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Posted by mr_carter76 | Oct 30, 2019 @ 06:09 AM | 3,040 Views
I purchased a 2nd hand Quanum Nova from Ebay. I sourced batteries and a charger. I setup and attempted to unlock motors. Nothing I did or could find online would work. I get solid green light for GPS lock and flashing red.
I am able to get in calibration mode by holding both sticks to bottom right while turning transmitter on (Mode 1). I then get flashing green light and flashing red/yellow light. I spin drone flat 5 times then nose down 5 times but nothing changes.

Then more research online and downloaded mission planner. Flight data shows bad compass health. When i go to attempt to calibrate it shows compass 1 error 99 and numbers only get to 3 or 4. If i look at flight data compass heads is always showing 0 or -10 and wont change when spinning quad.

I have check cabling and plugs on both ends and all looks OK.

Can anyone assist as this has me stumped.