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Has anyone Live Steam Powered the Mt Washington?
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A hypothetical German experimental aircraft from WWII.

Essentially a gyrocopter, the blades were variable pitch. For take off, the Strahlrohr baffles in the rear jet wash box behind the BMW engine would be raised, directing the exhaust onto the rotor to spin it up allowing vertical take off. Once the rotor was spinning, the baffles would be orientated horizontally and the jet engine then provided the forward thrust as normal.

You can download the model here

BMW Flugelrad For Phoenix Flight Simulator (1 min 14 sec)

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While hacking 60W lightbulbs is a cheap way to get bright white light, 100W RGB lightbulbs are absolutely a waste of money for making colored light. The rated brightness on these is for white light only. The colored light is a different mode & uses a small number of dimmer RGB leds on 13V. The white LEDs run on 140V & can't be ground down to run on 12V. The 2 sets of LEDs aren't used simultaneously. The cheapest way to get colored light is the good old snail mailed COB. Reading
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So, the 36" Bloody Mess flew so well, I decided to try a built-up version, with Ultra Stik tips and feathers
42" WS, PW-51 airfoil (Airfoil tools)
3530-1200 Kv motor
9x4.5 APC-E
17gr MG digital servos
Admiral 8 channel receiver
60 A ESC with 5V/5A BEC
2600 mah 60C 4S battery
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New toy..HP DesignJet T 520 36" wide roll feed plotter. A friend of mine inherited 5 of them from a guy that repairs copiers, plotters, etc.....SCORE !....Hooked it up last night ...ordered new ink cartridges. Now I can plot what I want, when I want it, and not have to pay OfficeMax/Kinkos a king's ransom per sheet
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After a wait for some good weather, my Albatross profile control liner flys at Breezy Hill.

This is a demonstrator kit, built by Stan Fronabarger at Vintage Performance Model Airplanes. He also markets a Newport fighter of the same size in case you want an antagonist for your German Fighter.

This model is flying behind a Fox .35 Stunt, on 60 feet of 85lb Spiderwire, and is relatively fast on that combination...having no trouble packing its two GoPro cameras around the Crop Circle at Breezy Hill.

The Albatross Flys! (3 min 12 sec)
...Continue Reading
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Not so long ago - the likes of Hobby King and similar had budget as well as more expensive gear. We all break props .. need wheels ... etc. etc.

But now you go online and its hard to find those items we took for granted ... or the shipping is just crazy.

I need 4.1 x 4.1 R props as pusher ... HK had loads of these and similar but now ??? Nothing.

I found APC style on another site - but for ONE prop - they wanted $17 shipping .............

In the end AliExpress came up with what I wanted but still not exactly budget priced.
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🧐Yep Les Amis,
Une ENNNORME FRUSTRATION !!! J'en attendais tellement de ce nouveau cinewhoop d'HGLRC, le VEYRON35 CR Pusher ! Je le trouve superbe, trs bien conu et notre premier test en vol vue tait rellement prometteur. Puis, les dieux du FPV en ont dcid autrement ! LOL. Sans aucune raison ou modification, du jour au lendemain, le problme est apparu... Nous avons tout vrifi bien sur, du hardware au firmware, sans succs. Aprs un change avec HGLRC sur ce souci, Eric me renvoie donc une frame et une carte de vol car pour lui, c'est un dfaut du gyro. Donc nous testerons nouveau bien sur ce superbe engin qui le mrite selon moi. HGLRC est un constructeur srieux et l'coute donc nous ne lui en tiendrons pas rigueur mme si ce jour l, la dception tait au RDV ... Prenez soin de vous (et des autres) et merci tous pour votre soutien .

VEYRON35 CR Pusher - Review presqueTest presque Démo - Quand tout va de travers !!! (24 min 18 sec)

🧐NOTATAZ : ?/20 On va creuser ... Certainement un souci de Gyro, suivre ...

- HGLRC VEYRON 35 CR Pusher Analogique :
- HGLRC VEYRON 35 CR Pusher Numrique :
- Hlices 3.5" 5 pales :
- Lipo 4S 1300mAh recommandes :
- Chargeur conseill pour lipos :

Prvisions et Nouveauts :
- ZD Racing DBX07...Continue Reading
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Balsa PYTH700
Airfoil FAD04
C.G 138mm
Wingspan 700mm
Length 428mm
Height 120mm
Weight 243g
Motor EMAX 1804 2480kV
BEC Matek micro 5V 1.5A
Receiver dsm2 6ch
Servo DUALSKY AS55 6g x 2
Propeller 5030
Battery dualsky 3S 550mAh

Maiden Flight:
Balsa PYTH 700 Maiden Flight Catch (9 min 22 sec)

Original design depron version:

Build log photo:

