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Posted by Manudepron | Dec 13, 2014 @ 06:50 AM | 13,893 Views
Being completely noob on this subject, I elected to start by buying a ready to use full set, avoiding searches and tweaks.

It's a blast: you unbox with care as f.e. camera micro antenna is fragile, you put the glasses on, connect the camera with a micro battery and it works!
Beware: According to the manual, always install antenna's before powering on or you could fry some electronics.

Installing them on my trusty Magnum Reloaded indoor plane took some minutes. My installation permits to adjust position and orientation on the fuse by just moving the 4 pins.

First Indoor flights and first FPV experience:
- I tried first a full battery taxying... It's safe and a good way to observe the "room"
- First fly: I was standing and after 2 minutes was as drunk!
- Second flight: I sat on a bank and it was a lot better
- Camera drains a lot of current and I made last flights with a Walkera 260 mah battery and an adaptative harness because camera stops in a second when battery is low.. Not fun at all.
- Googles strap is made to hold the battery but it's not strngh enough: I added a velcro around and it solved the problem
- I reduced the travels on all commands in order to soften the reactions of the plane and it was very funny!...Continue Reading