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Posted by JohnCC | Nov 08, 2017 @ 08:02 PM | 28,487 Views
JJRC has come out with two Christmas theme micro drones that are great for stuffing the stockings: The "H66 X-MAS Egg", and "H67 Flying Santa Claus." This review covers both of the JJRC family of holiday drones and compares them so you can make a more informed choice on which one to buy.

JJRC H67 Flying Santa & H66 X-MAS Egg Christmas Drones (16 min 20 sec)

🎅JJRC H66 X-MAS Egg:
🎅JJRC H67 Flying Santa Claus:

Overall, the Flying Santa Claus is my favorite. After the holidays are over, it's prime for modification, easy motor replacement, FPV, removing the sound, etc. It's also cheaper than the egg drone. However, the egg has a surprisingly good 720p camera with a really unique form factor. It's also very easy to control with the gravity-sensor wand.

More info about these here at the master thread: