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Just yesterday, I was in a hurry and I got stuck behind a group of cyclists!

I tried everything to get out from behind them... but as much as I tried... I couldn't get my hands to turn the steering wheel?

I was behind them for a few hours.... until a nice policeman told me to stop following them
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Continued experimentation with the little Li Di L6W hexacopter didn't quite turn out as I'd hoped.

As it moved away from the transmitter, the loss of control returned. It first loses yaw control and then flops to the deck, motors running.

I'd once experimented with installing a 2.4GHz router antenna in place of the very short length of coaxial cable which served as an antenna. That didn't seem to work and neither did replacing the coax with the one from another "toy" transmitter I'd successfully modified with another router antenna. That transmitter had the shield attached to ground even before I modified it.

Only the center conductor of the coax is soldered to the board which is another very likely culprit and I decided to try that setup once more with a new antenna I had on hand. Enter my friend the broadcast engineer! I told him exactly what I'm telling everyone now and he suggested grounding the shielding to the ground plane of the transmitter's PC board.

He cheerfully modified the router antenna's coax with a ground wire and plenty of exposed center conductor to solder in place. The job is, quite simply, beautiful and a continuity check with his Fluke multimeter showed it to be working perfectly. I'll get pictures and report back with the results.
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Had to cut the old teeth of a clutch sprocket and then fit a new set . Geezuss they get work hardened couldn't turn them off so cut most of with angle grinder and then set up on a mandrel in the lathe with a tool post grinder and ground down to size and then turned out the new sprocket to suit . He wanted me to do a 4 start 2 turn scroll for the clutch operator as well but my lathe won't do 2 turns in 1-1/4 " so gave it a miss ....Continue Reading
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A few weeks ago I took a chance and bought a low cost 3D printer from this place called Monoprice ( ). It was $199.99 so it was expensive but nothing that would break me. It a rebadged Malyan M200 ( ) and not something that Monoprice produced themselves, no shock there. Definitely not a problem, this is a very common practice for electronics and hardware.
The build area in 120mm x 120mm x 120mm, so that's a 4.7 inch cube of space that you can cram full of PLA, ABS, PETG, nylon.. The hot end goes up to 260c and the heated bed will go to 60c. Ive done a lot of printing with PLA and haven't had too many problems. The nozzle is .4mm so it's plenty small.
I've made a couple of improvements to it. I'm using a cheap iPad mini screen protector on the bed as a build surface, gives good adhesion plus a glass like finish on the prints bottom. I new extruder because the original one broke. The arm gives out and cracks, they know it's a problem so they give you another one as a spare part. And I've printed a new knob as the stock one it too smooth and is hard to turn.
I'd recommend this as a basic intro printer but be ready to do some tweeting and adjusting to get good results. And like any tool, you need to keep it clean. A fouled nozzle can cause all sorts of problems.
Im looking to print out some plane parts, I need to brush up on my modeling skills so I can make my own designs.
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I've mentioned this several times since joining RCG and finally here's some pics and description. Total cost $65 to well under $100 depending on setup. Last year actually won a local flight time contest (95 minutes) beating out a couple guys who both spent more than a grand. Key to success is big props and "adding lightness".

1000mm frame (7mm CF arrow shafts)
Velcro hub with popsicle stick wood motor mounts and bamboo crossbars
Polyethylene tube legs and gorilla glue (LOTS of gorilla glue!)
APM FC, 12a BL-Heli ESCs, Neo6 GPS, FSia6 telemetry RX

As you can see from the following chart prop size and low kv motor are the most important factors for long flight times:

95 min:  17" CF props, 5010 360kv, 2700mah 3s x4 (contest winner!)
53 min:  13" slo-fly, 2216 810kv, 2700mah 3s x3
38 min:  12" Gem-Fan, 2212 920kv, 2700mah 3s x2
31 min:  11" slo-fly, 2212 920kv, 2700mah 3s x1
26 min:  10" slo-fly, 2212 1000kv, 2700mah x1 (cheapest ~$65)
21 min:  9" DJI self-lock, 2212 920kv, 2700mah 3s x1
19 min:  8" CX-20 stock props, 2212 1000kv, 2700mah 3s x1
I can add more photos and construction details later.

edit: added couple more pics for those who might be interested in low cost long duration.

edit #2: On request I've added a wiring and setup photo for APM. I thought it might be a good idea to have everything one might need to get this working here instead of hunting around for the info....Continue Reading
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My friend asked me to build him a Racer for electric OT . He supplied a Brown cut short kit ,two servos . I motor, and speedie . The rest was up to me , I had built one before and it weighed 9+lbs so I aimed for 6lbs this time . After a lot of work ,most of it the logistics of building so large , I ended up with a model that looked reasonable and weighed in at 6 lb 13 oz , soo I was pleased with the result . I hope if flys well for him , should be a real floater . ...Continue Reading
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After months of racing I have come to the conclusion that Joio is just not up to speed. She was my latest and narrowest design to date but after a lot of scrutinising I can only conclude that her beam and transom are just too narrow at 163 and 73mm respectively.
So until I complete a replacement, VMG which was my second D&B back in 2011 has had a little makeover and is now back on the water and at the sharp end of the fleet. I have learnt so much since I first started sailing VMG so it will be interesting to see what she is capable of. Although, I have to come to terms with using a rather slow Graupner Regatta winch as the RMG fitted just in front of the mast would have had an adverse effect on the boats trim.
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Words cannot describe how amazing the new TwistedHobbys/RCFactory Extra 330 V3 performs! Rock solid in the air, plenty of throws, durable, and a well thought out design overall. The thrust vectoring is another amazing feature on this model, it makes the plane turn with the rudder so much faster! Cannot wait to be flying this one indoors! Thank you TwistedHobbys for the support and thanks to the Lord for His blessings!

