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This is a tiger moth

60 cm wingspan
80 gr AUW
motor n20
batt lipo350
esc 5 amp
rx hitec feather - striped...welded wires

I´ve made a takeoff test and it tookoff on about 2 meters!
I guess it will fly great...




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Here is my new Ikarus Edge 2006.
Posted by jlballou | Mar 23, 2006 @ 02:54 AM | 6,777 Views
This week's picture is one that I took right after I got a 3.2 MP camera in 2003. The bridge is the Concord/Benicia bridge, and you can see the Carquinez Straits bridges in the distance. I enjoy this one because of its composition, and the strong stereo effect.
Posted by John Kim | Mar 23, 2006 @ 01:43 AM | 13,114 Views
My Epitaph

Today, Wed. 3/22/06, was a nice, sunny spring day. Although the wind was light, S 5 - 10, I went to the Divide as it was forecast that the wind will shift to north after Thursday.

I enjoyed the blue sky, clean air, mountain scenery and inevitable hiking more than flying. If I continue my present life style, I may survie until age 80 (2010)

Today, I put up my tombstone on this my favorate flying site on Santa Clarita Divide roadside, made of a small aluminum plaque with epitaph inscribed on it.
It reads:

John Kim
1930 - 2010
Loved to fly glider from this mountain.
His soul still flies skies
in company with hawks

I will show this place to my wife and ask her to scatter my ashes on this mountain when I die.

이 곳에 잠자는 John Kim, 1930 - 2010,
이 산에 올라 와서 그라이다 날리기를 좋아 했다.
그의 혼은 아직도 독수리와 더부러 하늘을 날고 있겠지.

늘 산에 올라 와서, 비행기 날리며 좋은 공기를 마시고 운동을 하니, 80세 (2010)까지 살수 있으리라고 생각 합니다.

죽으면 나의 재를 여기에 뿌려 달라고 부탁하겠읍니다.
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fuselage with elevator for tail

completed fuselage with firewall for cockpit installed

uncovered underbelly

...Continue Reading
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With the subject of canards being brought up, it might be of interest to realize the universe of soaring has changed considerably in this modern era, along with the philosophy of aerodynamics, to the point that this old design might just have some merit in the modern world of TD.

Looking at the past we have great application engineers designing sailplanes that would work off of high starts and anemic (sport type) winches. They used profiles greater than 10% thick, until the modelers were able to build lighter structures and enjoy lighter electronics, which could fly at the same airspeed using thinner profiles (and do ‘performance’ better).

Dr. Drela epitomizes performance with his advanced aerodynamic theories and leaves the public to educate themselves to fly his profiles at lower values of CL then yesteryears designs, i.e. to gain the performance advantage. Although this looses more of the effect of inertia that the older pilots appreciated, the improved LD compensated for the loss; however flying techniques were modified to capitalize on extreme winching of a light, and strong model, that is flying much higher than our earlier designs.

With the main wing now reduced to CL 0.8 as recommended for thermaling, this also means that typical alpha will be centered at less than + 6 degrees. So the front wing profile (that is loaded with torque generated by the CG location) can carry up to + 9 degrees alpha, for better low speed control then our older canard attempts,...Continue Reading
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Flights to date: 18

3/22/06: Left the house at 18:45, got to field at 19:00 just as the sun was setting. Wind appeared to be N 8 MPH steady.

First flight: Used homemade 7-AA 2200mah pack. Think I got the hang of "the throw" now: Fire up the engine, then forget it's running and throw the airplane level as if you were testing to see if it was trimmed right. Then grab the stick and you won't have to do much. The wind was much more gusty up in the air. At first I thought the battery was getting bounced around in the nose, but afterward found it hadn't budged. Flew for about six minutes, decent landing. This airfield is awesome: there aren't any bad places to land, and hardly anything to run into unless you count the shed or porta-John.

Flights 2-4: Used 7 cells of the pack that came with my Parkzone Typhoon (this airplane is now about half Ty, what with the radio being used). Switched to low rates but the wind was still bouncing it around a lot. Went up high, did a quadruple-loop. Tried inverted, but hit a gust and the airplane decided it would rather be right-side up. Last two flights were shorter, for landing practice.

I have magnets as well as the plastic clips holding the cockpit cover on, but it still pops out if I hit a little hard. It's the design of the fuse: that part flexes and it levers the cockpit cover off. Guess it's just a good way to tell if you landed hard.

The bottom where I put the 3M strapping tape is still in mint condition after all these landings.

A great time, flying as the sunset warmed the West. Got cold and dark, home about 19:30. Nice to have my wife there watching this time.
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Ok what does it take to get solder to stick to this darn thing.My wires just fall of as soon as i think thay will stick.What does the term pre-tin mean is there something i am doing wrong . It would be nice if you could buy pre made wires for hookup .I gave up last night both my wife and myself were quite .
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Have you been feeling let down by the closure of the gallery? Do you think that the addition of blogs, while good in intent and great for other purposes, does not provide for the broad viewing of your images?

Here are two suggestions:

1. Click HERE to go to the gallery home page. Scroll down to the bottom, where the random images appear. Click on ones that you like to increase the views of those pictures. If you don't like any you see, click the "Reload" button on your browser, and different pictures will appear. By doing this, you are increasing traffic to the gallery contents, which may help convince the owners of the site to reopen or revamp the gallery in some way.

2. Click on one of the advertisements on this site. Then, send them an e-mail stating where you saw their ad, and tell them that RCGroups is trying to limit traffic to their site by eliminating the gallery, and thus reduce the number of views that their paid advertisement is going to receive. This may also convince the site owners to reconsider their decision.

Do you have any other suggestions for action?

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:d :d
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I am open to suggestions as to what you more experienced e-flyers consider a good rel.iable inexpensive brushless controller (15-20 AMP)
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Just a short video shot from my Slow Stick, and Matt Stick.

More videos on my hobby website
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Awaiting budget for a new motor for the FW190. I have a 2025, but thats way overkill for this plane. I was always, like most good Americans figuring that more power is always better, but I'm slowly learning that lower power and lighter weight is a better balance for my back yard. Yes, I can blaze along at 70 in high powered glassed plane, but due to the space I can't do much more than NASCAR type laps B.O.R.I.N.G!

I find the slowstick at about 40w/lb is the first thing I fly, and then the SU27 which is even less I think.
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I am getting a few more lipo packs for my eflight experience. Given the recent lipo fire reported on this forum, I wanted to increase my lipo saftey measure.


Most lipo accident happeded during charging. Parallel charging is currently the saftest way.

There are balancers and parallel charge on the market. I will employ a Common sense Balancing chrager (4 single cell parallel charging) to charge all my packs.

I aslo ordered a Astro Blinky for my Hobbico Field Charger MkII as a backup charger.

Charging will carried out in my basement inside a shower reeom with cemermic floor. Currenlt charging is done insode a metal Brinks box. This is about to change.


Although lipo are not known to ignite itself, but after a accident, the packs may developed a minor short which may leads to accident. I wanted to keep the packs in s flame prove conatiner while extra emmission of heat and smoke are directed upward.

Brinks box and other metal container are good but when the somke preasure build up the emssion are in all direction. If the relative space of the container is too smakk for the emitted gas, than the stream of hot gas is quite dangerous. One should direct these streams in a safer way.

Preventive measure is indeed the most effective way for this subject matter. However, it is storage, especually while I am on a week long out of town vacation, that concerns me.

To design or source an approate conatin is not easy....Continue Reading