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Posted by scousethief | Oct 19, 2020 @ 05:56 AM | 6,288 Views PRE-ORDER Price KIT US$79.99 PRE-ORDER Price PNP $119.99


Brand Name: Sonicmodell

Item Name: AR Wing Pro
Material: High Quality EPP
Wingspan: 1000mm (39.37'')
Length: 450mm (17.71'')
Version: KIT, PNP (optional)
KIT Empty Weight: 340g
PNP Empty Weight: 500g

Recommended Sonicmodell Power Combo Configuration:

Motor: 2216-1400KV
ESC: 40A w/5V 3A BEC
Servos: 2pcs 9g metal gear servo
Propeller: 2 blades 8x5
Recommended Battery: 4S 3200-3500mAh Lipo, ZOHD Lionpack 18650 4S2P 7000mAh, Click Here

Recommended Flying Capability:

Min. recommended Speed: 31km/h
Max. Speed (with SM power combo): 130km/h
Cruise Speed (with Sonicmodell power combo): 75/80km/h @ 5.5A
Max. Speed Tested Without Structural Failure: 220km/h with no structural damage or twist on elevons
Max. Recommended Takeoff Weight (with SONICMODELL power combo): 1425 grams
Reflex On Elevons: 1.5-2mm at level
Recommended Max. Throws: 12mm


- The World 1st FPV Wing with dedicated nose camera bay and main hatch bay for DJI HD Air Unit System, no need any cut or DIY to fit the DJI System.
- Aerodynamic designed FPV pocket in both sides of fuselage, with high efficient NACA air cooling system to ensure the FPV gear work in perfect...Continue Reading
Posted by scousethief | Aug 26, 2020 @ 08:34 AM | 4,707 Views RTF B'n'F (Heli only)

WIP , Arrived as i go to hospital so i will continue as best i can.......


Brand: Eachine
Item: E160
Product: RC Helicopter
Product size (CM): rotor diameter 305mm body length 305mm height 98mm
Flying weight: 156g (with battery)
Flight time: about 5 minutes
Charging time: 30-60 minutes
Remote control mode: 2.4G remote control
Remote control distance (m): 120 meters
Number of driving motors: main motor (brushless) 1308 tail motor (brushless) 1104
Battery details: 7.4V 600mAh 25C


The communication protocol is compatible with FUTABA S-FHSS, expandable satellite receiver, and supports DSMX DSM2 PPM S-SUS

1> Adopt all-metal CNC rotor head without aileron design, using aerodynamic principles to design blades to provide strong power and airframe self-stability
2> The new rotor clip linkage structure, the transmission efficiency is more accurate, with small clearance and flexible rotation, which is more conducive to the accuracy of flying feel.
3> Use 1308 external rotation brushless motor for more powerful power, 1104 tail brushless motor tail lock, 7.4v 600mah 25c large rate battery
4> 4.3g metal tooth high precision digital steering gear. Response speed 90 / 0.06ms
5> Set 3D6G system, one-button switch of remote control
6> The 3D mode uses a 3-axis gyroscope, which is responsive...Continue Reading
Posted by scousethief | Aug 07, 2020 @ 06:47 AM | 5,830 Views RTF KIT

Looks very similar to the ZOHD Drift........ Hmmmmmmm .

Eachine new glider (1 min 43 sec)


Brand Name: Eachine

Item Name: Razor

Material: High Quality EPO

Wingspan: 1200mm

Length: 817mm

Version: KIT, PNP, FPV (optional)


Motor: 1806-1800KV

ESC: 30A w/5V 2A BEC

Servos: 4.3g*2pcs, 8g*1pc

Propeller: 8x6 Folding Prop

Flight Controller: Eachine Safe-FC with GPS

FPV Camera: Eachine AIO 400mw Camera with Vtx


- World's 1st RTF FPV Glider, including everything for FPV flying (RTF Version, Click Here).

- High quality EPO material, built-in CF spar for enhancement, crash resistant.

- Auto-launch mode for super easy hand launch and slow fly, agile and accurate control.

- With 6-axis high sensitivity Gyro, fly super stable and easy.

