Posted by Old_Pilot | Today @ 04:36 PM | 757 Views
Got the wings and feathers hinged and assembled. Wing is a modified KFm-3. Steps are at 66% and 33% with (2) 0.156 sq CF spars. Leading edge was beveled and sanded, and the LE tape will soften the edges. A standard KF-3 is 50% and 75% I think....At any rate, a 50-75 KF would get into the ailerons...It wouldn't work. Besides I've flown this wing before, on this airplane...she flew just fine
Posted by Old_Pilot | Today @ 02:29 PM | 1,626 Views
I cut this little girl out several months ago with the thought of building her again.....however, the demand for Einzpfeils and StealthStreams took precedence, plus a couple of balsa gliders. Probably going to color her the same as before (see pic). I still have to cut and shape both the canopy and the nose block, but that won't take long. I'll have the wings and the feathers assembled shortly
Posted by Old_Pilot | Today @ 11:21 AM | 2,892 Views
Since I've had enough of gliders for awhile, I'm going back to stand-off scale warbird foamies for a while.....(3) to be exact...An S-3 Viking, a CF-100 Cannuck (already cut out), and an SU-25 Frogfoot. I've got a drawer full of fans and ESC's....In prep for that, I cut some control horns, this time out of 3mm light ply...the one's I cut out of 1/16 were just too fragile......and I can paint them to match the color scheme of the aircraft
Posted by UpNup | Yesterday @ 02:48 PM | 11,476 Views
My wife said putting puzzles together might help my mental health. Good to know. I think assembling tightly-cut forestry products into a work of art is a brilliant idea. This puzzle is called DW Hobby’s Hansa-Brandenburg w29. 😉
Posted by PittSpecial | Yesterday @ 12:02 PM | 12,663 Views
Okay guys,

Today was just a magical morning in Central Florida. Cool at 60 Degrees F and Zero wind and with a Large BLUE sky to enjoy!

I arrived right at 9:03 am as I didn't want to compete with the early birds at the Club for a turn. I needed the sleep and rest after almost a full night of working and preparing my new member of my fleet, the 2000mm wing span Cessna 182 giant.

The model leaped up with just 4-Cells using that 840Kv 35mm brushless outrunner motor and a bank of parallel, 4-Cells, 4,000mAH, 40C, Lithium Polymer pack place way up front. I replaced the test receiver (Spektrum AR6200 + SAT) - to- the (Spektrum AR8000 + SAT) and dual power feed from the CASTLE CREATION BEC PRO. Reason I needed the AR8000 as it has enough ports for the Dual Feed power from the external BEC.

I found the model light on the control and very very forgiving because as soon as it lifted off the ground it felt like a giant trainer and just could not believe how docile and easy manners.

One item that I still have to determine is why it sinks quickly as (not viewable in the Video) it came close to the field's edge and almost became a boat. Perhaps I have too much EXPO on the Elevator...hum..... "Or" it is nose heavy.

Anyway, I used the actual wing antennas that I ordered from HSDJETS for this model but, I used the securing pins that I bought from ACE Hardware as I liked the size instead the hardware pins from HSDJETS.

Please realized that I flew this model without any frontal Cockpit windscreen nor any windows of any kind! Those at the RC Club were very disappointed that this model has limited parts selection and commented very negatively about not being able to obtain the Frontal Battery Hatch from HSDJETS without forcing the customer in purchasing the entire FUSELAGE in order to get the Frontal Battery Hatch!

Okay, here is the video:

HSDJETS Cessna 182 (2000mm Wingspan) approximately 11-lbs. 01-15-2022 (3 min 4 sec)

Posted by Quagga75 | Yesterday @ 09:02 AM | 13,867 Views
Inspired by a French design in Model Magazine with an updated Wing Planform and Airfoil. The Pod and Boom fuselage came out really well, and the modern Clark Y "Strak" looks good in XFLR5.
Posted by phil alvirez | Yesterday @ 08:42 AM | 14,039 Views
i think you have heard this word before.
in simple words?
Modulation is the act or process of giving a wave or signal the amplitude or frequency of another wave or signal. In telecommunications, modulation is the process of conveying a message signal, for example a digital bit stream or an analog audio signal, inside another signal that can be physically transmitted.
and, how it works?
or in wiki terms:

i hope you will see things more clearly... or less muddy.
Posted by Tazkiller85 | Yesterday @ 05:54 AM | 15,116 Views
🧐Yep Les Amis,
Off-Road, Sauts, FPV... à la maison !!! La voilà enfin, la nouvelle TURBO RACING tant attendue, la C 81. Un petit 4X4 au 1/76 plein de ressources qui permet de s'adonner à plusieurs types de pilotage et contrairement aux autres Turbo Racing, il sera à l'aise sur beaucoup plus de revêtements, tapis, moquette fine, obstacles etc ... Livré avec 4 rampes de saut, ce nouveau pack vous surprendra par ses nombreuses possibilités ! En bref ... Je SURVALIDE même si j'aurais aimé un tarif légèrement inférieur... Prenez soin de vous (et des autres) et merci à tous pour votre soutien .

Turbo Racing C81 1/76 Off ROAD - Review Test Démo - Résultat du concours ! (22 min 24 sec)

🧐NOTATAZ : 18/20 Pas donné, mais j'adore !

- Turbo Racing C81 :
- Autres produits Turbo Racing :
- Caméra FPV AIO :
- Lipo 3.7V 150mAh X5 :
- Tapis Mini (coupon Parts8) :
- Tapis MAXI (coupon Parts8) :
- Radiocommande 1er Prix TURBO RACING :
- Lipo 3.7V 100mAh :
- Pièces détachées Mini Cooper :
- Pièces détachées RX7 :

Prévisions et Nouveautés,...Continue Reading
Posted by Eric Zhu | Yesterday @ 03:15 AM | 16,269 Views
AGFRC Low Profile Waterproof Steering Servo High Torque 35KG 12V Programmable Metal Gear Smart Servo for 1/10 RC Model, Control Angle 180°(SA66BVMW)

SA66BVMW is low profile design 3S brushless smart servo, full aluminum short case with heat sink ribs for high efficient heat dissipation. Low profile body which is more flexible for different car or boat/ship models. 0.073sec fast speed, 35kg-cm high torque and magnetic sensor waterproof IP67 which allow the servo work in humid environment or rainy day.
Name: AGFRC SA66BVMW 35KG 12V IP67 Waterproof Brushless Programmable Low Profile Smart RC Steering Ser.jpg
Views: 0
Size: 502.4 KB
This low profile smart servo allow to plug with 3S LiPo battery directly for higher power application. Optimize the circuit board design to make the operating voltage up to 14.4V instead of 12V only, enables it to be better applied to more models, like 1/10, 1/12 On Road, off Road, Touring, Drifting cars. Programmable Smart feature enable to change the firmware for regular and winch usage.
Name: AGFRC SA66BVMW 35KG 12V IP67 Waterproof Brushless Programmable Low Profile Smart RC Steering Ser.jpg
Views: 0
Size: 383.9 KB

  • Fast Cooling Heat Sink Case
  • Extra Strong Steel Gears
  • High Quality Brushless Motor
  • Metal Dual Ball Bearings
  • Programmable Digital Circuit
  • Wear-resistance 4pin Connection Cable
  • High Precision Magnetic Sensor Waterproof Up To IP67
  • Available to change the firmware for regular and winch usage
  • Ideal for 1/10, 1/12 On Road, Touring, Drifting cars, Airplane, Robot, Boat etc.

  • Item Name: SA66BVMW
  • Operating Voltage: 7.4-14.4 V
  • Operating speed: 0.095 sec/ 60° @ 11.1V
  • Operating speed: 0.086 sec/60° @ 12.0V
  • Operating speed: 0.082 sec/60° @ 12.6V
  • Operating speed: 0.073 sec/
...Continue Reading
Posted by Catherine Chen | Yesterday @ 02:12 AM | 16,682 Views
Hello Everyone,

This is Catherine from Dongguan QS Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd.

This is QS8 Antispark Connector JST Plug Extension cable Model Toy Battery Balance Charging Conversion Line.

End A: QS8 Male connector

End B: QS8 Female connector, BEC male connector 2PCS

Wire: 12AWG Silicone wire + 22AWG Silicone wire


Welcome to contact.

