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Posted by aymodeler | Oct 09, 2011 @ 11:37 AM | 6,629 Views
Although I have only been flying RC airplanes since 2010, I have been building models kits (and other things) most of my life. A product of the Space Race era, I grew up fascinated by anything to do with airplanes, rockets, and technology in general. When I was younger, I satisfied my obsession by building Guillows free flight kits, Estees rockets, and a variety of static display plastic kits.

As I got older, my attention turned to cars (Mustangs in particular), career, and family, and quite naturally I lost my interest in model building. And even though I started my career as an aerospace engineer, I transitioned into IT in the mid 90′s and had pretty much gotten away from aviation all-together.

In late 2009, however, I began to “re-examine my priorities” (my kids called it a mid-life crisis) and decided to re-kindle my interest in aviation and get back into model airplanes. Also being interested in military history, WW II era warbirds are a particular obsession of mine.

I recently decided to keep a journal of my RC adventures and created a blog site at http://alsrcsite.com.

I hope to learn much from the community here at RC Groups!