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Posted by coreman | Jan 22, 2012 @ 09:29 AM | 8,823 Views
Jessie "The Mouth" Russell flying Scott Anderson's RA Cores Depron Yak55. Scott has been doing a lot of work to get the linkages optimum and even and full fidelity. Tweaks I never thought of, some of which are being folded back into the kits.

From Scott and Jessie this morning:
BTW, the first portion of the vid is with a GWS Slow Fly 10x4.7 on 2 cells (550 Hyperion 2-cell I think). The second portion of the vid is with a GWS 8x4.3 on 3-cells (450 Hyperion 3-cell I think). The difference is seen when he's hovering -the big prop hovers easier.

And This one is a bunch of video put together by one of our local guys, Team Barger on here of all the different stuff flying and the people at our Christmas Week indoor session. Even a visit from Santa!

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Posted by coreman | Jan 20, 2012 @ 04:48 AM | 9,026 Views
We got a nice mention on The Crash Cast (Episode 147) near the end at about 52 minutes in. Seems one of my customers from Australia sent an email in about his experience and it turns out Crash (Crash-Man on here) has flown Gremlins from about 15 years ago and still has his old hulk hanging around through a couple of moves. It was great hearing the war stories and I look forward to chatting with them in the future!
Posted by coreman | Jan 08, 2012 @ 09:26 AM | 8,552 Views
Along with the introduction of our 32" Yak55 kits we are now offering completer kits, glue and tape so that you can fully complete your plane to be receiver ready, one stop shopping. The motor we are using is the old stand by HXT2730 in the 1300kv version so our power draw comes in at 6-7amps and it can be flown with a 2S battery and a 9x5 prop or a 3S battery and an 8x4 prop. This setup works well with the EPP or Depron kits.

For the EPP build we carry UHU por glue which works well and, in my opinion, smells less than the Welders for winter indoor building. We have also had some luck with the white Gorilla glue but the technique is a bit different. Mix the glue with a little water and put painters tape over both sides of the joint which forces the expansion into the foam structure. I recommend practicing on some of the EPP scraps in the kit first. Peel the tape when the glue is still somewhat rubbery and the excess flash comes with it leaving a nice seam.

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