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Posted by Tom Hunt | Nov 19, 2017 @ 10:49 AM | 24,040 Views
Ladies and Gentlemen.

How fast does your model really go? It is amazing that asking a wide variety of people at any one flying field how fast a model travels that you get such very wide spread of answers. Many of those answers that are very far off the true airspeed are from quite seasoned modelers! I am getting better at it, but depending on the size of the model and maybe the noise it is making, I still can guess quite far off!

Well, there is no need to guess anymore. if you have telemeter type RX/TX's, a way to record data (or just listen) and an airspeed sensor, none of which are that expensive anymore, you too can really find out how fast your model is going and how much power it takes to get there.

Many of you know that I am quite fond of propeller driven warbirds, and my favorite is still probably the Supermarine Spitfire. I have done some design work for Hobby King over the last 5years for their Durafly and Avios line. I have designed power systems and props for many of these models. For this dissertation I decided to use an Eflite MK14 1200mm Spitfire. Though a good looking and flying model, many here on RCgroups think it is a bit slow for a warbird in the stock 3S configuration. When I first saw one fly earlier this year, I too thought the same. Then I got to fly one and my impression did not change. It was time to own one myself and see where the problem is and how it can be fixed.

From my experience on the Durafly Mk24 spitfire (I designed...Continue Reading