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Posted by Bryce.R | Aug 30, 2017 @ 05:33 AM | 30,878 Views
Within the past month, I have decided to get back into Flying, This time more into Fixed wings as my passion for them over the past few years has grown, and RC helicopters, for the most part, don't seem as popular as Quads nowadays.

The decision to get back into it began over a month ago when the kids (one boy 11yo and one Girl 5yo) were making a mess of the house by making paper aeroplanes. So, the next weekend we went to the hobby shop and Purchased a chuck glider and they liked it. The following week I took them to an LHS and we got the FIRSTAR PRO RTF PUSHER PLANE, Nice little glider style plane with ailerons and enough dihedral in the wings to be used without them. Of cause this then leads me to want to get a new RX, The PCM9XII would not do without a module I have not been able to acquire.

After getting two DX6e's and getting the buddy box system working, We have had two successful flights, The rest were fouled by windy conditions, The current stability setup was not suitable for gusty weather.

I had then done a Quick look around and Wow, AS3X and with the Eflight gear such as the timber or Apprentice, they have that Awesome invention. the Oh oh help me quick SAFE recovery system.. Wow, I just had to get one. and with the Timbers STOL capability, I chose her so that later we can go there (STOL) but for now, the plan is to practice faster landings, Thank goodness for the Big wheels, it will help increase the ability to land without being so selective of grass...Continue Reading