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MB1 0004 (5 min 36 sec)

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GOPR1608 (5 min 31 sec)

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I was saddened and shocked when I discovered a really nice guy from my flying field passed away. I was clicking around on the internet looking for Illinois RC flying field information when I stumbled across his obituary.

It suddenly became painfully clear why I haven't seen him at the field in a very long time.

If you flew at Fullerton RC Helicopter Field more than once chances are you met Gary. I first met him in August of 2010 when I started visiting the field. He was a great person to talk to, always had helpful suggestions and fantastic stories to tell. NIRCHA, Al's Hobby Shop, Fun-Flys, Al Gore, etc. Through conversation I got a glimpse of the activities that used to take place there years ago. Once again I was late to the game.

He had a bright orange and yellow Mini-Titan e325SE, a Futaba 8 channel radio, and a Sears Craftsman tool/flight box. He inspired me to build my first kit heli, a Mini-Titan. I liked his tool/flight box so I ended up with a gray one - just like his red and black one.

Gary had a HUGE impact on my journey with RC Helicopters. He was there the day I saw my first 600 size scale helicopter in 2012. Soon after I would begin my own semi-scale 550 build, but unfortunately I didn't finish it until this year. I really wanted to show it to Gary, and had been looking for him, on weekends, at the field, for a few years now. In addition I had to intervene as Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. I had no idea he passed away....Continue Reading
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Time to get some more flights on this heli. Plenty of skins to keep from getting bored
Swapped the HS-55 cyclic servos with HS-65MGs (Thanks Trini92/Mark!).
Changed from DX6i to DX6 G2.
Swapping out HobbyWing Platinum 40A ESC with Castle Creations Talon 35.
Changed the white/stock/heavy paddles to the green/lightweight paddles.
Changed the 11T pinion to a 12T. Now gov. headspeeds in the 2600+ range are possible.
Perhaps a new motor too (the $12 Excel Alpha 400 is still going strong however).
Received a new LemonRX 6-Ch DSMX receiver & satellite to replace the old DSM2 pair.
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This one provides:
  • A custom throttle curve
  • Throttle Hold to disarm motors
  • Switching between Acro and SAFE during flight
Model Type: HELI

D/R& EXPO (adjust to your liking)
0 - 85% +25%
1 - 75% +35%

0 - 85% +25%
1 - 75% +35%

0 - 100% +25%
1 - 100% +35%
THRO CUR (Normal and Stunt Modes)
(Keep them both the same, change one - change the other)
POS 1 - 0%
POS 2 - 45%
POS 3 - 65%
POS 4 - 85%
POS 5 - 100%
THRO CUR (Hold Mode)
10% across POS 1-5
PITCH CUR (Normal and Hold Modes)
100% across POS 1-5
PITCH CUR (Stunt Mode)
75% across POS 1-5
3 Min Down
How it works:
  • Toggle Flight Mode switch from 0 to 1 to 0 to switch between SAFE (BLUE) & Acro (RED). Works during flight. Be sure to return to 0 after toggling.
  • Throttle Hold switch in position 1 turns all motors off. Warning - works during flight. Position 0 allows throttle stick to control motors.
  • ELEV DR switch (or RUDD or AIL) selects low/high Dual Rates & Expo settings.

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This Blade 400 has been in storage for some time now. Lots of good times and good memories with this heli - and some not so good too

I had a YEP 45A ESC laying around and decided to see how it will perform in this 6 year old heli.

Now that low headspeeds are socially acceptable I'd like to get back to that and see how well she does at lower headspeeds possible with Active Freewheeling on this ESC.

The ESC is a bit larger and heavier than most 40A ESCs typical for this size heli, so CG may end up being an issue.

Oh - that funny looking thing is a FlyBar ...
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... almost exactly one year after purchasing my pre-owned Flyzone Sensei. It's not the newer (V2) re-designed one with SAFE technology, rather the original one (V1) from 2008. It seems to be in really good shape considering how old it could be. Just the plane and a battery - no transmitter or charger.

The plane has:
  • Stock BL15 outrunner, 840kV motor
  • 30A ESC with 0.7A switching BEC
  • AR500 DSM2 5-Ch receiver
  • 3x 13g metal gear servos (ailerons & elevator)
  • 1x 37g standard servo (rudder & nose gear)
The battery included in the deal is a 3200mAh 3S 11.1V 15C Li-Po.

Everything appears to be in working order. I'll be using one of my DX6i's (or both for buddy boxing).

I've got a bunch of 3S 2200 lipos (with XT-60s) so I'll be using those (with XT-60 to EC3 adapters) along with the 3200 battery included in the sale. It's great having the same batteries for my 450 helicopters, my Flyzone Sensei, and now the E-Flite Apprentice.

I've heard that the AR500 was prone to brown outs, the stock motor's base (made of a plastic like material) can get hot and melt, and the main shaft can get knocked out of alignment easily due to the motor's plastic-like features. I also realize the ESC has a rather weak BEC (700mA). And the wheels are small - not good for grass at all - thus the prop is only about an inch from the ground. All things that I'll keep an eye on for sure. But this plane has obviously been flow at least a few times successfully, so I'm not overly worried...Continue Reading
Posted by FR4-Pilot | May 08, 2014 @ 01:49 PM | 12,821 Views
E-Flite Apprentice 15e & Flyzone Sensei

Summary (Both)
High Wing Trainers
Foam construction
Tricycle Landing Gear
Basic 4 Channel*- Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder, Throttle controls
Steerable nose wheel

* Sensei has 5th channel drop door servo
Color Scheme
Sensei - White foam with orange, black and blue decals.
Apprentice - White foam with red, black and silver decals.
The Foam
Sensei - entire plane is made of (stiffer) AeroCell foam.
Apprentice - mostly made of (softer) Z-Foam, except tail fins and bottom panel (? material).
Size, Weight, etc.
Sensei - 58"
Apprentice - 58.5"

Length (nose - tail)
Sensei - 48"
Apprentice - 42"

Weight (Wing)
Sensei - 1.1 lb
Apprentice - 0.8 lb

Weight (Fuse - no batt)
Sensei - 2.0 lb
Apprentice - 1.5 lb

Weight (total - no battery)
Sensei - 3.1 lb
Apprentice - 2.3 lb

Weight (total - with battery)
Sensei - 3.54 lb with 2200 battery, 3.76 lb with additional 1800 2S battery for CG.
Apprentice - 2.85 lb with 3200 battery, 2.96 lb with 2200 & 1800 2S

Height (gnd - tail)
Sensei - 15.5"
Apprentice - 16"

Wing Loading
Sensei - 14 oz/ft²
Apprentice - 12 oz/ft²
Landing Gear
Wheel Base
Sensei - 13" x 10.5"
Apprentice - 14" x 9.5&
...Continue Reading