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Posted by paladin-34 | Jun 07, 2019 @ 03:31 PM | 2,626 Views
this year I have 4 planes to maiden; FMS Me109F, Flite line f4u-1 corsair, Extreme Focke Wulf 190 A, Black Horse Macchi202.

FMS Me109 arrived with 2 stripped flap servos, and the spoons on the elevators bent in opposite directions so far that even full elevator deflection would not bring them to neutral. I had one of these in 2012 and I left it in the car all summer and the foam got brittle. i replaced the servos with slightly bigger ones, then left the plane in the car all day. surprisingly we got enough sun to bring them back enough to encourage me so i pre stressed the spoons and in about a week they were acceptable.

test flight was uneventful i forgot how light this plane was. i added the zip tie mod and have a vibration at top end so don't think it gained me anything. so at some point i will probably replace the long blades with the short ones with no zip tie

Flite line f4u-1 corsair - I had this plane for ever it seams. initially hooked it up to the blue box and all was good w the world. then as the months rolled by the reports of blue box failures started to come in. having a little experience with circuit boards and a flight line spit I made sure the E,A, and R all went directly to the rx. when the rain broke I took it to the field and the flaps would not work. to test that I did not have the tx setup wrong I plugged the flap plug from the blue box to the aileron rx and still nothing. so back home I ran the flaps directly to the rx and looked up which lg...Continue Reading