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Posted by Knife Liddle | Sep 01, 2012 @ 05:18 PM | 28,338 Views
I`ve wondered for a while if you could reverse some of the etract units on the market. I`ve reversed the truion block in some air/air retracts for a custom fit for some situations, and it was no problem. This may seem obvious to some guys, and i always thought it would work, but had never sat down and done it.

So I decided to cut up a medium sized HK etract to see if it would work. Yep, it does. It`s pretty simple. You just have to remove the pivot axle, cut away some plastic and turn the truion block around. Works like a champ.

Most applications, the stock set up works fine. But if you run into a space issue, or a problem with the strut interfering with the etract motor housing, give it a try.

It will be nessesary to add some extra mounting tabs for the mounting plate. Or you could just glue the mounting plate in place and reinforce it some. They are less than $100 a piece so they are disposable.

It seems to me that with just a little effort, this feature could be added to most of the etracts on the market. Why not factory guys?