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this is my radio control rc joystic homemade
filme radio controle.wmv (0 min 49 sec)

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I have 15 years of experience in the field of information technology with the last 7 of those years being progressive in a Product Management and Engineering role. I'm best at working in conjunction with the Sales and Product Development and Engineering team as the Lead Technical Engineer and Product Manager. My qualifications include a four-year Electrical Engineering degree and extensive experience with leading edge technology that has allowed me to use my strengths in the leadership of Systems Engineering. For example, I led several network upgrade implementation projects consisting of LAN evaluation, product evaluations, and cost management. I have developed and presented product presentations, demonstrations, statement of work, and proof of concept for present and prospective clients. I have developed and conducted group and one-on-one training sessions. I have provided technical recommendations to the Product Development group for debugging and customer suggested feature upgrades. I have provided training to new Engineers and have worked directly with the Product Development and Marketing teams in the establishment of new baseline guidelines for new and existing products.
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DLG is a art form, with a little practice anybody can fly a DLG. First you start by flying in straight and stable lines and then soon you begin to do turns and slowly bring it back to where you are. Then you finally make your first catch and soon after it becomes a routine of launch circle back around and catch. Then comes thermaling and this is where the art of DLG begins. The art of thermaling separates the best from the rest...........
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Sometimes I sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits.
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I would wager that there are some sim jockies out there in RC groups, and I don't mean G3. I've been a fan of flight sims since I had Sublogic's Flight Simulator on my Commodore 64. Flight sims have come a long way however, and I have a lot of fun with Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2004. Granted, at the end of a flying session you might say that all I did is make electrons on a screen move around, but then... at the end of an RC flying session one could say that all I did was move around some oxygen and nitrogen molecules! Both hobbies are a lot more fun than that. That being said, in case those of you in NCEF (check us out in the clubs forum) are wondering what is taking so long on my ME-109 glassing project, well, this is one of my explanations...

I'll use this thread to describe my Virtual Airline (VA) hobby. Watch for links, pics, and hopefully audio and video one of these days.
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I actually started build scale models before I got into RC. It was good to learn that a lot of the tools I accumulated with scale models carried over well into RC aircraft. Scale RC is a big interest of mine.

Building scale model aircraft dilutes my RC hobby time and budget a bit, but it is rewarding as well, especially when you feel you have built an accurate miniature of the subject. The purpose of this thread is to provide a forum to post pics of my scale models.

The F-4 Phantom is one of my favorite subjects. This one is a 1/48 scale Hasegawa kit. I have also attached a pic of the real one. Since building this one I have also built a 1/32 scale Revell kit of the same plane, which now patrols the skies in our son's bedroom. I'll post some pics of it later.

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Eflite Ascent
Alpha Models P-51
GWS P-51


GWS ME-109

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In case you were wondering about my RC groups handle, well, it is not very interesting, but NanoSio2 is based on what I sell for a living - Colloidal Silica. Colloidal silica is made up of nanometer sized particles of silicon dioxide. Here's a pic:

It is basically an inorganic adhesive - but it has many many applications, such as wine and juice clarification, golf club heads, jet engine turbine blades, orthopaedic implants, gun parts, etc etc. I am still trying to find an RC application for my left over samples! It probably would work well for gluing the heat sink to my motor, but not sure what else. Note the nanometer scale in the pic (a nanometer is one billionth of a meter) and also note the magnification, 110,000x. The photo was taken with a Transmitting Electron Microscope. Like I said, it is pretty dull stuff, BUT not only does it pay the bills, it pays for this hobby! Anyway, now you know...
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A interesting find in CHina town today. $10 each. Nicly crapfted and painted. Event includes ground crews members and loading dock.
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Thought I'd post a quick update on the progress my daughter has made with walking.

She has been walking for several weeks now and is doing really well with it. Her gait has become more natural. She still struggles to navigate obstacles.

She now greets me at the door with her brother, Raymond, when I come home.

She has gained a lot of confidence about herself in general over the last few weeks. We hope this will help her with her other disabilities.

If you watch the attached video you'll see her doing a lot of pretending. She has a tremendous imagination. She currently enjoys playing the role of a Kung Fu master who doubles as a spy. Her former boss, Baker, was recently fired and replaced by a woman with a codename of "Ladybug". This is good for Camma as her former boss was a bit of a tyrant. I know all this because I receive detailed reports when I come home from work. There are new stories each day about the difficulties of her missions, personal relationships with other spies, and Kung Fu techniques that she has gained from a full day of defeating evil minions. Camma's life is a web of intrigue.

I reviewed the earlier video and noticed her hair and thought I should explain. Camma wore dreadlocks until recently. Her hair is kind of wiry and difficult to control, plus her scalp has a number of scars from many surgeries, so the dreadlocks were helpful in covering up both problems. On the day we shot the last video, her hair was quite a mess as we hadn't done the usual dreadlock maintenance recently. Since then we've combed out her dreads.

I know it is weird for a 6 year old girl to have dreadlocks but Camma is not your typical 6-year-old in any category.

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Blog Blog Blog-- what's this world coming to?? lol
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I finally got to fly my EZ Star with my modified camera mount using the CVS Camcorder. It did very well just wish the video was clearer. But, I guess for $29.95 I can't complain too much. I did find out that the CVS Camera doesn't like to be set on high resolution, (640x480) since it locks up and won't record. I had to reduce it to 511x420 and now it works just fine. Here is my latest video done with the CVS Camera. Click HERE to watch it.

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After seeing some of my flying buddies past and present make entries to their blogs, I decided that I would start working on mine....

If you haven't met me or flown at one of the sites that I frequent... I will give you the lowdown.. I started flying in May of 2003, just a few months after I got out of the Air Force.

My first "real" job was at Allied Aerospace working on VTOL UAVS. I was really blessed to work with some of the greatest guys, most of whom were great pilots. In particular getting tips and coaching from Jack Chambers, Larry Jolly and Dave Yost (a very funny guy) who taught me that "if the minimums weren't good enough, they wouldn't be the minimums" LOLOL. After a huge reduction in force (RIF) @ Allied, I got a job working at L-3 Communications. I started out doing avionics mods on H-1's (Hueys and Cobras). After about a year of being stuffed in a tailboom most days (you should see a tub like me, feet dangling), I put in for a salary position. For the last year or so I have been managing the H-46 project, first at Miramar and now at Camp Pendleton. I enjoy the work, and especially like being around an airfield all the time... My boss is great, and there is always some sort of challenge that has to be met..

As far as flying, I started with a lil' electric, and then got an electric wing... once I figured out that you could fly without motors I started building and flying gliders.. I went from a Raider, to a moth... to another moth.....Continue Reading