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Posted by gottaflyrc | Mar 31, 2012 @ 02:04 PM | 6,837 Views
I just wanted to impress upon everyone how important it is in this day and age of e-commerce, that we remember; gone are the days when a simple handshake was a contract. However we should not forget the simple principals the handshake stood for. A deal is a deal is a deal... regardless of the distance. We must communicate accurately with the other party given the absence of person and remember to be honest in these dealings. Patience is perhaps even more important. We don't all sit in front of our computers 24 7 so we may not get the message for some time. When we do, act on it and communicate accordingly but do it promptly.
Just please remember our word is all we have, let's make it mean something.
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Posted by gottaflyrc | Mar 26, 2010 @ 12:45 AM | 9,301 Views
The following was my responce to someone telling me they got a much higher price for the same glider I was selling when they sold it on ebay.

"Glad for you but I paid much less than that for the glider and unlike some I'm happy to pass the savings on to others. No need to be greedy.
Here I have a buyer who will have a nice ship at a good price and will be all the more thrilled with it everytime he goes out to fly.
Remember people it's a hobby and that means it's all about fun. So spread the fun.
Take a kid out to the slope and let them have a crack at the controls, then check out the smiles on their faces.
That's worth so much more than a few bucks"

Let's not forget what this hobby is all about.