Best Regards,
Dongguan QS Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd
M 86 134 80010457 P 86 (0) 769 84750417 Skype chenmin19911 Email cathrineq[email protected] / [email protected]
Posted by jdixon77 | Yesterday @ 01:51 AM | 16,949 Views
So a few years ago I was looking for an inexpensive little stadium truck at one point to upgrade and play with, so I jumped on the letgo app and one that caught my eye, was an old Losi LXT. It caught my attention mainly for the body design (A cool truck with the number 3 and GoodWrench sponsorship), and kept my interest due to the price and the info shared by other hobbyist who noted it could be upgraded to brushless without having to upgrade all the gears. So I sent a message to the seller that I was interested and arranged a meet up for inspection and purchase. I was given the address to his home and a time to meet.

I pulled up to the suburban home of a gentlemen tolling around in his garage, packing ammo If I remember correctly. Well we get to talking of course and he is telling me about the truck and how he was big into RC as a youngster and he mentions he did the design because his cousin Dale raced the number 3 in NASCAR. And after the expected "Wait a min, you mean Dale Earnhardt?"

"Yep" and the stories of him growing up and going over to his house to swim in the pool and the family get togethers at his house, before he became super famous followed of course. And boy did he have a lot of Earnhardt stuff, which he noted he had no interest in selling for the money, being family an all, which I certainly respected him for that. I wound up selling the truck itself a little while later since I realized AWD was just more my taste, but I kept the body, and never mentioned the story behind it when I sold it. Now if the person who bought that truck from me happens to see this, yes that was the one. This shell has been like a novelty sitting on my shelf for a while, but now I am just gonna strap it on my wifes truck and let it be what it should be :-) And I just thought I should get some pics of it and blog the story behind in case it doesn't survive ;-) Plus it's just a neat little story.
Posted by BDOG1 | Jan 14, 2022 @ 11:11 PM | 18,087 Views
I took the opportunity to get back out on the slope today .
The forecast today was for a max of 12 mph, North /NE and temps around 19 degrees
Not a day the I normally would consider a flying day
But .....
I am just finishing my build of a 30” Magnummodels. LaGG -3 stand-off scale WW2 warbird .
I hoped to at least get some test glides to rough trim the glider

I was pleasantly suprized to get in a couple of short flights when the lift pumped ,once trimmed she flew very well while the lift was there .

With conditions so light I did not even try to put my Sizzle wing up .

This coming Monday’s forecast is predicting 15 to 20 mph straight up the hill , I am looking forward to stretching this little birds legs. 😁
Posted by turbinefancy | Jan 14, 2022 @ 08:48 PM | 18,806 Views
Some salient points for using head-tracker to enhance situational awareness and scale realism. And of course, it's second nature to move one's head around when flying. Freedom!

RC Spitfire Aerobatics - How Headtracking Enhances FPV 💥💥💥 (1 min 30 sec)

Posted by siriusflier | Jan 14, 2022 @ 08:40 PM | 18,937 Views
XFly Twin Nova 1400mm Wingspan - PNP

I was not looking for another plane, but someone posted something about the XFly Twin Nova 1400mm Wingspan and I got to looking at it and liked what I saw. Not much out there in the way of reviews or info, but what I saw I really liked. It is fairly new, might have just been introduced around October 2021. It was also not in stock anywhere. While I was waiting on it, Hobbyking had an after Christmas sale for 25% off which got me to looking at the Avios Bush Mule, a similar plane that could be bought for about $60 less. I had almost decided to buy the Bush Mule when the Twin Nova came into stock at Bitgo Hobby. Differences between the two are: Bush Mule runs on 4S lipos, Twin Nova on 3S. I have a lot of 3S, but hardly any 4S. Landing gear looks better on Twin Nova, I saw complaints about the nose gear on the Bush Mule. Twin Nova is a little smaller at 1400mm, about my preferred limit on size. Bush Mule has decal or painted windows, Twin Nova has clear plastic windows. The Twin Nova also has socket head screws, Bush Mule has phillips head. Another thing I like about the Twin Nova is that it has a separate servo for the nose gear. So I ordered the Twin Nova as soon as I saw that it was in stock at Bitgo. About seven hours after I ordered, they sent me a notification that it was in stock.
Name: XflyNova-01_1024x1024@2x.png
Views: 6
Size: 975.3 KB

I ordered the Twin Nova Friday, 1/07/2022 at around 7pm. It did not ship until Monday, 1/10/2022. It is being delivered by Fedex and...Continue Reading
Posted by gke | Jan 14, 2022 @ 07:08 PM | 19,650 Views
This is my second conversion the first being:

This conversion follows closely that by Stephen Jones (below) using the V2 real LIDL glider. Stephen's channel is great fun - highly recommended.

