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Posted by YarSmythe | Sep 10, 2007 @ 09:27 PM | 8,439 Views
A couple of pilots flew at night during last year's BEST 2006. It's that time again and BEST 2007 is less than a month away. I want to be a part of this event so here is my entry.

A fellow member, UAVPILOT, is the one who inspired me. He attended last year with these incredible night flying foamies. I'm opting to build a non-3D foamy using an old AMA kit as a guideline.

Assembly notes:

- MPJet Blue outrunner
- Midwest Cellfoam 5mm and 3mm
- Depron (underbelly and top sheeting of wing)
- 3S LiPo for power
- 1S LiPo for LEDs
- 7 white LEDs in fuselage
- 12 white LEDs in wing
- 2 red, 2 green LEDs in wing tips

The build so far...