying just for components to use on you own build (components which are not often discounted at time of review...). One of the sacrifices made to
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Posted by QuadifyRC.com | May 30, 2019 @ 05:34 PM | 3,196 Views
After completing a full build article here I have been flying the Hobbymate Asteroid for a few weeks and have completed my review. This review is text/pictures and embedded DVR so it's much easier to scroll through than a video review (IMHO)


The full article above but here are my key findings:
  • This is a very premium kit for $140 and genuinely capable of 3-6s (you can choose 2700kv for 6s or 4300kv for 4s)
  • It is capable of 91mph+ on 3s or 106mph+ on 4s (GPS readings)
  • I feel the motor kV is a little too high for 4s but this can be resolved with a throttle limit
  • I was sceptical about using an EOS2 cam for FPV but the 4:3 ratio variant actually works well
  • Given the power of the motors and strength of the frame it is light at under 140g

Posted by QuadifyRC.com | May 08, 2019 @ 10:38 PM | 3,021 Views
The Hobbymate Asteroid is a new 3 inch quadcopter that is available in kit, BNF or PNF formats that is available with motors and electronics suitable for 4s or 6s (!) operation. The purpose of the blog linked is to show how I have built in close detail and how I have set up betaflight software for optimal performance. Note you can spend an extra $30 to have this build with a FRSKY receiver but I always like to tinker and optimise my build which is why I have chosen this path.

Personally I prefer to build myself, part of the fun of the hobby. Documentation not so much but now it's done!


I'll follow up with the review shortly but boy this is crazy quick in a straight line. With a CNHL 650mah 4s and a 80% throttle limit it's faster than anything I've flown. I plan to put a GPS on to verify.