The most complex part of the build is the wing pivot assembly. If I build again I would change the sequence Stephen uses as follows. It is VERY important that the wing cuts are at right angles to the pivot tube and vertical through the wing otherwise the wing pivot will bind. Thinner cutting blades can tend to wander as they cut through the wing - ask me how I know . Perhaps try a balsa saw or a wide bladed (new blade) box cutter.
  • cut the pivot trench.
  • cut the wing into three pieces at the pivot points (measure very carefully)
  • install the servo pivot tubes and cut clearance for the servo arms in the wing pieces
  • align and masking tape together the wing pieces with clearance packing pieces (avoiding the clearance sanding)
  • install the pivot assembly

The power train is the same as for my rudder/elevator version. AUW mainly because of the wing pivot assembly is 244gm.

After Maiden CG moved to 45mm. Wing tubes for servo link mounted on ply end plates.

Maiden at VARMS Rowville

20220116 LIDL Clone Wingeron @ Rowville (2 min 33 sec)

Stephen Jones Latest Wingeron Slope Build

2021 Lidl Glider (5 min 37 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by Old_Pilot | Jan 14, 2022 @ 05:56 PM | 20,564 Views
Down to push rods and control horns......and I may have a way to disguise those ugly #64 rubber bands.....more tomorrow

Well, that didn't work..I tried to "dye" the rubber bands with a dark red, alcohol based permanent ink......unfortunately the ink attacks the rubber and when stretched you can start to see a bit of surface fraying, plus the color loses it's intensity as you stretch the rubber band...but hey, for $2 worth of ink, it was worth a I bought some red #64's from Amazon
Posted by 1987tc | Jan 14, 2022 @ 05:41 PM | 20,682 Views
We had the opportunity to do an aviation presentation to a scout troop.
We talked about full scale aviation.

And the hobby as a fun activity and a great way to learn about aviation.

Kids and parents had a lot of fun. Very enthusiastic. Many expressed an interest in learning to fly models.
There will be more events later this year
Posted by Thomas B. | Jan 14, 2022 @ 04:43 PM | 21,372 Views
Built in the 60`s, this one is bach in the air... last flight was 1983 0r 1984...
Sharkface - original vintage RC plane (2 min 56 sec)

Posted by Alann | Jan 14, 2022 @ 02:20 PM | 23,174 Views
In the design of an RC Airplane there are many design consideration to be undertaken. Among these design considerations are things like the Aspect Ratio, Wing Loading, the Reynolds Number, Coefficient of Lift, Coefficient of Drag, Angle of Attack, type of Airfoil, Weight, Thrust, Minimum speed, Maximum speed, takeoff speed, and Stall speed.

The question may be asked, "What is the Aspect Ratio and of what importance is it." The Aspect Ratio is calculated by taking the Wingspan and dividing it by the Chord:

AR = Wingspan / Chord

The airplane I am designing will have a wingspan of 52 inches and a chord (the average width of the wing) of 10 inches. This calculates to an aspect ratio of 5.2.

AR = 52 / 10
AR = 5.2

The following is a list of the "Pros" and "Cons" of a wing with various aspect ratios. I had a hard time researching the "Pros" and "Cons" of various wing aspect ratios and I put together the following list from the bits and pieces of information I was able to unearth. I then filled in the blanks as best I could.
This list will serve to show the the "Pros" and "Cons" of a plane designed for a specific aspect ratio.

Aspect Ratio greater than 7
1. Type of Aircraft: Glider
2. High Lift

Aspect Ratio 6 to 7
1. Type of Aircraft: Trainer
2. Low wing induced drag
3. Excellent lift
4. Longer glide time
5. Excellent Fuel efficiency
6. Excellent Elevator...Continue Reading
Posted by W.cutlip | Jan 14, 2022 @ 12:22 AM | 31,014 Views
I have a brushless e flite 46 motor Will a helicopter esc work with that motor the ESC came off a 500 align helicopter maybe you guys can help