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Posted by Tom Hunt | Oct 25, 2013 @ 10:39 AM | 38,400 Views
HI Gang

I have decided to put this mod in my blog rather than clog up the thread in the electric warbirds section.

I recently acquired a "kit" version of the new Durafly BF-110 which includes no electronics, but I did acquire the retracts as these were specific enough to the aircraft for me not wanting to go at it alone. I also picked up a pair of mating prop adapaters to the props/spinners supplied.

With this said, I had to buy my own motors/esc's and servos. I also chose NOT to install the rudder servos, nor the tailwheel servo as I plan on using differential throttle to steer on the ground and in the air. I thought the weight savings would allow me to add functional bob drop instead.

let's get to it.

Motor choice and instalation:
I chose a pair of BP 2212-13 (1000kv). I did have to ream out the stock prop adpaters to 3.2mm (1/8) for these motors however. I have a small lathe in my shop, so this was no bother.

I had to add a bit of plywood in front of the supplied mounts in the nacelles to position the motors properly under the cowl.