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Posted by Ralph A. D'Amelio | Jan 06, 2008 @ 10:11 PM | 8,827 Views
Having great succes with my 48"ws F-86, I wanted to do another that would be a little easier to transport and use my 2100 3 cell lipos. The Big Sabre is 52oz & I wanted to see if I could make one much lighter for the Grayson 2212-06 which I have used with great success.

I'm a great user of all kinds of foam, fff, depron and pink dow foam. Here are some construction photos using 2mm depron for the aft skin, 6mm depron for crutch and formers and pink foam for the forward fuse.

This picture gives you the idea how the forward bulkheads help contour the cures nicely.

The other reason I loved pink foam up front it has tremendous compression strenght for the sometimes nose in landings Seriously it adds tremendous strength with minimum wt penalty. The second pic shows how it looks before its carved. In my case I also added 3/4" pink foam trangle to give gluing surface to the top 6"mm sheeting.