- Built-in high precision GPS, auto return home incase lost control, or press the RTH switch, it will fly back and hovering above the take off point.

- The Eachine Safe-FC can be turn off to reach manual mode, for those professional pilots.

- Detachable main wing and tail boom, glue-free assembly, portable for outdoor flying.

- Optional FPV dock hatch with FPV camera, plug and play for FPV flying.

- Large battery bay for extended flight time.

- 3 sets of different decals, make your scheme different from others.

- Built-in CF strip inside fuselage for extra enhancement.

- Built-in CF rod in the ailerons will give precision and sharp action to your inputs.

- Dedicated equipment bay for Eachine Safe-Flight Control with GPS.

- Optimized air-cooling design will keep your gear safe from overheating.

KIT Includes:

Eachine Razor glider KIT with all hardware.

PNP Includes:

Eachine Razor glider PNP with pre-installed motor, esc, servos, propeller, hardware.

FPV Includes:

Eachine Razor glider FPV with pre-installed motor, esc, servos, propeller, hardware, Eachine AIO 400mw Camera with Vtx.
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Brand: Eachine
Product Name: mini T-28 Trojan
Material: EPP
Wingspan: 400 mm (15.75 inches)
Length: 317 mm (12.48 inches)
Motor: 10mm coreless motor (hollow cup)
Receiver: 2 in 1 integrated board
Servo: 2g plastic gear *3
Propeller: 130X70mm
Remote control: 2.4GHz 4CH
Flying weight: 60g
Recommended battery: 3.7V-360MAH
Package size (length x width x height): 35X35*15.5cm
Flight time: 14mins
Charging time: 2.5 hours

Package included:
1 x Eachine mini T-28 TrojanEPP 400mm Wingspan 2.4G 6-Axis Gyro RC Airplane Trainer Fixed Wing RTF One Key Return for Beginner Two Batterries/Three Batterries
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I was told about the Drift a few months ago and when Zohd asked if i would like to try one i of course accepted. There is a lot more interest now (that the regulations are rolling out) in sub 250g craft so many manufacturers are looking to fill that new 'class'. Aside from their growing hangar of larger airframes Zohd previously delved into the250 class with the Dart250g. Following its success Zohd wanted to try something a little different and the result was the Drift
, a 34.5 inch 'bank n yank' powered glider/warmliner ?

...Continue Reading
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WIP........... I will retake some of the photos as they are not the best

Brand name: Eachine
Item name: LAL3 3 Inch 3-4S FPV Racing Drone
Take off weight: 175.3g
Frame Kit
Wheelbase: 145mm
Bottom plate: 3mm
Upper plate: 2mm

Mode: 1408
KV: 3750
Idle current (IO/10V): 0.6A
No.of Cells(Lipo): 3-4S
Peak current: 23A
Max. power: 386.4W
Max. thrust: 600g
Internal Resistance: 0.0495Ω
Stator diameter: 14mm
Stator thickness: 8mm
Height: 29.5mm
Width: φ20mm
Shaft diameter: φ5mm
Motor mount hole size: M2
Install hole distance: 12*12mm
Recommend propeller: 2-3 Inch
Weight: 17g

25A 3-4S Blheli_32 DSHOT1200 4 IN 1 ESC
Continue current: 25A
Burst current: 30A (10s)
Input voltage: 3-4S
Current sensor: NO
Main control chip: STM32F051
Firmware: Blheli_32
Support DSHOT 150/300/600/1200/MULTISHOT/PWM/ONESHOT
Weight: 3.8g
Installation hole: 20x20mm/φ2
Dimension: 31*29mm

Flight Controller
LAL3-F411 Flight Controller
Main control chip: stm32f411
IMU: mpu6000 6-axis sensor
BEC: 5v / 1a
Integrated OSD
PPM / DSM / IBUS / UAR sharing: UART1-RX
Installation size: 20 * 20
Weight: 3.0g
Supported firmware: betaflight / cleanflight / inav
Supports programmable LED Sprit
Reserved buzzer interface

