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Posted by mfwilliams | Oct 28, 2016 @ 06:16 PM | 8,214 Views
Poh rang me up Monday and let me know that conditions on Wednesday would be great for sloping at Normandy Dam. Wind was supposed to be 10 mph out of the South. So I charged my Zulu, Weasel Evo, Falco, Mini Rotor and FVK Gilette for the South bound drive toward Tullahoma. Poh and I agreed to meet at 11:30am. Traffic was terrible and I got out of the house late, so I didn’t get there until 12:15pm, the same time as Poh. On arrival, we found conditions fantastic. The wind was coming the perfect direction (SSW) and wind was 15-20mph (predicted at 10mph!).
I flew my Weasel EVO and Falco. Poh flew his Fun One and Half Pipe. Bill Jenkins and his wife joined us for moral encouragement. Bill also got photos of us flying (thank you Bill!).
We flew until about 1:45pm, when the wind just suddenly died.
We tried to wait out the lull, but the wind never came back. So we finally threw the “towel in” and decided to have a late lunch with Bill and his wife in Bell Buckle.

Mike W

PS: I’d like to thank Bill Jenkins. Bill has graciously sent me his photos from the Dam and allowed me to use them in the blog. As always, thanks Bill....Continue Reading
Posted by mfwilliams | Oct 26, 2016 @ 11:24 PM | 7,819 Views
The Tullahoma Coffee airfoilers had a Chili cook off on Saturday the 15th. Poh invited me to meet him at the field, have a great lunch and get some flying in.
Poh brought his electric Shadow and I brought my trusty Jerry and Falco. The Falco was just in case the wind turned out great for the nearby Normandy Dam (which it didn’t).
The cook off was great. Plenty of southern delicacies like corn bread and chess pie. The Airfoilers really do these things right. We spent about four hours there. Mainly talking, with a little eating and flying (very little) thrown in.
Had a few fly overs during the contest from the nearby Beechcraft Heritage museum flyin. Formations of one type of Beechcraft would come over. Bonaza’s, Barons and D-18’s were all cruising across the sky. Made for quite an interesting day.
All in all, a fantastic Saturday.

Mike...Continue Reading