Posted by old4570 | Jan 02, 2020 @ 10:55 PM | 4,196 Views
Ebay 1935 3 blade prop test (2 min 51 sec)

Tested @ 15 - 20 - 25 - 30 thousand RPM
Posted by UpNup | Jan 02, 2020 @ 09:00 PM | 3,953 Views
A dollar store sells an 8” black plastic action figure (1/9 scale) that could be made into an inexpensive pilot figure. Super Police is apparently a SWAT series of action figures. The paint job is haphazard at best.

However, the molding detail is very good. The front and back do not fit well. I had to scrape off the extra sprue. Three tiny screws in the back helped tighten up the torso. The top of the head required quick-drying modeling putty to smooth the cap.

Acetone wiped the paint right off. I used 400 grit paper to help the paint adhere. Testors enamels work well. I mixed up a 10:1 black wash to make the beard and some minimal weathering.

I cut “police” off of the chest plate and sanded it smooth.

Update: Added titles and wings to chest, hat and shoulder. It's just paper from an injet printer. Used canopy glue and sealed with MicroSet. I used a modification of Glider Pilot wings found online. I chose ORCA on the breastplate since that is the theme of the next build. To be continued...
Posted by beechbum | Jan 02, 2020 @ 07:09 PM | 2,894 Views
Pictures of turbine.
Posted by old4570 | Jan 02, 2020 @ 06:27 PM | 2,934 Views
Volantex Decathlon ...

Time for some CG testing ..
Let me just say this particular Volantex product has not impressed .
Did I already mention the warped Ailerons ? Makes a maiden interesting for sure .

First chuck the Decat spiralled into a right turn and hit the ground ( No power ) .. All the control surfaces were as straight as I could get them .
Some tweaking and it went into the ground in the other direction .
Hit the ground a few more times .. Then finally got it to glide .. Even then if would go left or right .

Centring ? Wonder if Volantex knows the meaning of the term .
Is it the Tx ? ( Probably )
Anyhow , servo centring looks to be just nasty ..

Landing gear . Where it slots into the fuse = Massive / giant / weak spot ...
First time I managed to bring the Decat down onto the wheels , they folded like spaghetti . Breaking the plastic landing gear slot .
Those wheels are too small . Probably act more like a arrestor hook in the grass than wheels should . 60 or 70mm wheels would be far more appropriate for a model like this .

So I am torn !
Do I toss the factory Tx / Rx and just put in a new Rx and use my Qx7 , or do I try the unimpressive factory electronics .

Right now I am unimpressed .. ( Buyers remorse )
There are better / cheaper planes out there that dont handle like a bag full of wild cats .
Out of 5 stars ?

One Star - My opinion = One to possibly avoid if you can ..
Bush fire smoke is...Continue Reading
Posted by siriusflier | Jan 02, 2020 @ 05:06 PM | 3,534 Views
I recently bought a Volantex 767-2 Ranger 750 airplane and will attempt my first review of a fixed wing RC airplane. Seems like it only hit the market about 6 months ago, not much in the way of reviews on it, but I did find at least one person that seems to really like his. First some background on my fixed wing experience, which is very limited.

I recently decided to try flying fixed wing remote control airplanes after having tried a few maybe 10 years ago or so. I was not very successful with them back then, but maybe the planes I tried were not that good, and none were more than three channel flyers. Since back then, I have been flying helis and quads, mostly quads, I have more than 80 quads in my collection, most were review quads, so I have posted a lot of reviews. The last year or two, I have only been flying quads with brushless motors.

I started with the XK A430 which is a brushless plane, because I have an XK X7 transmitter to bind it to, not a bad transmitter. Was able to successfully fly the A430, but also crashed it badly after maybe 6 flights, broke it into at least 6 pieces. But it turned out to be good experience, as I had to learn quickly to repair foam planes, and it is back flying again. Still, I would not recommend the A430 as a first airplane, there are better options. While waiting on a part to remount the prop on the A430, I ordered an XK A600, IMHO a better option for a beginner and someone that wants to start out flying slow and in...Continue Reading
Posted by DTD_2112 | Jan 02, 2020 @ 04:38 PM | 2,709 Views
I’m digging this optional white stripe that came with my Redcat Gen 7. There was also red and wood grain.
What do you think?
Posted by mudman1959 | Jan 02, 2020 @ 10:44 AM | 3,171 Views
To Whom it concerns...

The new imposed regulations for as you call "Drones" with registration of each unit and Remote Id for each is unattainable for the average Hobby Flyer like me and will eventually Kill the Hobby Flyer and the Hobby. I have been a AMA Member for 20+ years and adhere to the rules of our charter. I also fulfilled the previous requirements that the FAA imposed on our hobby by registering with the FAA and adding my registration number to all of the current flying Toy Airplanes that I fly. TOYS... Not a real aircraft is what I fly! How is it that Ultra Lite aircraft have less requirements to operate than you are trying to implement on RC Hobby aircraft? To have a active Transponder system implemented on each Toy with each Toy registered and only allowed to fly in limited areas designated by the FAA will inhibit most Law abiding RC Hobbyist from enjoying the Hobby. How does the FAA intend to implement this ordinance and police the operators of Toys. The FAA has enough issues Policing the operations of Real Aircraft. Just like the debates going on over Firearms and trying to limit who owns them and the type that you can own... Taking the Gun away from a Law abiding citizen allows the Criminal to do what he wants to with no consequences. The Criminal will always find away to commit the crime Gun or not... So in lies the problem with regulating RC Hobby Toys... Some will try to adhere to the regulations imposed even if they are ridiculous just...Continue Reading
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Hello good people!

It has been nine (9+) years and it is still flying nicely! Time and the sun has taken it's toll and soon a re-covering will be in order.

I purchased this from a very nice gentleman from Brooksville, Florida and who I still purchase models from to this day.


It has been a long time and just can't believe this model still places a BIG smile on my face!

For High Resolution Pictures go to:
Posted by phyngineer | Jan 02, 2020 @ 02:20 AM | 3,057 Views
At present, drones are more and more integrated into daily production and life, and the scope of application has been widely expanded, becoming high-tech equipment with full affinity. Industrial-grade drones have been used in many fields such as agriculture, plant protection, express transportation, disaster rescue, and mapping.

By the beginning of the 21st century, with the emergence of new technologies such as global satellite positioning and cost reduction, civilian drones have begun to proliferate. As of the end of June 2019, the number of registered drones in China reached 339,000. Statistics show that China ’s consumer drone exports account for about 70% of the world ’s total drone exports, reaching more than 1.2 million.

Behind the rapid development of the drone industry are the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous expansion of the market. It is increasingly recognized that drones can perform tasks that are not convenient for humans. For example, it takes 1-2 hours to manually inspect a base tower, while autonomous drones only need 5-10 minutes to discover hidden dangers that cannot be detected by the human eye, and has a wide range of application scenarios. In the next few years, drones will become a more common tool of labor. Industry insiders pointed out that DJI's success in the field of consumer drones has also promoted the development of the entire industry.

In addition to aerial photography, the consumer-level intelligent drones...Continue Reading
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Things happen quickly when they happen !

Pictured :

Adjustable voltage power supply AC to DC Lowest voltage is 15v

Then I have a DC DC adjustable Buck voltage regulator ..

As long as the incoming Voltage is higher .

Plan is to run 2s to 4s VIA Mains .. ( Forget about batteries ) The regulator should handle 20A ( advertised ) , I will be happy with 10A ...
I have already run it to 7A @ 8.33v ( going in to the test stand )

Now I can run voltage tests as well as the rest . Also make prop testing a lot easier . ( No saggy baggy batteries )

Just need to compare voltage sag , which I have not done yet ..
Just confirmed that this works . ( Thats all )
Posted by Reckless_fpv | Jan 01, 2020 @ 08:52 PM | 3,573 Views
Posted by Bill M - RC | Jan 01, 2020 @ 06:32 PM | 3,700 Views
Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

L6082 Air Genius review. In this L6082 review, I include unboxing, inspection, functions, features, setup, performance & duration tests.

Get this L6082 Air Genius RC Quadcopter Airplane Tiny Whoover All-In-One DIY 2.4G RC Drone also suitable for kids here:
with one battery - DISCOUNT CODE: 48M2FKJF
with two batteries: DISCOUNT CODE: 48M2MGJH

L6082 Air Genius 3-in-1 review -Tiny Whoop, Whoover & Micro Glider (15 min 28 sec)

Posted by BDOG1 | Jan 01, 2020 @ 05:45 PM | 3,976 Views
The start of a New Year and on the Slope -
January 1st and flyable wind - 15 to 23 mph crossed most of the time,temps in the mid 30's with a occasional snow flake
I flew 3 out of the 4 ships I brought to the top ,
The Dan Wing 2 18oz : flew fine,would penetrate the Gusts and stay aloft in the lulls , nothing fancy just cruising around for about 20 min .

Knife Edge 26 oz : carries its energy well and will glide through the sink/lulls if flown smooth ,turns on in the gusts and when the wind shifted straight up the hill - only flew for around 15 min ,got caught low on the hill with a wind shift/lull ... a walk down and back gets your blood pumping

Ka - 8 : finished up the rest of my time out {around a hour} perfect bird for the conditions
Wind / no Wind/ sink/crossed such a great flying plane
Time to get home - I have planes to complete
Posted by crteensy | Jan 01, 2020 @ 03:14 PM | 5,257 Views
So here's my first attempt at building a BLHeli_S ESC. The current hardware is made for testing the overall circuit and part choice; the overall goal is a small and lightweight AIO FC.

I'm not sure what the max current will be, but anything above 10 A would be a good start. Battery input: 1 - 3S, maybe 4S.
5V and 3V3 rails are supplied with a TPS630701 buck/boost regulator for 5V and a TPS62823 regulator for 3V3. Those two seem to work.

Schematic: ESC-0.3-single.pdf <- THIS SCHEMATIC CONTAINS AN ERROR: Ac/Ap, Bc/Bp and Cc/Cp are swapped.
Apparently fixed schematic in

Most parts were chosen for their small size. The NCP81253 gate driver is just 2x2 mm, but needs 5 V logic. There's a level shifter in front, built with a DMN2990UDJ-7 and two resistors. The gate driver drives a SIZ322DT NFET pair.

Here's a screenshot of one channel (and it contains the same error as the first schematic above):
Name: Screenshot from 2020-01-01 01-39-25.png
Views: 46
Size: 13.6 KB

When the gate driver's PWM input is around 2.5 V, it will disable both out FETs.

Here's a logic table for the Ac and Ap signals with their effect on the output:
1)  0  1  2V5 off  off
2)  1  1  0V  off  on
3)  0  0  5V  on   off
4)  1  0  0V  off  on
The last two columns are labeled PFET and NFET because the level shifter logic makes the whole gate driver look like a pair of PFET and NFET to the MCU. As far as I understand it, O-type firmware should work for this.

Top Layer Silk Screen for...Continue Reading
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A “Call-to-Action” with brief explanation of FAA proposal, some effects on FPV if implemented in current form, and what you can do to help make it better

Posted by PittSpecial | Jan 01, 2020 @ 01:09 PM | 3,841 Views

Due to the Holiday Activities I have NOT been able to tackle the Scale Printed 3D 9-Cylinder Engine Kit project, however, I did take advantage of ordering a brand NEW Master Airscrew (MAS) 3-Balde, 10 X 7 X 3 Propeller from Horizon Hobby right before XMAS.

It came in speedy priority and I wasted no time and went to work on installing it over the XMAS holiday and finally this morning, January 1st, 2020, I was able to try it out. It is one of their (MAS) new designs with decals on each blade.

It practically transformed this model while using the STOCK Park Zone 480 (960Kv, normalized to 910Kv due to Dr. Kiwi's testing) and it went beyond my expectations just like the older MAS 3-Blade without the decals. As far as I can tell the Airfoil is the same in comparing this new Prop to the older ones.

Believe me, these propeller will NOT break. Your model will be completely destroyed before anything happens to this propeller! Don't ask me why I know!

Flight was just amazing with half throttle it cruised like a home sick dove and continuous KNIFE EDGES was the DEAL as it performed fantastic!...Continue Reading
Posted by bill_delong | Jan 01, 2020 @ 12:49 PM | 3,716 Views