Caddx Turtle V2...Continue Reading
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21 GRAMS !!!! Thats ridiculous lol

21g Eachine UZ65 65mm 1S Whoop FPV Racing Drone BNF Runcam Nano3 35mm Propeller 5.8G 25~100mW VTX

Brand Name: Eachine
Item Name: UZ65 65mm FPV Racing Drone
Wheelbase: 65mm
Size: 80mm*80mm*40mm
Weight(without battery): 21g
Weight(with battery): 29g
Receiver option:
Internal SPI Frsky version (Compatible with ACCST D8/D16, Recommend D8 mode)
Internal SPI Flysky version(Compatible with AFHDS and AFHDS-2A Flysky transmitter)
External DSM2/DSMX Receiver version(Compatible with Spektrum DX6I/DX7/DX8/DX9)
External TBS Crossfire Nano RX version(Compatible with TBS transmitter)

The smallest 1-2s 3 in 1 flight controller built-in ESC, Receiver
The world first 65mm whoop with 35mm propellers
Runcam Nano3 The lightest 1/3 CMOS 800TVL Camera
Smooth and powerful
Compatible for 1S Lipo/LIHV
Camera Angle adjustable

Spare parts specifications:

Mode: SE0802 19000KV
Stator Diamter:8mm
Stator Length:2mm
Shaft Diameter:Φ1mm
Motor Dimension(Dia.*Len):Φ10.5mm*14.9mm
No.of Cells(Lipo):1S only

HQPROP 35mm-3blades
Center Thickness:5mm
Prop Diameter:35mm
Center Hole Inner diameter:1.0mm

Flight controller
Frsky SPI RX version Firmware target: CrazybeeF4FR
Flysky SPI RX version Firmware target: CrazybeeF4FS
DSM2/DSMX External RX version Firmware target:CrazybeeF4DX
TBS...Continue Reading
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IT IS RC................Just something i thought might interest some of my fellow RC'ers. It seems to be similar to Lego Technic ( and might be fully compatible, i dont know ) but in some videos it looks to be a little faster than the Lego version. This could be quite a good starter kit for someone interested in RC who also likes Lego and the fact that its a building kit means you could create some unique vehicles...................and its $30.........find me some Lego at that price.

There is also this pretty cool kit which can be built into a car or a haulage truck for $25. If the two sets could be combined it would create a pretty awesome racing truck.

Or an Excavator..............Im going to stop now.
...Continue Reading
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The first version of the SG906 was pretty amazing and it is the only Aerial Photography quad that I still fly due to the GPS actually working exactly as it should . This time we have a 2 axis gimbal and some upgrades made to the Camera, 5G Wifi and software ( which is always good) and we even have some flashy Gif's (thats my trademark thanks very much ), could ............ could this be the ultimate budget AP Quad ????? If they would upgrade the cam to Firefly 4K or CaddX Tarsier quality this would be killer !

After contacting the manufacturer it seems the new camera is not backwards compatible, which is a shame. Waiting on a raw video sample.

Item name: ZLRC SG906 PRO Beast RC Brushless drone
Pressure sensor: Height setting
Frequency: 2.4Ghz
Focal length: 50X
Camera: 2-Axis Gimbal WIFI 4K Camera
Lens: Adjustable camera by transmitter, 110
Motor: 1806 brushless motor
Motor power: 1700/KV
Drone battery: 7.4V 2800mAh
Remote battery: 4x1.5V "AA" battery
Flight time: About 25 mins
Charging time: About 6 hours
USB Charging: 5V
Control distance: 1200m (Free interference and no occlusion)
5G Wifi image transmission distance: 600-800m (Free interference and no occlusion)
GPS follow me: About 30m
Image follow me: About 5m
Hand gesture shooting:1-5m
Color: Black
Quadcopter size: 28.3x25.3x7cm (unfolded) 17.4x8.4x7cm(folded)
Product's Weigh: 551.8g
Takeoff weight: 527g
App Name:...Continue Reading
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Following on from the previous P-51 we have another gyro stabilised micro plane from Eachine/Volantex, this time the USAF F- 22. Things are a little different this time with a direct drive pusher prop ( micro edf at this price point is a little too much to ask i think ) and a removal of the rudder in favour of a locked twin elevator ( the two servos control an elevator each but cannot be controlled independently FSSR )