Build log video:
Turn depron Pyth700 to balsa Pyth710 (0 min 55 sec)
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Here some videos of my models and others
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Simple and very strong wing joiner made in a couple of minutes. It's very easy to align, fix the dihedral and complete the perfect fit as you work around the joiner....Continue Reading
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A full-scale sailplane pilot told me that the yaw string is the most important instrument in a sailplane. It's hard to believe that it's more important than the airspeed indicator, altimeter, or vario, but he was very clear that the yaw string is important, even though it's just a piece of yarn taped to the canopy. Apparently without a yaw string it's hard for a pilot to tell if his glider is making a coordinated turn, meaning that the fuselage is aligned for minimum drag as the plane turns or circles. So if it's difficult for a pilot sitting in the cockpit then it seems reasonable that it would be difficult for an R/C glider pilot on ground. The yaw sensor is meant to serve as the equivalent of a yaw string for radio-controlled sailplanes.

This is a project that I started a couple of years ago but didn't do much with it until recently. It works with OpenTX / EdgeTX radios and telemetry receivers. A voltage sensor is required, such as the AIN2 input that many FrSky receivers have. When working in conjunction with a Lua script it will produce beeps to indicate how far from center the fuselage is aligned and in which direction. An adjustable "window of silence" stops the beeps when the sensor is aligned with the fuselage.

Next: Building a Yaw Sensor

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Each build has its own needs, but here are some essentials for anyone building balsa scale models.

Hobby knife, microsaw, metal straight edge, scissors, rotary tool, screwdrivers, level, drill, and also cutting mat, sanding blocks, Titebond II, CA, straight pins, adjustable light, and a work bench.

As an addendum, let me add some items essential for some but not all:
:: an 800 watt soldering iron was essential for landing gear. I got it for only $10 from a lady who worked on stained glass
:: canopy glue is incredible stuff
:: an iron for Monokote
:: CorrisionX for float planes

Whew! What did I miss?
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selling lots of parts, engines, servos to clean out the collection and to save up to build a new workshop.
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Tinywhoop build + test (8 min 6 sec)

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I asked them to deliver my order to a South Carolina address. It was delivered to someplace called Springfield Gardens in New York! I do not live there nor have I ever lived there. I dont know where they got this address.

Additionally, the ordered item does not appear on my list of ordered items. The order does not show up in my account, but they took my money when I paid them. I am just so angry, when I try to recover the account all I get is some Chinese lettering that I just do not understand. They also went on a vacation from Oct 1 to 7th.

Now they closed the dispute without comment and wont respond to me at all. I tried to use the [email protected], but it is FULL AND NOT ACCEPTING EMAILS. Does anyone know how I can proceed against them legally? Is small claims court my best option?
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Part One: Normal Faces Out

Objects seen in PhoenixRC are made up of points (vertices), lines between points (edges) and planes made from 3 or more edges (faces). An object has a group of faces on the side towards you and a group away from you. An object is "manifold" if the side facing away from you is enclosed fully within the object (considered water tight). Manifold Objects are easy, they have an outside face (normal normals) and an inside face (flip normals) sharing the same vertices and the rendering software can recreate these from logic. In designing our models, we very seldom get to have true Manifold pieces to project our 2 dimensional artwork (texture) onto. We tell the rendering software...This surface is normal or this surface is flipped. When the Canopy or Portals of our model are just grey texture that we have projected onto it, we don't care about the "see-through" state of the faces behind the texture. But in both Blender and Phoenix builder we are given controls to 1) make the surface (material) transparent by a percent entry and 2) make the face normal or flip. In this mini-how-to I will also show the control entry for "reflective" (mirror in Blender), since it is useful and right next door.

Placeholder for Normals/Transparent Image
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A new Flying Site for Phoenix Flight Sim. Star Wars!

As the mighty Imperial Battle Fleet jumps in from hyperspace to reinforce the partially complete yet functional Death Star, Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon, pursued by the evil Darth Vader rushes to join the fight. Nothing will stop him, not even Vader.

Anticipating the impending attack, the Rebel space fleet barely manages to escape in time evacuating the innocent, women and children who have fled their homes.

The Imperial Death Star fires its main superlaser weapon blasting the Rebel Planet apart which explodes in a massive fireball spewing molten debris into space as it is ripped asunder. The Death Star launches its TIE fighter squadrons to counter the oncoming Rebel Xwing forces who are lead by Luke Skywalker himself. May the Force be with him.

Let battle commence!

Can you find Darth Vader?

Star Wars Phoenix Site (0 min 59 sec)

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In a similar way as the MIG29 I made the F22 taking the drawing from the 3 vews of the real plane with minor modifications. Size has been selected at 55 cm (22") and the weight resulted of 209 gr (without battery) for 2 reasons: for the same wingspan there is more surface and I had to add 10 gr lead on the tail to be able to enter a decent spin (screw?) maneuver; I could have avoided that placeing the motor just 2 cm tailward. Sorry for the few "out of the frame moments, maybe I'm not so good as I thought.

f 22 (4 min 27 sec)