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I had been reading about building RC electronics like ESCs and receivers. While beyond my ability, I think it is interesting to read about what makes these things work. The fishpepper uSKY receiver was of particular interest to me because of the 10mm by 12mm size. While the tiny SBUS receiver started as a hack/project, assembled versions had become available here and there. I had come across a professionally assembled version from a factory in China. It looks identical to one now sold on Banggood. Anyway, the receiver operates at 5V. Compatible with the FrSky D8 SBUS protocol, binding to the Q X7 transmitter was simple. The assembly is neat, clean and a bind button has been added. The antenna wire is a generous 144mm long. So it was trimmed to an appropriate size for my quad. After insulating with heat shrink, the tiny receiver was tucked in between the standoffs of a 16mm stack. First tested inside, the uSKY worked reliably. Outside, the control distance is said to reach 200m. The 25 mW FPV signal only carries about 100m+ but the RSSI was still strong at that point.
Note: Betaflight 3.3.1 CLI syntax "set serialrx_inverted = ON now replaces the old "set sbus_inversion = OFF
To purchase a fully assembled receiver go to Banggood.com and search for 8CH-SUBS. Yes, they misspelled SBUS in the URL/description. Or, for more information about the open source check out https://fishpepper.de/projects/usky/
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Manufacturer: Windrider Models (discontinued)
Scale: 1:12
Wingspan: 42 in
AUW: 44 oz
Motor: Turnigy SK3 3535 - 1200Kv
ESC: Turnigy TRUST 45A w/ SBEC
Bat: 3S 2500-3300
Prop: 10x7x3
Servos: HXT900 (x 5)

RCG'S SUBJECT THREAD: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...-Build/page177

Many mods added and kit bashed including scale instrument panel and cockpit interiors; machine guns and dice flaps. May add option for bomb drop also - dependent on weight considerations.

Wet news print worked very well as masking but did leave ghost-print image on surface in some cases. Un-printed news print paper would be perfect masking.... light adhesive tape, sticky notes, etc all lifted paint.

Most of the build all is complete at this point - however dive brakes currently remain undecided due to added weight but are temporarily being installed anyway....Continue Reading
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This is the upgraded Realacc Lipo Battery Safety Bag (155x115x90mm) with luminous handle.It stores all my FPV racing batteries safely. I like its flexibility due to the use of velcro fasteners.
Realacc lipo safety bag (1 min 20 sec)

Posted by 1nspectorGadget | Today @ 11:04 AM | 140 Views
Xiaomi MITU Drone Review | Unboxing Setup Flight Test and Camera Footage (27 min 34 sec)

The Xiaomi MITU is pretty good competitor to the Ryze DJI Tello and priced at $20 less.

-Ultrasonic stabilization works great. The quad maintains its position when hovering without minimal to no movement
-Solid altitude hold
-Smooth video output despite not having a micro SD card slot
-$20 less than the Ryze DJI Tello
-Flies surprisingly well and easily via the virtual sticks; sticks appear wherever you place your thumbs on the screen.
-4GB of internal storage for photos and video

-Camera quality is not terrible, but just meh
-No image stabilization
-Flight time is more like 8-minutes vs. the advertised 10-minutes

👀Please note that the MITU uses a 5.8ghz WiFi signal, so you must have a smartphone that accommodates 5.8ghz in order to fly this drone....Continue Reading
Posted by Bob Gaito | Today @ 06:53 AM | 263 Views
REMEMBER- Memorial Day is not just hamburgers and beer...
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Halloa guys

Soooo.. I just ordered me 2 identical quads, and I'm posting this cause maybe you can save a few $$ on this as well
apart from the price I was interested to test this setup as well though..

Link to the quad: KingKong / LDARC 200GT Lightweight 5-incher

Sooo.. apart from the price.. What is different here is the weight of the quad.. They didn't go for a monster-power quad, but for a lightweight one instead.. I like that idea! In my mind this does Not make it a racer though.. I'd say it could be a fun freestyle basher..

Allso: I ordered 2 of them myself to be able to do blind-tests between firmwares with..

DutchRC - A 5-inch FPV Quad for crazy money?? :) I'll take 2! (or shouldn't I?) (5 min 55 sec)

wheelbase: 200mm (true X)
frame: 4mm CF with allu cage
motors: 1806 2500 kv
ESC's: 20A 4-in-1 DShot600
props: 5043 x 3
FPV cam: Runcam micro Swift
VTX: 25 / 100mw 16ch 5.8Ghz
buzzer: Yes
OSD: Yes
Smart Audio: Nope
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Freestyle pilot on a race track - Waco Roma | FPV RACING | Foxeer - Dalprop - Airbot - iFlight (2 min 32 sec)

This is my first racing training! I usually do freestyle but I'm loving racing always more and more!

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AIRBOT: https://store.myairbot.com/
iFLIGHT: http://www.iflight-rc.com/

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Greeting my friends! I took some time and removed all of the support material from the aft turret. I also used my Dremel tool with a fine sanding drum to clean off any remaining support material. Looks pretty good. I'm pleased with the results and the depression rails.

I've started the forward turret print this morning. Initially Octoprint says 2.5 days. The forward turret also has some of the cockpit and chartroom walls attached. That's why I think it will take about 3.5 days, Monday morning around 7:00am.