Some quick "Tricks"

OPENTX/DEVIATIONTX : With the latest version of the software and the latest MultiProtocolModule firmware you can control these planes. Protocol V761, they are 6 channel boards with CH5 being Gyro mode/sensitivity. This gives a MUCH finer control IMO

Reversing Aileron or Elevator Direction : BEFORE arming (connect battery but do not throttle up to arm ) Move the Elevator/Aileron stick to the maximum and hold it for 2-3 seconds. The Transmitter will BEEP and the Elevator/Aileron will Twitch. You have now reversed Aileron/Elevator direction.

Taileron Control : Remove the aileron servo plug ( and Servo for that matter ) This will start the board in Taileron control, WHY ? you ask , well , removing the Aileron servo and its linkages will make the plane a few grams lighter increasing performance and Taileron control is more than enough for a tiny little stabilized plane imo, ALSO you can install this board in a FLYING WING and have Elevon control or install it any Chuck Glider,...Continue Reading
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To sit alongside their growing popular range of Cruiser and Long Range planes ,an incredibly simple GPS and Flight Controller or Mini FPV Cam/Vtx combo Zohd have put together a simple set of battery packs A 2S 7.4v 18650 pack for your favourite choice of Goggles, the 2S pack should be a good replacement for the Fatsharks, Aomway or even Eachine VR D2 stock battery and a 4S 14.8v 3500mAh 18650 pack which at 210grams is comparable to a 2200mAh 3S 11.1v LiPo but with 50% more mAh and an extra cell to boot !. They do of course have a lower Amp draw but these are not meant for your racing drone or pylon racer and instead are more suited to your long range 'Cruiser' loaded up with 4K cameras to take some wild and explorative video......................They would also fit quite nicely in my FeiLun FT011 RC Boat

2S 7.4v 18650 pack

Click here to download the manual: ZOHDLIONPACK-NewProductIntroduction.pdf
Lithium Ion batteries are not stranger to the RC & FPV scene. They have been around for years, especially for those who like to DIY.
Most pilots are very familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of Li-ions but its also known that the advantages for FPV pilots (especially long rangers) are way more than the shortcomings. With a well-planned power setup, this packs can give you up to double the flight time you will get with a similar Li-Po battery, not...Continue Reading
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UK 'Drone' regulations ( they're Quadcopters not Drones, Drones carry weapons or surveillance equipment ) are ruining the hobby, now we either stay below 250grams or submit to their ridiculous and constraining requirements. SO, I am now reduced ( even though micros fly extremely well that mental boot print is still at the back of my mind ) to flying sub 250grams. If this can carry a Firefly 4K or a CADDX Tarsier I would be very happy.

SPCMaker Bat78 HD 78mm F4 OSD 2-3S FPV Racing Drone w/ 1080P Record Runcam Split3 Nano Camera

Brand Name: SPCMaker
Model: Bat78 HD
Item Name: 78mm F4 OSD 2-3S FPV Racing Drone w/ 1080P Record
Drone Wheelbase: 78mm
Weight: 55g ( Without Battery)
SPCmaker F4 OSD FC AIO 25A 4in1 ESC Brand Name: SPCMaker
CPU: STM32F411CEU6 ( 100MHZ)
IMU: MPU6000 (SPI)
OSD: AT7456E
Blackbox: 8M Flash Winbond
Firmware: Betaflight SPCMAKERF411 ( SPCM)
Size: 31.4x31.4mm
Mounting Hole: 25.5x25.5mm
Weight: 7g
Onboard 25A 4in1 Brushless ESC Firmware: Support BLHELI_S/JESC
Support PWM, Oneshot42, 125, DShot42/150/300/600 and MultiShot
Input Voltage: 2-4S Lipo
Con. Current: 25A
Burst Current: 40A
Firmware Version: BLHELI_S ( G_H_30)
Brushless Motor 1103 11000KV Brushless Motor
Propeller Gemfan 1636 40mm 4-Blade Propeller
FPV Transmitter 5.8G 40CH 25/100/200/400mW VTX
Runcam Split3 Nano Whoop FPV Camera
Brand Name: Runcam
Item Name: Split 3 Nano whoop
Color: Black
...Continue Reading
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Arrived today, a clone of the XK 450 Aviator. I will update later and bore you to death with far too many pictures and a load of old waffle

