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Been out of the hobby for a year and a half.... work, illness, etc, etc

The typical reasons and/or excuses!

I recently sustained some significant injuries to both arms and now find myself in rehab and not a lot to do away from the job....
I canít deploy for awhile so I found myself back in the man zone looking at all the planes left half done. It struck me that I loved the hobby and canít figure out why I walked away completely in 2018. So Iím going to try and start back up
Hopefully I havenít forgotten everything and can get back into the groove , well as much as I can with limited use of my left arm.

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Banggood Black Friday Specials are now live. There are 150 plus RC specials but only 100 or so of these are FPV related. Some of these coupons are presently hidden but if you check back regularly they will be added as they go live on the website. Special prices are live from 27-30 November (Chicago time)

Link to spreadsheet here:

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My Flying Buddy

I started flying RC and full sized airplanes around the same time. I think full sized had a slight edge in time and many of my early RC flights involved single channel superregen transistor Rxís and a Tx with just an on/off switch and a single button. My RC planes were short lived in those days but I then bought a Citizenship Proportional outfit with three servos, a Mambo Special and an OS 30 and built my first real RC plane. It too was short lived, only two flights and it landed in salt water.

I flew at a field that "belonged" to a club called "Squadron Escarole." Belonged is in quotes since the park rules said anyone could fly there. The club members were quite unfriendly and how were newcomers to guess that all they wanted was for us newcomers to join? No sense of public relations. In fairness, under a permit they actually built the flying field by hauling boulders away, cutting underbrush and mowing grass, occasionally renting a "steam roller" (gasoline powered) to flatten the runway. They also, without permit or permission, cut the tall branches off trees on the approach to the runway.

I had started with the Mambo Special and that got ruined in salt water. I sent the radio back to Citizenship and when it returned it never failed again. I built a couple of Tri-Squires, an Aristocat and an Aeromaster Biplane with Orbit Propo, and a Supertigre .60 up front. There were Kwikflys and Uglysticks too. While I was building a...Continue Reading
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As you go through life there are moments in hind sight that define our lives. Meeting Jim Smith in the mid-seventies on the Southern California Soaring Circuit (SC2) was a life changing experience an eighteen year old could have never know. Jim belonged to the Soaring Union of Los Angeles Club (SULA) and was a notable member. My father had ties to that club through the Parzikís who were the JP Models family (Dart 2 and Javelin) and the most fun guy around Rick Norwood. As the years ticked by the contest traveled all over Southern California while I was in pursuit of the contest wins for the League of Silent Flight. Jim was LSF 1849 and obtained Level 1 on 3/12/76, Level 2 on 2/19/77, Level 3 on 6/21/80, and Level 4 on 7/11/07. SULA always had a strong membership that attended these events. At their Cal State Dominguez field we always had a huge attendance. I was in awe of all the soaring people I saw at these events. Many of them were in the soaring columns or in the news letter sent to my father. Jim was in RCM at one point and that is how I recognized him. My first few attempts at the SULA field were not the best. They had something I had never seen before at my home field called a wave. Jim was the first person to explain how that develops on their field and how to use if for the long duration flights. That changed my techniques on flying in the wind forever.

As the landscape changed due to population expansion in the Los Angeles area his SULA club faced its challenges....Continue Reading
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I have no idea what to get for Black Friday. The Flex Innovation FV-31Cypher is on sale right now. HH is having a sale starting Wednesday morning, but I have no idea what. Extreme Flight is 20% off the previous generation models and 10% of the latest. I know Precision Aerobatics is going to have something good on Thursday. I'm leaning towards PA or EF just so I have something to build. Maybe HH will have something ARF. They had the XCub in the presale, but I've been through enough Cubs. I need something light and exciting. PA Ultimate AMR? I'm actually building one for a friend and I'm liking it.

If Flex had the RV8 or Mamba 60 with any kind of discount, even free shipping, I would have bought it.

While I'm here, I tried the YouMe (sometimes called You&Me) brand of LiPos. 6s 3300 60c. I would have been happy if they even put out 30c. But they would not take or discharge more than 1100 mah. I have 2200's that are better than that. I sent them back from the bench. I'm not risking my new (new to me, built by another, really good deal) 60" AJ Laser on a battery that can't pass the break-in phase. I don't think I ever sent back a battery for poor capacity before.
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First flight testing a new configuration; using the Tbs source ONE V3 frame, in combination with FC KISS. In the edition the video of the RunCam 5 was taken and using a a small program that takes a 4: 3 aspect ratio video file, and transforms it to a 16: 9 video using the GoPro SuperView method.


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Ghost Rabbit GR1 rear differential (0 min 16 sec)

As mentioned with another video the quick-access design in our car is not limited to the front diff only. As you can see, the same system is used at the rear axle as well.

The box on the cover is the housing for the optional LED tail light.
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As a high-tech product, drones have applications in many fields, such as aerial photography, surveying and mapping, plant protection spraying irrigation, cruise and so on. In order to ensure its endurance and load capacity, the drone housing must be lightweight and high-strength. In the beginning, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, engineering plastics, and other materials were selected. The carbon fiber drone housing gradually replaced them with its excellent performance.

Metal materials such as aluminum alloys and titanium alloys are high in strength but heavy in weight, resulting in small drone loads and short battery life. In military applications, metal materials also reflect radar signals to form secondary bands, which is very unfavorable. Carbon fiber drone housings are light in weight, high in strength, and effective in electromagnetic shielding, which can make up for these shortcomings.

