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Posted by Darryl Miller | Apr 14, 2007 @ 09:33 PM | 8,303 Views
The Story of the DC-3

Well, this story actually begins years ago, long before I ever began to fly model airplanes.
My father, a bricklayer by trade, loved airplanes, and built them growing up, and as a young man, into adult hood.
He began with stick and tissue models, moved on to control line, some free flight, and was able to
participate with some of the very early radio controlled models. I can remember seeing him build
his models on our deep freeze as a very small boy.....the smell of dope and ambroid glue still as fresh
on my senses as those many years ago.
I started being "allowed" to go along with my Dad to the flying field when I was no longer in diapers!!! Seems
that while he didnt mind me along.........he certainly didnt want to deal with any messes other than the castor
oil on the planes!!
I spent my time at these flying sessions watching, listening, learning, and tossing my little stick and tissue planes
of my own. Many of the little .05, .10, and .25 cent gliders and rubber powered planes were my arsenal.....and I spen many
an hour playing with them growing up.
My Dad and I spent many days watching the full sized planes take off and land........any where we could. We attended Oshkosh
when it was a very small event, and were at the very first Stearman fly in in Galesburg, IL many years ago. We both had a passion for
aviation.......and R/C was our outlet.
Later in Jr. High, my Dad would then teach me how to build and fly my own...Continue Reading