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Posted by LareeRudee | May 26, 2013 @ 11:41 PM | 6,192 Views
To those of you who didn't know PoudreDerf, this will make no sense, but to those that did, they'll get the idea; they can explain. It's way too late for this ol' man to still be up.

Well, I went up there, hoping to see him again, but it was vacant. But I think I could faintly hear a Beaver flying up there, way high, perhaps a couple of light years high........................................

You can see some of the burn area in one of the photos.

Oh, if you look at the top photo on Volume XXVI [featuring Derf, I THINK it is Vol XXVI] you'll see his background mountain, though the pic quality is far better than mine.

We loved you Derf.......................

[Edit; wow, did I ever mess this up; it was intended to go into my blog, and then into Canada's Latest Beaver Thread............. so I'm probably even in the wrong area................. moderator may move it into the appropriate thread............ sorry]

sad LarryR
Posted by LareeRudee | Dec 23, 2007 @ 10:03 AM | 3,960 Views
I'm going to try to include the missing photos, and re-visit the "captions" department.

Here goes:

LarryR : )

First photo; the ladies; My Marie in grey sweater, Derf's Annie in the purple sleeves; they REALLY clicked it off together; never had met nor communicated before;

Second & third one; They took us to his Private Airport; Derf just could NOT resist flying his favorite Beaver for "just a little bit", you'll see the plane up there between the power lines, complete iwth vapor trail and all.

Third thru sixth; a few views at his Private Airport.

Blog hints will be accepted; why don't my captions go on the photo entries below the photos?

I think I can get the rotation solved later, but I DID rotate them on my photo editor, but they popped up AGAIN in the wrong direction.

Merry Christmas to those who might not see this in the next few days; Happy Holidays to those who celebrate otherwise

LarryR : )
Posted by LareeRudee | Dec 23, 2007 @ 12:34 AM | 4,004 Views
Well, you can tell, it did not maintain the correct order/sequence, so I'll leave it as is for now............ but, continued...........
Posted by LareeRudee | Dec 23, 2007 @ 12:28 AM | 4,111 Views
I don't know how many photos are allowed, so I'll start with these [read first col down, then second column down:
Posted by LareeRudee | Dec 22, 2007 @ 11:47 PM | 3,991 Views
Well, let's see if I can follow instructions as to how to DO this............ today, as agreed with Derf, we went up the Poudre Canyon to see him at the agreed time.......... well, took a lady with me, Derf's wife Annie and she, Marie clicked it off so fast it left me in the dust, uh, in the garage with Derf, that is. [Marie was OVERWHELMED with this fact: The river is is in their BACK YARD????????????], It was, I mean IS.

OK, had to FORCE myself away 'cause I told him I'm make it in and out in short order so that we don't ADVERSELY affect his health/recovery; so to me, it kinduv ended up being "hit and run" in a friendly way.

Derf, I don't know if you ever got tempted to do some of that flat blucor stuff for wings, profiles, etc, but I had a sheet in my car and FORGOT to offer it to you............ I've seen lots of people have lots of fun with that stuff, and that is NOT in any way to distract from the Beaver scene.

On the way home was in bumper to bumper traffic on I-25... and I mean at LESS than idle speed; I mean STOPPED most of the time..... signs said "Emergency Pot Hole repairs going on now"........ well after 40 mins of that we finally arrived at the single lane and the traffic EXITED out of that mess and it was all clear after that........ uhhhhhh, where were the construction people? not one. not one piece of machinery........ just the orange cones taking us down to one lane...... I was checking out a cloud in the SW, and so I...Continue Reading