Photos are on my iPhone, so will take a few minutes to get them added.
Posted by nagas | Yesterday @ 02:21 PM | 718 Views

The P.215 was an advanced jet night fighter project by Blohm & Voss during WWII. With a crew of three including the pilot, a navigator and radar/radio operator/rear gunner, it would have been powered by twin Heinkel HeS 011 jet engines set low to the rear, had a tailless swept-wing layout and heavy armament. An order for three prototypes was received in 1945 just weeks before the war ended before any significant detail design work could be begun.

Highly advanced, it would have featured a comprehensive all-weather radio navigation suite and the advanced FuG 244 target acquisition and gun-laying radar.

The P.215 featured a main wing of constant chord and moderate sweep, with small landing flaps forming rear root fillets. Stub tailbooms at the wing tips supported tapered outboard tail surfaces. The horizontal stabilisers and attached elevators were angled downwards both in incidence and, more sharply, in anhedral. The neutral or negative angle of incidence provided longitudinal stability and, in conjunction with the anhedral, contributed to directional stability. Small vertical fins added to the directional stability and supported rudders.

Several armament options were proposed, with the main armament clustered around the nose intake and comprising a mix of heavy 30 mm or cannon with or without rockets. An unusual feature was a further pair of 30 mm cannon set either side of the rear fuselage and pivoting more than 90 to fire either rearwards or upwards. Provision was also made behind the cockpit for a single rearward-facing 20 mm gun with up to 50 elevation, and for two 500 kg bombs beneath the fuselage.

This aircraft would have been formidable with a prospective speed of 860 km/h (534 mph) at 6,000m, a range of 2,200 km (1,367 miles) and a service ceiling of 11,000 m (36,000 ft)!

The Phoenix Model.

Derived from a SketchUp model by Matias G.

you can download the model here.
Posted by DeadlyPope | Yesterday @ 12:19 PM | 820 Views
Here are some pictures of my Tonka Summit and the slow build of it .


Using a Dragon link(433mhz) RX and TX on a Spektum Dx8
channel 1 is throttle
channel 3 is steering
channel 2/4 is pan/tilt for head movement
channel 5 is hi/low gear
channel 6/7 is for front and rear diff lock... however i am going to put them both on one channel as i see no reason to have seperate locking front or rear diffs. and will free up a channel.
channel 8 is for the arm raise.
channel 9 will be for lights and or horn( yet to come)

for video i have head tracking as well as manual on the TX...
using 1.5W 1.3 TX with a TrueRC puck antenna .
ground station is a relay of 1.3 to 5.8 set up.. but can plug straight in to the 1.3 if need be to free up 5.8 for other drivers/flyers.
Posted by Old_Pilot | Yesterday @ 12:07 PM | 847 Views

She was too nose heavy, with a lot of torque roll......no damage, so I changed the motor out to a 3530 1200kV (had to build some standoffs)....will try again tomorrow
Posted by Pookee | Yesterday @ 10:34 AM | 829 Views
Switch wiring
Posted by Surya narayanan | Yesterday @ 07:46 AM | 918 Views
I'm confused between rc cars thruster,dune thunder,virhuck 01?is there any better rc car than these?i want a rc car which has nice power and better performance?please help me
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A little matter I've been meaning to bring up... does anyone else feel like those pod shapes on the bottom of the landing gear would be better being called "wheel spats" than "wheel pants"? I never heard of wheel pants until I started reading US hosted RC sites like this one. To me I'd always known them for years and years as Spats on fullsize aircraft. I will concede that I've seen them called wheel pants on fullsize too since then, but I'm pretty sure in Commonwealth countries the term is, or at least used to be, spats. Now, doesn't using the word "pants" for an aircraft part seem slightly silly? Even uncomfortable? The thing is, these pants don't go over any legs, they're just at the foot of the landing gear over the wheel. So if anything they're more like wheel shoes (that's not too bad either). And some Stukas had what they called :"trouser type" fairings over the fixed LG legs, they could certainly qualify as pants but few others have them, and fewer RC models. Isn't Spats just a better word, and doesn't make you feel so weird saying it? So the solution is obvious. Loud and clear, say it with me, call 'em Spats! from now on. So who's with me? Let's spread the word! Literally I mean, and the word is SPATS!
Posted by Dave Eichstedt | May 23, 2018 @ 09:10 PM | 1,267 Views
Got 7 flights in today, including a flight by Ali Machinchy to gather his comments (he liked it!).

On three consecutive flights, I removed an ounce of lead from the nose and carefully repeated the stall testing. Great news - I don't need to put any weight back! She has a wide cg envelope while still maintaining reasonable stall characteristics. At the current cg, which is about 34% MAC, it still has a gentle stall. Compared to 30%-31%, where I could almost never get a wing to drop, at 34% you will see a wing drop about 30% of the time. Usually it's when holding full up to induce a stall, then continuing to hold as it tries to recover, thus forcing another stall. It's at this second stall where the wing drops, but then it's still benign. She changes heading about 90, dips gently and recovers back to level in 20' of altitude or so.

I did have a gust tip her up on a wingtip during a rollout toward the end of the day. The stab made contact with the ground, and appears to have suffered a little damage. I'm going to add a little reinforcement there in the form of either a couple small stringers or a second spar. My philosophy is to design to fly, not crash, but she still needs to be able to withstand this level of knocking about to handle real life.

Michael Selig came out again and captured a bunch of video in 4K, so you can look for that soon. I'll post it in a comment below this thread when he has it processed, a process which takes a lot longer to do in 4K when compared to 1080p.