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Posted by RCRod | Jul 02, 2011 @ 04:44 PM | 11,427 Views
I've been peppering the Radian Pro threads with mods I've made to my RP, and sometimes refer to them in discussions. This will be easier than hunting for my original posts...


Wing Connector Mod

Originally Posted by Targetlocman
Yeah at first I wanted to make it so when you plugged in the wing, the connection was made automatically, but in a foam construction I don't think this would hold up well over time. So I decided that since that was out of the picture, that I would take a very simple approach and just minimize the connection process as best I could.

Please post pics of your approach when you can.
I went through the same thought process... "How can I make this plug in automatically...?" In the end, I realized that the multiplex connector is far too tight. It'd eventually wear out the foam supporting it. Perhaps some day I'll add plywood reinforcement and give it a go, but this is working great already. ~3-4 minutes out of the trunk of the car, and I'm ready to fly.

I also added the Morgan Mill servo fairings during this session. I had tweaked my right aileron servo horn during my maiden, and wanted no more of that! The fairings are perfect. I recommend them to all RP pilots.

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