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Posted by Kmot | Jan 11, 2016 @ 05:01 PM | 13,877 Views
I recently bought the newly released Hobbico Flyzone Seawind Select Scale model airplane.

It is the new generation (to me anyway) style of ARF that does not require any glue or epoxy. Everything snaps, or screws together.

The plane has all the servo's and ESC and lighting wires loose inside the cabin and it is a bit of a spaghetti mess, lol... So the first order of business was to tidy it all up. With the rear seat in place it looks pretty clean and organized.

I am using my FLYSKY FS-i10 radio system in this model. I used the 10-channel Rx and also connected the voltage sensor for the on-board battery pack.

The installed lighting system is cool, but it is flawed. Because it has nav lights, strobe lights, and landing lights that ALL are on always. The landing lights effectively blot out the other lights by its brightness. They should have set them up so that the landing lights only turned on when the gear or flaps were extended. Not a deal breaker by any means, but it could have been thought out a little better.

So I got it all set up, and took some photos and then decided I didn't like having so many stripes all over the aircraft. And the "Seawind" script on either side of the fuselage had been applied crooked. So I removed the script and about half of the stripes. Looks better to me, but then I know everyone has their own opinion.

I still want to paint the instrument panel cover. As it
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