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Posted by 3D Ambitions | Oct 08, 2015 @ 12:44 AM | 7,392 Views
As i progress in my flying skills i have really come into a new mind set. Now that i've been flying my 130x's and v977's back to back more frequently i have come to a realization. My v977's don't feel as connected to me when in flight as do my 130x's . For the bad rep people
gave it mainly due to what i think were individuals that never could figure out the setup for this heli . Sure it has had it's short comings but all and all this is one fine heli from my standpoint . It just feels way more in control in the air it goes where you direct it to go. The v977 is a great cp learners tool but that's all it is because once you out grow the shoes it just doesn't cut it as much as the 130. The TT tail on the 130 really shines when compared to an independent tail like the one found on the v977. Tbo's were a norm from day 1 with the v977 as opposed to 130's tail which holds pretty solid through out my flights.

I am enjoying myself and am glad i decided to move up to a bigger micro like the Blade 130x.
Posted by 3D Ambitions | Jul 19, 2015 @ 09:36 PM | 7,520 Views
In the past couple months i have acquired two Blade 130x. This CP has had it's problems since it was introduced in 2012, I have found this out from first hand experience.

Well i bought my first one for a decent deal. And i did so knowing what i might be facing. I came home one day after work to find my new 130x waiting for me, i quickly opened the package and tossed the first battery on. I fired her up and the room filled with a loud noise, it sounded like i was vacuuming. My wife comes by and comments how she thought i was lol Well I've got that unwanted resonance and vibrations at wind up, damn. Tail wag too!! oh boy. Lets get started. check the tail there's play, no problem lets figure out how to get rid of it. Go in my v977 spare parts bin and grab a canopy grommet and slice it in half. One goes under the servo push rod ball and joint and another half under the pitch slider ball and joint. I then get into the gyro gain adjustment play around with it for a bit, ok no more tail wag, good!

Now i have it flying solid but the pesky resonance is still there what to do? I could do better bearings but the tail case is still plastic . What! just a few dollars more and i can get an xtreme tail case lets do it. I also end up getting a new tail servo , 300x tail booms supports , kbdd tail blades, extra servo rod guide and a microheli tail pitch slider. Installed them as quick as i could . 130x goes for the first flight and tail is solid as can be , it's so...Continue Reading
Posted by 3D Ambitions | Jun 08, 2015 @ 02:20 AM | 8,389 Views
I Just received my H8 mini. What can i say it performs according to the price range its in. Mine in particular has developed a really bad drift. It has a mind of it's own at times, she zipped over into the neighbors yard , totally ignored my inputs. Besides the cool looking lights for night flying i can't really say this quad has been fun. Apart from that the smallish tx takes away from accuracy and maneuverability. Some guys have used another toy tx that works better Bayang x9 tx seems to offer satisfactory control.

It looked to be a promising platform for an inexpensive high performance micro quad copter. It's creators short changed it in the qc department. But what can i expect ? I say it's time to expect more

I have updated this for the sole reason that COG was causing most of my input problems . It still spazzes from time to time but i just simply unplug it and replug and this will reset the gyro. I do recommend the h8, it good for the price and it has a very fast rudder rate. But you have to watch COG for it to fly like it should. I've been using my wl toys v911 batteries, they are 130 mAh with a micro losi adaper.
Posted by 3D Ambitions | Jun 08, 2015 @ 01:58 AM | 7,873 Views
Was practicing editing video on Windows movie maker. Just my v977 flying in my small back yard with a crash at the end

v977 movie (3 min 41 sec)

Posted by 3D Ambitions | May 15, 2015 @ 02:16 AM | 13,221 Views
We are all engulfed with our busy daily lives, some more then others. So much so that we forget to slow down and enjoy what makes you happy in life. These things don't have to be of great importance to others or what the latest trends dictate. It can be something so simple as enjoying a smile on your loved ones face. Some live a life complete without ever knowing what the simple joys in life are.

One of those simple pleasures in my case has been flying rc helicopters. I have found an escape within this hobby. It helps me relax after a long days work , for those 5 mins my mind escapes all the daily stresses that plague it through out the day. Some might think this is ridiculous , but i go into a state of nirvana, harmony . All that exists is myself and the aircraft. For those 5 mins i forget it all , it is my sanctuary where no one else exists. I feel refreshed , it's like coming out of a meditative state. Rc has saved my mind