Wingspan: 450mm
Length: 445mm
Height: 107mm
Remote control mode: 2.4G remote control
Remote control distance (m): more than 300m
Material: EP0
Weight: 310g
Battery: LI-POLY 11.1V (1000MAH) 20C
Charging time: 150 minutes
Use time: vertical flight 11-12 minutes/ horizontal 15-16 minutes
Color: Blue/Red

1. Using impact-resistant engineering EPO engineering materials, built-in carbon fiber rod reinforcement, very impact

2. It adopts 3 1370 brushless motors, high-efficiency paddles, full power, high-precision and high-torque 5g digital steering gear 2PCS,
which is used to pull the front motor. High-precision 4.3g digital steering gear to control the aircraft's control surface

3. The aircraft adopts 6-axis gyroscope with air pressure and high altitude, 3D/6G mode conversion, suitable for different scenes,
and is more suitable for beginners to practice flying.

4. The aircraft can take off and land vertically, vertical landing, air mode conversion,
and also has a combination of beginner mode and aerobatic mode, effectively solving the problem of small flying space,
unable to take off, and beginners do not have the ability to take off the plane to take off, can not take off smoothly, etc.

5. Multiple Flight Modes
1) Multi-rotor...Continue Reading
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As a long time single screen FPV'er I would be interested in seeing if the IPD/dioptres on these are any wider/better than the Fatsharks. The 1280x960 is of course very welcome but 1280x1024 would be nicer, especially for connecting to as PC and using the HDMI connection to create a VR headset for PC Gaming or for simple video playback.

Frequency: 5.8GHZ
Frequency range: 53335945 M Hz
Receiver Sensitivity: ≤-93DB
Antenna impedance: 50Ω
Audio and video: AV in/out
Video format: NTSC/PAL
Brightness: Adjustable
Contrast: Adjustable
Pupil Distance adjusting: 56-72mm
Focal length adjusting:Under 800 degree of myopia and Hyperopia 300 degrees
Eyeglass frames: astigmatism/ myopia/hyperopia(Diopter lens not include)
Power input: DC 7.4V-28V
Minimum voltage: 6.8V
Operating temperature:-10C ~ 40C

Package Included:
1 X EV300D goggles
1 X Zipper case
1 X 18650 battery case
1 X Sponge
2 X EVA pad
2 X Eyeglass frames
2 X Third party module cover
2 X FPV receiver
1 X Lens wiping cloth
1 X User Manual
Note: not included the battery and antenna

...Continue Reading
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I'm assuming this is the decal scheme used. 'Hats off' to Capt Roscoe C Brown Jnr.

Roscoe C. Brown, Jr graduated from Tuskegee Flight School in March of 1944 and went on to command the 100th Fighter Suadron 332nd Fighter Group. On 24 March 1945 Brown became one of only 15 pilots to shoot down an Me262. A week later he added a Bf109 and destroyed a locomotive while on a fighter sweep near Munich both while flying "Bunnie/Miss Kentucky State".

The Eachine 450mm 'Miss Kentucky State' P51 Mustang is one of a collection of 4 micro brushed Warbirds ( P51, Spitfire, Grumman F8F, Mitsubishi Zero, there is also a Cub in the same and smaller sizes ) that are available under different brand names, the planes are full 4 channel control ( Aileron, Elevator, Rudder and Throttle via a geared Brushed motor ) and incorporate a Gyro for stabilised flight. These planes are a step up from the previous generation and should be suitable for anyone who has flown the previous models ( C-17 Transport , GD-006, Z51 Predator, XK A130 Y20, XK A150 Boeing 747 ). Being small, 4 channel and Warbirds they are of course more complex in their flight behaviour but the inclusion of the Gyro should tame things down to something very manageable and for those with experience, the Gyro can be disabled via the top Right switch giving you full control over the aircrafts control...Continue Reading
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Wltoys 12402 A 4WD 112 2 4G RC Car Dessert Baja Vehicle Models High Speed 45kmh (1 min 40 sec)

In hospital atm, I will get back to this as soon as possible.