To reduce the weight of the drone, we also need to consider reducing the number of parts. The carbon fiber drone housing adopts an integrated molding process, which can reduce about 60% of parts and components, and eliminates the assembly step. During the flight of the drone, it may encounter situations such as collision or scraping of branches, and small parts such as screws are extremely easy to fall, affecting flight. The carbon fiber drone housing is integrally formed to avoid this situation, and due to high specific strength and specific rigidity, the chip can be well...Continue Reading
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In the work of confirming land rights, Qibu Township, Wannian County has used drone aerial mapping to help the rural land rights issue and certification work proceed smoothly. At present, each village group in the township has set up a council and has completed the registration and survey of the land for the right to land contractual management of 5,905 rural households.

The township's land right determination work involves 176 natural villages, more than 27,000 acres of arable land and more than 28,000 people. Time is tight and tasks are heavy. In order to complete the land right confirmation work quickly and with high quality, the township took the lead in starting the land right determination work in the city in April this year, and formulated the "1234567" working method according to local conditions, that is, formulating a set of plans, doing 2 registrations, and opening them. 3 meetings, 4 public announcements, 5 passes, 6 measures strengthened, and 7 principles adhered to According to the requirements of the working law, thousands of cadres at the township and village levels in the township went to the villagers' houses to solicit opinions, conduct investigations and register the situation.

More than 100 surveying and mapping staff and more than 200 supporting staff in the township perform field measurements such as manual measurement and hand-drawing in the field every day. At the same time, UAV aerial mapping was used to accurately map the spatial...Continue Reading
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I glued one of the Bee 490 wings together ( just the foam bits )
Really wanted to get some idea on weight ( 34 grams for the foam bits )
And what I was going to do with the wing ?

1s Brushed or 2s Brushed / 1s brushless or 2s brushless

F949 F959 or something else ?

Hmmm , to many choices !

First I need to do more 1s brushless testing ..

Planning things out ( The best laid plans and all that )

34 grams for a base weight ... ?

Motor choice - Do I go for something small and light ? 3 to 4 grams
And then expect thrust in the 40+ gram region ( limited testing so far )
Or go for a heavier motor 10 gram , and maybe get 90+ grams of thrust . ( 1s )

Oh dear , if I go for Uber light , then I will have ? thrust .
But if I go higher , I may have better than 1:1 thrust to weight .

Small motor 4 grams ? Rx 3 grams , ESC 3 grams = 10 grams maybe ?
This would make about 44 grams ..
Then add ? servos and battery and hardware .. Possibly 60 something grams flying weight with 40 something grams of thrust .

The other way , with a 10 gram motor .. It would be only 6 grams more weight for the motor , but a heavier battery needed for CG possibly ..
So maybe 70 something grams with 90+ grams of thrust ..

Interesting .. No?

All up I have 4 wings to put together ..
One wing will be FPV and I did hope to put a flight control board on it .. ( Flight control board ??? - no idea where it is - post ? )

Oh well ! things to mull over ...
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Hello good people!

As the title says, this is perhaps the Finalized Summary on the:

3D Printed 9-Cylinder Radial Engine & E-Flite AT-6 Texan with PZ 480.

I believe that I did a good job providing the Summary over at RCUniverse and you all can read up on it at:

For those truly interested then, you can visit Peter's Web Site over at:

Some Teaser Pics:

...Continue Reading
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Ghost Rabbit GR1 suspension flex (0 min 33 sec)

The 4-link solid rear axle suspension gives an impressive 185 mm of axle articulation. Combined with its high ground clearance and remote diff locks this will allow for some serious off-roading...
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Ghost Rabbit GR1 suspension assembled (0 min 48 sec)

Ground clearance under the chassis is very high with nearly 120 mm, which greatly enhances off-road capabilities.

The trailing arm front mount is bolted to the bottom of the chassis tub and reaches to the outside through a hole in the side of the tub. That way the chassis' strong 5 mm sidewall works as an additional brace without the need for more bolts. This improves the strength of the mounting point significantly without causing inconvenience for maintenance tasks.
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Short Answer: Not anytime soon

Long Answer: Graupner was founded in 1930 by Johannes Graupner in Stuttgart-Wangen. They would be taken over by his son Hans in 1953 and was sold to SJ Ltd (Korean based) in 2013. While the German plant had remained in operations since the buyout, it has been too expensive to keep that location open so the German location was shut down in 2019. Operations will remain the same for South Korean and US based distribution entities as the company is re-structured to reduce operating expenses.

Check out more stuff on My Bookmarks page!
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Hello Guys,

I have done this little video about my new Tamiya Top Force model bought, one of the best Tamiya offroad model ever.

We do a review of the Top Force genesis since the very first Manta-Ray Prototype to the Top Force Evolution. After that a full unboxing is done.

It is the first video from a little series on this Top Force


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I recently bought a used Allusive motorglider with Hitech MG servos and a NTM Motor with an Eflite 40 amp Lite Pro ESC. Specs state 55 amps for 15 sec. A hard brake was programmed using the ESC online manual.

The 12/7 prop on 3 S used 30A and 325 watts.
With the same prop but with A 4S she drew 45 amps and 623 watts.
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When measuring for graphics I discovered the fuselage and wings were a different scale.

P-51B Pony
WS 37’ = 444 in. - 62.75” is 1/7.01 scale
It is supposed to be 57.5 — 1:7.7
L 32.25 = 387 in. = 50.5” is 1/7.7

It stunned me. I felt betrayed ... by plans. I felt stupid not having anticipated this eventuality. Should I start again? Where? Is there hope? Will she fly this close to the end?

What went wrong? The plans printed the WS but did not include the center tray where the wings connect to the fuselage. That tray was 5” wide.

In checking with experts I learned that it shouldn’t affect the flight characteristics. One person suggested raising the rudder higher. This would require adding 1/2 inch to go from 1/7.7 scale to 1/7.0. At this point I do not think it’s worth the effort.

One side note—I cannot print decals big enough, so I plan to order them from Callie Graphics.