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Posted by Willmsy | Nov 16, 2010 @ 02:05 AM | 14,896 Views
Hey all, a little while back I was going to get a one of those new 41" Edge 540's that Ben from 3DHS had just released... I of course waited 1 day too long and they were sold out. I thought perhaps one may have fallen off of the shelf and I could pick it up for a deal... No such luck, but Ben did have a few other planes that had slight crinkly damage and I thought, if the deal was good I might take him up on in... Well the deal was good for a 55" Edge and I decided to pull the trigger on it.

I intended on taking all the covering off in the first place to add some lights and make a day/night flyer... After tearing into the covering and looking up what I was gonna have to buy to power this baby, I decided on skipping the lights.

Let me tell you, transparent covering is a bear to get off nicely, it rips really easily and you have to dig at it. I did finally get all the blue, green, and white off of the plane. However I didn't have a scheme yet for the recovering. It was ok I had time, plus I had some minor crinkle damage to repair.

I found a 3 view and cleaned up all the color on in so I could sketch in some alternate schemes... I came up with a few that I liked and started shopping around with different vinyl companies... When I stumbled across a "Kool-Aid" plane that was done for DJMoose... It was stunning. So I did a little reading and found I Love Nachos aka Nick, from http://nachoscheese.net/ he was also doing a scheme for another friend of mine "Diggs" and I knew I probably had a winner. After a few weeks of back and forth emails we finally knocked out a killer scheme (reveal when completed).

I will post pictures of my progress as I go.

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Posted by Willmsy | Mar 01, 2010 @ 04:21 PM | 10,155 Views
Well with some of the "Extra" time I have had at work lately, I have spent some time working on a F9J Cougar. I thought I would try modeling this one a tad differently than what I have done in the past. I did a bunch of lofting and surfacing to try to get a nice shape and then make some parts from that... First attempt at surfacing when OK, but the parts where not 100% to my liking so I kind of started over and have made some pretty good progress....Continue Reading
Posted by Willmsy | Feb 12, 2008 @ 09:20 AM | 11,792 Views
Well everyone with the Mig design work taking a break I have decided to go a different direction and start work on designing a panther...
Here are the documents I have and will be working off of... I may pick up a plastic model to get an idea for some of the shapes.
Posted by Willmsy | Feb 20, 2007 @ 11:29 PM | 16,670 Views
I am going to start using this blog thing a little more to give info and work on a few things. I plan on having an instruction manual for the beta kits posted here to save some $$$ and make it accessable for everyone. I will add Picture here as well as in the thread, we can call these Special access pictures for those who make that extra click to check me out.
I am at a stand still right now for the build, I ran out of stringers and will be heading to the hobby shop tomorrow for more supplies.

Until then,

Posted by Willmsy | Jun 26, 2006 @ 09:53 PM | 16,930 Views
Well, I had a great time this year. I usually do, but this year the crew from Mankato made the trek and it was great fun.
Also maidened the SR-71 that I have been working on and even though I lost it into the ground I think a great success. Had it up to 83 MPH! I will redo a few things and get version 4 up in no time.