You do have to love the Google Translate description

1. Four-wheel independent suspension system; high-performance suspension; adjustable trolley design for the whole vehicle;

2. The 550 high-power drive motor is more powerful, and the speed can reach 45KM/H, which is faster than the same type of car;

3. High-performance natural rubber tires ensure that the remote control car has better grip performance on the road surface;

4. The sealed gear box and the electronic board with waterproof and dustproof function can drive as usual even in dusty or watery roads;

5. Full-vehicle high-speed ball bearing and steel drive shaft greatly enhance the service life of the remote control car.

6. The remote control is beautiful in appearance and generous; the remote control has forward acceleration, braking, reverse deceleration, and steering and throttle size adjustment functions;

7. Anti-explosive PVC color printing car shell, beautiful and resistant to collision.

Package included:
1*RC Car
1*Rechargeable battery(built-in)

...Continue Reading
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Eachine Cinecan 85mm 4K Cinewhoop 3-4S FPV Racing Drone BNF/PNP F4 PRO V3.0 Caddx Tarsier Cam DVR


The times - thankfully- are changing.... Over the last few years Quads have evolved in nearly every aspect, more efficient motors and props have increased the available thrust giving us more agility in our acro, flight controllers have incorporated an OSD, battery monitoring and RSSi and Video Transmitters have given us expanded channel choice with its own RSSi allowing us to choose frequencies that offer better signal penetration. Whilst all these advances have occurred the most important system of all has remained ( pretty much ) at the same basic level as it was 5 years ago, minor advancements have appeared in the form of low resolution CCD cameras and later with the addition of a large, bulky box style Action camera but these were heavy meaning larger quads were necessary IF we wanted to produce high quality video.

Thankfully cameras have taken a huge step forward and manufacturers have started to produce cameras and DVR boards to the same specification used in our Quads, now we have single or dual lens cameras with separate DVR boards that fit within the 30x30 confines of our other equipment and some combine PWM signal control enabling remote access to settings via the flight controller and our Transmitter and even WiFi allowing the most common of remote devices ..the mobile phone.. to control and...Continue Reading
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12% off coupon: BGMobula7V2

Upgrade Version:
1. Motors are upgraded to 9000KV Version.
2. Removed the Microphone and it was packed separately in the pacakge.
3. Heighten the frame
07.29 Beijing Time

New betaflight configurator 10.5.0 and 10.5.1 are not compatible for Mobula7 HD very well for now.
We suggest to use Betaflight configurator 10.4.0

In order to reduce risk from the Mobula7 HD (10000kv motor version )esc burnt , we suggest to limit the throttle scales to 75% .
Performance is almost the same like new 9000KV version.
The cli command is :
set throttle_limit_type = scale
set throttle_limit_percent = 75

Brand Name: Happymodel
Model: Mobula7 HD
Item Name: 75mm Wheelbase 2-3S Brushless Whoop FPV Racing Drone
Wheelbase: 75mm
Receiver ( Optional): Compatible Frsky NON-EU Receiver
Compatible Flysky Receiver
Compatible DSM2/DSMX Receiver
Without Receiver
Size: 98mm*98mm*45mm
Weight: 48g (without battery)
72g ( with battery )

Crazybee F4 PRO V2.0 Flight Controller
Item Name: Crazybee F4 Pro V2 FC
MCU: STM32F411CEU6 (100MHZ, 512K FLASH)
Sensor: MPU-6000(SPI connection)
Board size: 28.5 * 28.5MM
Power supply: 1-3S battery input (DC 3.5-13V)

Built-in 5A(each) Blheli_S 4in1 ESC Dshot600 ready
Built-in Receiver ( Diffirent...Continue Reading