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Posted by Gonzo 1971 | Dec 20, 2012 @ 06:59 PM | 6,010 Views
Soon after my wife gave birth to our son Noah, I backed out of the hobby. The money was not there to do it all so I stuck to racing motorcycles. It was one or the other. I had to go with it. I was board I only had one flying buddy. It was a sad day but I sold it all. Maybe I needed a break? After crashing my Caleb F5b I got really scared to fly. Not good. Why that was I still don't know. Confidence was down I suppose. My skills were OK. I just wasn't feeling it.
Jumping ahead to about this time last year. My son found the dusty Caleb in a closet. One of the only things I kept. Wanted to know about rc. That got the fire burning. Picked up a Dx7 on Craigslist and off we went. Got into epp foamy 3d planes. What a ball. It has just snowballed. We have many airplanes ready to go. Mostly 3d planes, and park jets. I really enjoy the park jets. That's my just fly around and have fun planes. Cheap, fun to build. I have also never had much interest in club flying. I just fly at home with my son. He is growing into a good flyer at this point. Having fun together. Right out the front door. He is getting his own radio and a winners model epp edge for Christmas. I can't wait!