TH Extra 330 V3 Red:

TH Extra 330 V3 Green:

Power Combo:

Enjoy the video

TwistedHobbys/RCfactory Extra 330 V3 (3 min 57 sec)

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Huge great looking model, just started the build. I have a 300 twin have been thinking about using on it. It fits under the massive cowl. Feel much better if I can find a 200 twin
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Early in September Banggood had their 10th Anniversay sale and I've always had my eye on getting a scale truck. I saw this go on sale and I pulled the trigger on it, basically an SCX10 clone and it looks sweet. I'll have a series of videos coming out on this rig starting with an unboxing video.

1/10 Scale Truck! HG P406 "Chase Wind" (from Banggood) EP#274 (16 min 28 sec)

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Jrgen be`s Judi Seajet. A great little model!
Projekt Wasserflugzeug: Schwimmt und fliegt! (2 min 17 sec)

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This one is fun to try to figure out different tricks with.

Echo Tech - RC Max Rumbler - Review and Run (10 min 26 sec)

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I have made a little progress.

I glued all the wing ribs in place and have installed the spar. I also glued the wing tip supports on as well.

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Another fall Festival has been closed in the books. 2016 was a very wild year for the weather. It was cool and breezy on Saturday and Sunday was more of a continual wind. It was nice to have the cool temperatures. Due to the drought we did not have the plush green grass we have been accustomed to for the landing areas. It was a good move to switch over to the landing tapes. Painted areas on the dried grass would have never lasted for the weekend. This year Adam ran another smooth event. He changed the landing foul line to allow pilots to stand closer to the center area of the landing spots. I did not hear any complaints which was nice. The longer flights also placed the emphasis on flying more than landing better. Congratulations to Bob McGowan for the win. It was so nice to see his dad be there with him on this weekend. Very cool.

ALES was also run on Friday was a separate event. Kent Nogey and Tim Johnson were the CDs on this one. We ran 5 rounds of 8 minutes. If you have not been to an ALES event this is the one to attend. 10 pilots launching all within a 20 second window is amazing.

My yearly visit with Col. Robert Thacker was so much fun. He is 98.8 years young and still full of life and spunk. He is still walking 2 miles a day. I have never seen black poly slacks last as long as his have. Each year the high water mark creeps up a little more. In another few wash cycles they will become knickers! I have been fortunate to have known him for 45 years.
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For the last few weeks I've tried to fly small R/C at the Yard in Naperville. IL, at sessions arranged by the Naperville Propmasters. Besides the Flyzone Duet that I've once tried to fly outdoors (see below), I've flown my Trainer One, my BYOB and my version of Gene Bond's Gym Blu Stick.

My Trainer One is a 5/6 version, 30 inch wing span, of the original. I'm powering it with a Suppo A1510 Brushless motor spinning a 5X3 Prop. Battery is a 2S LiPo of about 400 mAh.

While my Duet is getting easier to fly indoors, with its differential thrust and partial stabilization, the Trainer One is still quite challenging, since it's a lot bigger than most of the planes . I need to anticipate the walls a lot earlier. It takes off from the turf OK, but the landing gear wire is too soft, so I need to keep adjusting the track to keep the run straight.

My BYOB flies with the same Suppo motor on the nose, but with a 6X3 prop it can loop from takeoff. The big wings let it do higher Alpha passes. I have a harder time controlling it. I've described my landing gear mod in the BYOB thread.

I've also flown the Gym Stick I'd tried at the MAX soccer barn at the yard. Turf at the Yard seems softer. so the smaller 9 gram motor on the Stick has a harder time with takeoffs. The Stick has a nice majestic straight line cruise, but turns seem harder to manage than with the Trainer One. The prop on the front has taken some hits, mostly saved by the O-ring.
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Had to get this Alula clone epp kit including battery and two servos for $40. Nice complete kit, well made and easy to put together. Wings already covered with laminate and balsa elevons. I laminated the tail feather just for security and also the fuse. Had to get this as I live on a mountain now.
Ready to fly. Raining today. Weighs about 150 grams.
Please note, I am in China - (am an ESL teacher here) - that is why the prices are so cheap on some things. Imported items to China are usually 100% markup (import duties) so you guys can get good quality cheap shoes and nice cars, I can't.
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Long range, low level flight I made with the TBS Crossfire. Very happy with the range performace!

FPV - Mountain King (2 min 45 sec)

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helow friends, i made this video in the first test i made with the new reciver and ESC intalled some days ago.

Works much better than the original controller, more sensitive and responsing forme

[First Test] Feilun FT011 + FS-GT3C + new ESC @ Es Xarcu ibiza beach (6 min 48 sec)

SongoLand Video

see a full review and more tips an vide in this thread: