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Posted by coreman | Apr 19, 2012 @ 07:24 AM | 8,674 Views

These are our interpretation of the Leadfeather Yak55s made popular here in RCGroups. We are on Dan's approved vendor list. We have completed the tweaking of our paint masks and are shipping the painted kits. Please allow up to a week for processing in case we don't have your color scheme in stock. Our unpainted kits are still available if you want to do your own paint scheme. Add our motor/ESC/servos completer set and get yourself in the air for cheap money. Check out our online instructions to see what is involved in building the kit.

To go along with our 9mm EPP and 6mm Depron kits, we have also added a lightweight 6mm EPP version which is a lot more floaty (prototypes came in 40g lighter) for indoor 3D maneuvers.

These planes were popular at the Toledo show where we sold several Bind and Fly versions. We cannot ship these assembled kits due to the oversize fees but will try to offer them at Shows we are attending. There will be some at Joe Nall week in May and more at the NEAT Fair in September. Contact us if you want to reserve a specific style/color for delivery at these events.