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Posted by kodak_jack | Feb 07, 2012 @ 11:38 AM | 14,147 Views
OK, boys and girls, let's get back to the basic, simple stuff. I removed the Plexi plate and the Blade 400 skids. I did a true credit card mod using a standard CX-2 battery tray and a piece of useless "have we got an offer for you" fake credit card. I opened up the holes in the battery tray so I can use my 2MM screws = ~.096" = #41 drill (Remember, if you're using a Microheli frame, they use 2MM screws since the frame is already tapped for them. Also remember that the frame comes with such short, useless screws so you'll need to buy longer ones) . Use whatever is close as long as it gives clearance for the screws. I also recommend a pan head screw instead of socket head cap screws since the head doesn't have as high a profile. Use the same size drill for the holes in the credit card. Add Velcro, and I recommend the HK stuff as you get a LOT for next to nothing. The battery I'm using is FAT, but as Luv pointed out, there's plenty of ground clearance. In your back yard, my experience says to throw down a piece of plywood and lift off from that. I tend to keep my grass a little on the long side and I don't even lift off my 450 size coax from grass. If you've come this far, you've got enough experience that I think you can safely land on stock/ indestructible skids. Not only does this save a little of the hassles of adapting larger skids, but you've already got them and don't have to do anything but transfer them over. I didn't think the larger skids would prove to be a factor, but something about that particular mod wasn't to my heli's liking. I'll still try out the HK 250's when they get here.
Posted by kodak_jack | Feb 06, 2012 @ 02:13 PM | 14,300 Views
I thought I'd try the Plexi plate and 400 skids to see what they looked like and to see if they would affect flight. Well, I didn't think they weighed all that much, but the heli did. It took a bunch more throttle to get it up in the air. I can cut back on the rear portion of the skid pipes, but I did it more to see what would happen. Before I chop the pipes, I'll see what the 250 skids are like when they show up.
Posted by kodak_jack | Feb 05, 2012 @ 12:42 PM | 14,218 Views
Luvmyhelis offered to sell me the parts I needed to do this conversion. He mounted them onto a stock plastic frame and sent them to me. I transferred them over to my Microheli frame. Somewhere in the mix, two wires got switched, so, I packed up my stuff and sent it to him. He was gracious enough to get it all straightened out and now, it flies great. I have to admit that I couldn't get it flying on my 2 cell batteries like he did. When I switched to a 3 cell battery, though, it was a completely different heli. With a programmable transmitter, I was able to dial in the gyro gain I needed to keep the upper rotor from spinning on power up. I tweaked it a little bit more to get it to hold the tail better with power on it. I guess the setting will be determined by the amount of vibration and exact hardware used.
I ordered a HK 250GT skid set and will mount that to see how it looks. The Blade 400 skids are a little on the large side. We'll see.