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Posted by Cathay Stray | Dec 02, 2012 @ 06:11 AM | 16,404 Views
Small things to fill time.

Goes without saying that in my home where carbon sticks, spars, rods, tubes and ribbons can be found anywhere from kitchen to bathroom the only missing size was the one to match the groove for floor reinforcement.
While the ordered tube was finding its way to me on the back of a motorbike I made myself busy with some odd bits and pieces.

Tail Reinforcement

Do NOT cut carbon ribbon for horizontal stabilizer reinforcement exactly to size (see picture). It needs to stick out, and match the groove in the plastic fixture, this way you can be sure you won't glue the tail stabs wrongly.

Electric Wiring

The plane is shipped without anything electric - no Y-cables, no servo extensions. And yes you will need a servo extension, at least one, and at least 80+ cm, or better 1 m long. Of course you will need two if you decide to have rudders.


I now sort of guess why the designers left rudders out. The keels are kept in place by glue only, and the contact surface is only something like 4-5 square cm in shape of a narrow strip. Opting to have rudders you sentence yourself to having to think how to deal with keels' increased load.


I know many guys prefer to use epoxy or CA to paste parts to each other. Still in my belief stock glue is the best! Besides being strong enough, it remains flexible forever while epoxy would crack if bent.
As every contact glue, it requires both surfaces smeared, dried and only then pressed...Continue Reading
Posted by Cathay Stray | Nov 30, 2012 @ 12:32 AM | 16,281 Views
And there was evening and there was morning, Day Two.

1 - Ply parts.

1a - Internal shelf

The plywood shelf remains a smart idea to me, but its implementation reserves room for further thinking.

First of all, the four large rectangular holes and a round one in the middle effectively limit your freedom of choice where exactly to locate your equipment.
I can predict there will be situations when because of large width of the fuse you might want to shift something heavy to one side but find it inconvenient because of the silly design of the shelf.

It'd be much better in matrix pattern of smaller holes, or just one solid piece of ply. We have drills, after all.

Second, if you need a door in the side of our Flying Behemoth (and you do need this door) you will immediately notice that the shelf support railings run all the way across the door, making it a joke. It is like you have to choose between having a shelf or having a door.

OK at this point you start thinking how much you actually need the shelf, and the answer is that although the idea is intelligent, but the actual need for the shelf is far less obvious. The plane's belly is so spacious you can put there a cat and a dog and they never fight because they never meet. Then why bother? - well, I have some suggestions.

The vent opening in the aft through which all the air streams out of the fuse is located roughly at the same height with the shelf, so theoretically we can presume that if you have some...Continue Reading
Posted by Cathay Stray | Nov 29, 2012 @ 05:53 AM | 14,694 Views
Wing area can I believe be calculated quite easily once you know the dimensions of the wing. Here goes.
Posted by Cathay Stray | Nov 28, 2012 @ 10:59 PM | 21,006 Views

Here it is in front of me, and I am the first customer in the world to hold it in my hands. Wow. Wow was not about being the first though. It was about the plane!!

Let me first clarify one thing: I bought the plane for money. It is no gift, and no review free copy.
I feel nice about the FPVModel/FPVMania guys and I (at least at the moment) think they are sincerely trying to make their business nice to all of us, so I don't mind helping them in this or that way.

Grey marble colour is quite attractive by itself.
(I used to love my planes black, and yes they look really incredible in the sky. You will love your plane in black or marble grey, guaranteed. Until it lands somewhere in the forest, and you have to do all that search and recovery, and you damn the day you decided not to add some glowing red and yellow accents on it. But it is all nothing now, because the plane just looks great, great, and great).

Huge spacious fuse that would make a Skywalker feel ashamed of its dystrophic size.
(Only positive emotions here: the fuse is wider and lower than the SW's allowing for more efficient usage of internal space. Navigation equipment can be placed on an intelligently designed ply shelf while the whole length of the floor can be covered with velcro, and the battery can be moved all the way back and forth for better CG location).

Plywood parts, only two.
(A shelf for fuse interior and a motor mount; both worth talking about separately, so I'm leaving...Continue Reading